What is Bitcoin Miner?

Bitcoin is the most valuable cryptocurrency in the world and Bitcoin Mining is the backbone of the Bitcoin Network. 

When a normal person hears the word “Miner” the first thing which comes into our mind is a person with a shovel but in bitcoin world, Bitcoin miner is a person with a very powerful computer. 

In this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about Bitcoin Mining and how you can become one. Let’s get started.

What is Bitcoin Mining?

Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency and it has a finite supply of 21 million coins. Bitcoin Mining is the process from where the new bitcoin come. In a broader aspect, bitcoin mining has multiple functionalities which make the bitcoin network more secure. These functionalities include the issuance of new bitcoins in the network, confirmation of transactions and security of the network.

Bitcoin Miners around the world approve the transactions and as a reward, they get the bitcoins which they can later sell to cover the cost of operation and earn some profit. Bitcoin Blockchain only adds one block per 10 minutes so there is only one miner who gets the reward. For every new block, bitcoin miner uses his equipment to solve the mathematical puzzle known as “proof of work” and whoever solves the puzzle first get the reward. 

However, for approving the block, bitcoin miner need the number of confirmations to add the new block to the blockchain.

Another functionality of bitcoin mining is to make the bitcoin network secure. There are hundreds of bitcoin miners around the world and network hash power is distributed among different miners. 

So in this way, miners make the whole bitcoin network more secure. 

Moreover, if someone wants to reverse the bitcoin transactions, he will have to get the 51% hash power of the bitcoin network which is almost impossible. 

What is Proof of Work?

Proof of Work is a consensus algorithm which ensures that sufficient time has been spent on the creation of new block. In the Proof of work, bitcoin miners calculate the hash of the previous blocks and hash of the block itself using the SHA-256 algorithm. In Bitcoin Network, Bitcoin miners compete with each in calculating the hash and whoever complete this complex puzzle as soon as possible get the block approved and get the reward.

Solo Mining vs Pool Mining

Bitcoin Mining is a complex process and you need a lot of computational power to solve the mathematical puzzle. So there are two options which you can opt depending on the equipment you own.

In solo Mining, you operate on your own, you dedicate your resources to the bitcoin network and you can earn a profit if you able to approve your block to the blockchain. Solo mining can give you huge profits as you don’t have to share your reward with anyone.

In Pool Mining, you join the group of miners where you dedicate your resources to the pool. In Pool mining, miners get the profit on the basis of their hash rate. Hash rate is the total computational power and your profit will increase if you add more computational power to the pool. For example, if you contribute 1% of the pool hash rate then you will get .125 bitcoins out of current bitcoin block reward which is 12.5 bitcoins. So in pool mining, apparently the profit margin is low but in reality, the success margin of approving the block is much higher than solo Mining.

How to start Mining Bitcoins?

Bitcoin Mining is an expensive process especially if you live in an area where electricity is expensive. Bitcoin Mining equipment is also very expensive, a good bitcoin mining rig will cost you more than $450 and it goes up to $3000 depending on how much power you need. 

So if you have decided to start the Bitcoin Mining the follow these steps to become Bitcoin Miner

  • Step 1 is to get the ASIC mining Rig. As we mentioned earlier, you need a powerful computer to start the bitcoin mining and ASIC mining are specialized computers that are specifically designed for mining purpose.
  • Step 2 is to select whether you want the solo Mining or Pool Mining. For Solo Mining, you will need very powerful and as many as possible ASIC mining Rigs to compete against the powerful pools around the world. However, we would suggest that you should join Mining pool as you can’t compete against mining pools as they have much higher hash rate than yours.
  • Step 3 is to download the Bitcoin Mining Software. In the software, you will dedicate your hash rate to the specific pool and you will also share the Bitcoin Address where you want to receive your payouts.
  • You are all set to become a Bitcoin Miner.

Is it profitable to become a Bitcoin Miner in 2018?

It is one of the most important questions which should ask yourself before starting mining. In our opinion, the answer to this question is No, let us explain. Bitcoin mining was a profitable business a few years ago as the number of mining pools was very low and the people were able to actually earn good profits. 

But as the popularity of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies increased, it also attracted a lot of corporate investors to it and today these investors owned dozens of large warehouses with 100s of ASIC Rigs with huge computational power. So in simple words, you will compete against these large corporate mining pools and even if you join any mining pool, the profit you will get will be very low.

In our opinion, if you have huge investment then you can join the mining pool but if you don’t have large investment and looking for alternate ways to earn a profit then you can start crypto trading. Crypto trading is much more profitable than Bitcoin mining and chances of getting high profits are also very high. 

If you are interested in crypto trading then read our guide “How to get started with Cryptocurrency” where we shared the details which can help you to start the cryptocurrency trading.  Or if you want to know more about cryptocurrency, check out our guide  “What is Cryptocurrency for Dummies”  

Cryptocurrency trading, in many ways is like binary option trading and there is always a risk to any money you invest as you could lose more than you put in. So we do advise caution and proper exploration of any opportunity before jumping two foot in.

Write any questions or comments below and we will definitely get back to you.

How to Get Started with Cryptocurrency?

If you are new to cryptocurrencies and want to invest in cryptocurrency then you are at the right place. In this guide, we will tell you how does cryptocurrency trading works, what are cryptocurrency wallets and what are cryptocurrency exchanges. After reading this guide, you will have enough information to get started with cryptocurrency. If you don’t have any idea of cryptocurrencies then make sure to read our “What is Cryptocurrency for Dummies” guide where we explained the Cryptocurrency in simple words.

How does Cryptocurrency Trading Work?

Cryptocurrency trading is similar to normal trading in many aspects but there are also other aspects where cryptocurrency trading is completely different from conventional trading. In this section, we will explain how cryptocurrency trading works and how you can effectively manage your coins to get the maximum profits.

Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, they have the ability to make your thousands of dollars profit within a few hours but you can also lose more than half of your investment’s value in hours. So if you want to have the good profits then you need to understand the basic factors which affect the value of cryptocurrencies.

Following are the two main factors which affect the overall value of cryptocurrencies.

  • Supply & Demand, if there is the demand for particular cryptocurrency in the market, its price will increase. Similarly, if the demand of a particular cryptocurrency isn’t high then its value will go down.
  • Market News is a 2nd most important factor. As cryptocurrencies are highly volatile so the investors have very little trust and they don’t want to lose in their investment so whenever there is any major news against any particular cryptocurrency, the investors of that particular usually sell that cryptocurrency which results in sudden overflow of cryptocurrency in the market and as a result its value decreases.

So the question is how you can effectively manage your cryptocurrency so that you could earn good profits. The only way is that you should get the hands-on experience of different cryptocurrencies. Start with analyzing the value charts of different cryptocurrencies which will help you to understand the different trends of particular cryptocurrencies.

You can also take the services of professionals or alternatively you can join the public forums where you can read the analysis of different experts to find the most suitable cryptocurrency.


Like regular fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies also have online exchanges from where you can buy the cryptocurrencies. Unlike regular exchanges, cryptocurrency exchanges work 24/7 and you can easily buy and sell your cryptocurrencies. However, only a few cryptocurrencies allow you to buy the cryptocurrency directly with your fiat currency and normally you can buy the bitcoin first and then buy the other cryptocurrencies with the bitcoin.

We will also suggest you to only take the services of popular cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase, Bittrex, Binance, and Bitfinex etc. as they are regulated and trusted.

Creating accounts on these cryptocurrency exchanges are also very easy and you can verify your account by providing the personal credentials.


When you buy the cryptocurrencies from the online exchange, make sure to transfer them to your cryptocurrency wallets as it will help you to make them secure. Cryptocurrency exchanges are prone to hacker attacks and you could lose your cryptocurrencies. There are different types of wallets available in the market which offer different unique features and security. Following are the main types of cryptocurrency wallets.

  • Desktop Wallets are the wallets which can be downloaded to your computer. Desktop wallets are usually one of the more secure wallets but they can be compromised as your computer is connected to the internet.
  • Mobile Wallets are mobile application based wallets. Mobile wallets are easy to use and you can take the wallet anywhere you want but mobile wallets can also be compromised.
  • Web Wallets are online wallets where you can store your cryptocurrencies. However, Web Wallets are secure as companies use state of the art security protocols to keep the wallets save but they are also prone to hacks and also phishing attempts.
  • Hardware wallet is physical wallets which comes with many security features which make them the most secure wallets. A good hardware wallet will cost you around $100 but it will guarantee the protection of your cryptocurrencies. If you want the best possible security without any compromise then hardware wallet is the one you should go for.
  • Paper wallets are also physical wallets where you write down the private key of your cryptocurrencies on a paper. However, paper wallets are difficult to manage and if someone gets access to a paper wallet, you could potentially lose all of your coins.

General Tips for Cryptocurrency Trading

Cryptocurrency Trading can be very profitable and very risky at the same time.

In this section, we will share some tips which we have learned over the years.

  • Don’t put all the eggs in one basket, this advice is very common yet very useful in trading. Cryptocurrency investment is ultra-high risk investment and if things don’t go according to your expectations, you could lose all your money. So only invest that money which you can afford to lose. Don’t put all of your savings in crypto investment.
  • Diversify your portfolio, it is a good practice to have diversity in your portfolio. If you are investing your money in cryptocurrency then make sure to invest the major part of your investment in more stable cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and other stable coins.
  • Always do your own research, cryptocurrencies are highly volatile and their value constantly changes depending on the scenarios. So it is a good practice to do the research on a personal level before investing your money. If you are at any cryptocurrency forum, take a look at what people are saying and then make your own decision. As you start investing in different cryptocurrencies, you will learn to analyze the value pattern of different cryptocurrencies which will help you in the long term.
  • As you will get experience in crypto trading, you will notice the dips and bull runs in the value patterns of different cryptocurrencies. Bull runs are the period when the value of a cryptocurrency tremendously grow and dips are the period when the value of cryptocurrency correct itself. Buy the cryptocurrency during the dips as you will get the cryptocurrency at a good value and there is a good chance that you will earn good profit.


Cryptocurrencies are relatively still new and that is the main reason why they are so volatile but the experts say as the cryptocurrencies will get old, the volatility factor will also reduce to a great extent.

Let us know what you think about the future of cryptocurrencies in the comment section below.

Also, keep an eye on our website for upcoming useful guides.

What is Cryptocurrency for Dummies?

There has been a lot of news stories and information floating around about Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies. It has also led to a number of people thinking this is a great way of investing their money and as the hype shows they will get a massive return… So I thought I would look into it in a little more detail and will be sharing with you a number of blog posts around them. What I have learned and I will be sharing these details with you.

As this is the first post in a the series, lets explore what is Cryptocurrency for dummies.  As ever I try and keep my posts simple to ensure everyone can learn and potentially benefit from them. If there is anything you are not sure of, please leave a question in the comments and I will respond ASAP. Let’s get started… Continue reading “What is Cryptocurrency for Dummies?”

5 Proven Ways to Monetise Your Website

One of the key questions that is usually the first to get asked of any online entrepreneur is “how do I monetise my site?”.

A key reason why many people are looking to the internet is to find ways of earning money online and you will be surprised that the majority of the sites out there are utilising these methods to make money – whether it is passive income or selling their own products, these sites use the following strategies to great effect.

Regardless of whether you are looking to earn a little extra money or are targeting a high-income site, if you can utilise these 4 methods you will be well on your way of earning money through your website.

It is worth pointing out that some strategies are more passive (once set up could earn you money without a lot of work) than others and other techniques will require a lot of time and effort.

It is always worth choosing a monetisation strategy that fits in with you and your audience.

Let’s get into the 5 proven ways to monetise your website…

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is actually quite a simple premise, but I’ll admit it does take a minute to get your head around. If you would like to look at a complete guide, check out this post.Affiliate Marketing

Put simply, Affiliate Marketing is where you promote or recommend a product and if one of your readers goes on to buy said product, you will receive a commission. This is your reward for introducing that buyer to the seller.

This method happens more than you think, heard of Amazon? They are probably one of the biggest Affiliate Marketing Partners out there.  Commission rates doe vary, as Amazon’s rate is quite low. But you could find some commission rates out there for as much as 70%.

Easiest way to find out an affiliate program is to google “your niche + affiliate program”.

You will be surprised at the number that will come up. I run a website for my wife, she has a wedding business – as a way of increasing revenue to her business I added a number of products from Amazon to her site through Affiliate Marketing. Anyone who goes on the website and wants to look at gifts for bridesmaids, etc. and decides to follow the affiliate link through to the Amazon Marketplace and buys it, we will receive a thank you commission from Amazon.

If you are receiving a lot of traffic to your website and you keep the products that you promote relevant to your audience (Imagine if I started promoting expensive TVs on the wedding site because they are a high-ticket product – I would lose trust in the audience and it would appear like selling) then this could become a lucrative passive income.

Affiliate Marketing is a great way of earning extra income on a website, but if you would like to learn more, check out this post.

Sell Your Own Products

Some small businesses are missing a trick when it comes to their own products and it comes down to the fact they don’t know enough about website design to add their products to a website.

But it is still one of the safest ways to make money online. Add your products to your own website, your customers pay, and you ship the product.

Sell Your Own ProductsIt is a simple premise, but does require a lot of work and depending on how much stock you have you may need to consider storage space, etc.

This is why this method does require a lot of time and effort.

But can carry many rewards, if you are someone who regularly exhibits at fayres and customers tell you your products are great, then they are likely to be customers who order off of you online.

If you want to know how to get started with a free website, check out this post.

If you already have a website but want to know a great way of adding your products to your website, then I recommend a plug-in called WooCommerce. It makes it so easy to add products and services. But if you have any specific questions, please let me know. I have been using these methods for my wife’s wedding website for a while.

Drop Shipping

What if you haven’t got your own products?? You could sell someone else’s…

Drop shipping is the term where you sign up with a wholesaler that offers drop shipping. You advertise that product on your website with a mark-up. A customer comes on your website and buys that product off you, you then order it off the wholesaler and give them the customers address.  It gets sent straight to your customer with your company name on it (so the customer thinks it has come from you) and you keep the difference in cost.

Whilst this will not be everyone’s cup of tea, due to the amount of work involved, it is a great way of adding to the product range of a website.

Again, we utilise this method on the wedding website. We have added a number of wedding favours onto the website. Any of our customers order these favours, we order them from our wholesaler and it gets mailed straight to the customer.

Due to us paying wholesale costs, we are making 20% on each sale.

This might not sound much but think of it this way:  this allows us to remain competitive in a competitive market, we aren’t paying for any storage of these products.  If a particular product does not sell and will never sell, we just remove it from the website and we have got any stock to try and get rid of.

There are many benefits to drop shipping, but with many providers it does mean you need to place an order when you have received it.

I am about to review Shopify which has a function where you connect directly with a drop shipper, which means it could be automated – but I will keep you updated with the review.

Sell Your Website Space

Have you got space available on your website where someone could pay to advertise their business?

There are a couple of options, you could use Google AdSense.  The return on this method will depend on your traffic levels, Sell Your Website Spacebut at least you can control what ads appear on your website/blog.

You could sell the space yourself via an advertising network, but again this will depend on the traffic levels you get.  As they will not want to pay over the odds for a space that is not going to get seen by many.

Personally, I feel this is an option for when you are receiving high levels of traffic.  It will require time and effort to build up your audience to a level where either option ends up being worth it.

If you already have high levels of traffic and you are not using either method, you are missing out on some easy revenue.

Using Online Advertising Platforms

Whilst selling your own space will take a lot of time and effort, there is an alternative of using an online advertising platform. This is an option which many use, I regularly check the Sky Sports app and at the bottom of every page is a “Sponsored Links” bit and they have partnered with Outbrain to recommend a number of adverts. Of course, Sky will earn a commission if I click on any of these adverts.

I get why many use this, but Sky is a massive platform and they can get away with more than a small website owner who is trying to break through the barriers into where they have consistent traffic.  But my main gripe with this method is, the ads are not relevant. Not a single advert at the bottom of this page is relevant to sport or me.

So, if you added an advertising block to your website and the ads are not relevant to your readers, it may put them off and they lose trust in you and end up not following any of your suggestions.

If you do decide to follow this method, my only advice is to check how much control you have on it and also check what it is showing.  I know someone who just turned it on and didn’t check it and all the adverts were adult related (dating apps, etc.) on a blog for children’s toys.

Final Word

Whilst there are many strategies that are proven ways to monetise your website, these are 5 that do work.  I myself use the first 4 on the wedding website and all are providing a monthly income.

The key things I would recommend you follow are:  Make sure anything you add to your website is relevant to your audience. If your website is about weddings, then any post, product, advert needs to be around something that a reader who is looking at planning a wedding will find useful.

Quality Content is also a must to improve the traffic numbers to help you benefit from these methods.

I hope you found this article useful, if you have any questions or want to share how you monetise your website then please add them to the comments section below.

Stay at Home Computer Jobs – Earn Money from Home!

Hi everyone, this post is aimed at pointing you in the right direction for ways to work from home using your computer. Whether it is you are looking at a way of working for yourself using your computer or wanting some part time work doing it for a company, customer services for example – we will be exploring the options available to you.

Whilst we will be focusing on the opportunities that are available, it would be wrong of me not to mention the scams that are out there…

As soon as you search any such term into the search engines, there will be opportunities that appear, and they are that enticing and look like such an easy way to earn money that you decide to have a look.  The problem is, which ones are genuine? That is what we will also discuss in this article.

Let’s start with the types of jobs that are available.

At Home Customer Service Jobs

If you are great at chatting with customers, able to help them with their problems or answer questions about the company’s products and services. Then this may be a great opportunity for you. More and more companies are starting to rely on people from home to do these tasks as it reduces the costs. There is no need to have a big call centre, when they can outsource it to people working from home and able to offer the same help and support. Customers wouldn’t really notice the difference, but it benefits both you and them.At home Customer Services

Some of the jobs available do want some experience and expect you to be able to use email and be happy taking phone calls. Indeed, have these opportunities available. I also found this great opportunity to support Apple with home-based advisor role. See the opportunity here.

At Home Sales Person Jobs

At home Sales JobsThere are plenty of opportunities to take on a sales job from home, these would typically involve using the phone as well as your computer and would mainly involve contacting potential customers about products or services. There will be some key aspects that employers will be looking for before they hire a sales person –

  • such as the ability to understand the products, services and the market for that company.
  • The ability to find clients and converting leads to sales
  • The ability to develop relationships with clients
  • As it is a home-based position, you will need to be able to use email, spreadsheets and be great at keeping records

Indeed, have a number on offer at present, including at home travel agent jobs or even examples of those in the motor industry. See the full list here. Total Jobs also have opportunities too

At Home Accounting Jobs

There are plenty of small business owners that struggle to find time to do their accounting, running a small business takesAt Home Accounting Jobs up so much time they start looking at outsourcing certain tasks and accounting is one of the main ones.  Typically, they are really creative and great at designing a product – but aren’t great at doing the books.

If you are good at accounting and have experience with Sage, QuickBooks, etc. or are willing to learn these courses then you could be on to a great source of earning money with stay at home computer jobs.

There are opportunities on both a local scale and via the computer. So, if you are mobile you could increase your income by getting involved with a local business and doing a day in their office.

Places to look for accounting opportunities are like Indeed, Monster but there are also opportunities via Freelancing Sites such as Fiverr or Upwork. I go on about this shortly.

Be Mindful of Work from Home Scams

Like I said at the beginning, for every work from home opportunity out there that is genuine, there is a scam out there designed to rob you of either your money or your personal detail.

Start a Successful Online BusinessLook out for signs that it may not be genuine, for example most sites that promise you can be earning £1000’s from day one is definitely a scam.  Earning money online for yourself is totally possible, I am doing it through this website. But firstly, I am not earning £1000’s out of it yet and it takes time and effort to do it.

Let’s go through some steps you can take to decide whether an opportunity looks genuine and is worth accepting the invitation.

  • One of the things I have noticed and makes it easier to spot a scam is: Spelling and grammar mistakes.  I know anyone can make them, but if it is genuine they will have spent the time to use a spell checker. I know English isn’t everyone’s first language, but a spell checker is key and a website owner who is genuine will have used one.  Scammers are just after the money. I do understand that this isn’t a concrete one, but it definitely gives me something to think about before I proceed.
  • Is the website secure or using a secure form for your information?  This isn’t always a guarantee, but in most places a website that is using a https: address is more likely to be trusted than a non-secure website
  • Does the offer feel realistic? If they are saying you can be earning a certain amount of money, by doing certain actions and with some timescales – but it will take a certain level of action by you. That sounds more genuine than an offer of a service where you “switch it on and you will earn thousands”.  We would all love to find a magic button that does that, but in my research, I am still to find one…
  • Do they actually tell you what you will be doing?? I see a lot of products that say you can earn loads of money through it, but don’t actually tell you what you will be doing? Most websites that have a fantastic introduction video with loads of success stories, but no real information on what it is – is typically a scam.  I would want to know how I am going to earn all this money before I hand over any of my money or information. It is pretty much saying, hand over £99 and then I will tell you what it is?? Whilst some may end up being quite lucrative, it isn’t something to risk when you have no money or can’t afford to lose that amount of money on something that isn’t going to work.
  • Simply put, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Freelancing Opportunities

If you want a way of earning money online with a stay at home computer job, but don’t want to commit to anything long term or with set hours then Freelancing might be for you.

There are a number of ways that your current skills could benefit you when signing up to a freelancing site and offering your services. The list of opportunities is endless – writing content, graphic design, website design, accounting, (need to fill list).

Let’s just clear up how this works. You sign up with a website such as Fiverr. You create a seller profile stating what you are offering and what your experience is. So, let’s say you have experience with accounting or are good at writing content in accounting – you could state this in your profile and offer your services for a set fee. A buyer hires you and you complete the work and earn the money.

This makes this a really flexible way of earning money as you can activate your ‘gigs’ as and when you can. You can also state how long they can expect you to reply with the completed work.

Read more information at my review for Fiverr. This is a great place for wannabe freelancers just starting out.  It would be prudent once you are established to explore other sites, such as Upwork, where you can earn more money, but they expect you to be experienced and actually prove it too.

Start an Online Business in a Profitable Niche

All the examples above are great ways to earn money online, but they still require you to work for someone else and working to their timescales rather than giving you the freedom to work for yourself and earning enough to make it your only income.

Start a Successful Online Business

Starting your own online business is a great way to earning money online using your computer and giving you the freedom to work wherever you like (with WIFI, of course). I started this process a couple of years ago and it is now something that I fully endorse.

Let’s first go through how this works.

Picking a Niche – the biggest mistake many make is targeting a subject that is too broad, whilst there are many opportunities you don’t want to get drowned out by too much competition straightaway. But it also needs to be a subject you know a lot about or have a passion for. This makes it easier for you to create content for it. A great way of doing this is by checking out Amazon. Men’s grooming or keeping fit are big profitable niches, but they are very broad categories. But if you drill down and go for Beard Care, then you have got a better niche to start with.

Create an Authority Website – Let’s continue with the Beard Care niche for now and let’s say we are going to target Beard Trimmers – I would create a website all about Beard trimmers, how to use them, the best ones out there, what accessories there are for beard care, Beard styles.  These are things that people are searching for (and I can show you how to find out what people are searching for). This all goes to showing that you are an authority in that field.

How do You Make Money? – Ok, I know you are asking how does this site make me money…?  Well, that is called a process called Affiliate Marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Simply put, on that beard care website you would have reviews for products and services that you have reviewed and written an article on it. Your reader decides that after reading your review they want to buy it. You would have an affiliate link to that product at a marketplace, let’s use Amazon for now.  They click on that link that takes them to the product on Amazon. They buy that product normally through Amazon as normal. But the key bit is you have just earned a commission. A percentage of the purchase price is your reward for bringing that buyer to Amazon.

That is the premise of Affiliate Marketing and makes an online business opportunity a very viable stay at home computer job.

There are a few things to get your head around with Affiliate Marketing and building an online business – for example, building a website, creating content, getting traffic to your website and which affiliate programs are worthwhile.

But one thing I can guarantee that if you are willing to put in the time and effort and follow the same steps I took when learning, you can turn this opportunity into a passive income that when it starts earning for you, continues to earn money without the full-time hours that a normal job has.

You will also feel a wave of pride when you have built this website and it is earning money – helping people in your given niche gives a level of satisfaction and when you are earning money from helping people it is awesome.

Steps to Get Started

There are 3 key things you need to get started with a successful online business:

  1. Education – Whilst you may be fully versed in the niche you want to start with, you will need to learn everything there is about getting started, affiliate marketing, creating a WordPress website (easiest one to master), getting traffic to your website. I can start you with a course that takes you step-by-step through all these stages and is free to join.
  2. Websites – Some will say you can do it via social media accounts, but if you actually want to earn money and scale your business, a website is the way to do it. A starter member will get 2 free websites.
  3. Expert Help & Support – Everyone needs a friend. If something isn’t quite working, or you want to bounce an idea of someone then you need someone that is both versed in all the same aspects but has some experience too. You will get access to a community that has close to a million other entrepreneurs that are all doing the same thing.  But I will also be on hand to help you too.

Are you ready to help others and earn yourself some money too? I will be honest it will take hard work and dedication to make it work – but you are doing it for yourself and not taking a customer service job that is helping someone else.

If you are ready to get started, then I can share this course with you. It is free to join and there is no need to upgrade to a premium account until you are ready. Follow the training, ask me any questions you have with either the in-app messages or an email to john@make-cash-from-home.net.

But Wealthy Affiliate has turned many individuals into successful online entrepreneurs, put me to the test – join the starter membership today and go through the initial training. If you don’t feel it is for you after that point. No hard feelings, and you haven’t lost any money but maybe have learned a few things on the way.

Thanks for reading this article, if you have any questions or want to share your experiences with any of the job ideas above, please share them in the comments below

Fiverr Review – Is Fiverr a Scam?

If you have ever considered earning some money online using the skills you already have or outsourcing some of the work you have on an online business, there are many freelancer platforms out there to help you. Today, I wanted to review one of the easier platforms to get started with. I will be showing you how it works, and more importantly can you trust it or is Fiverr a Scam?

Name: FiverrFiverr Review - Is Fiverr a Scam?

Website: www.fiverr.com

Price: Free to Join

Owners: Micha Kaufman CEO

Overall Rating: 75 out of 100

Fiverr, Product Overview

Fiverr started out in 2009 and is a platform where freelancers can offer their services for a number of different categories. It started out that all ‘gigs’ were sold for $5 or a fiver and that is where the name comes from. Since then though there have been changes towards the pricing, as a number of sellers were complaining that certain tasks deserved a higher reward/cost.

In 2014, this was addressed and now there are a number of ways sellers can earn more money for certain gigs, for example through the use of gig extras or additions to gigs.

There are a number of different categories that Fiverr sellers offer gigs in, from writing, logo design to SEO and traffic generation. See the full list below:

  • Graphic & Design
    • Logo Design, Business card & stationary, Illustration, Cartoons & Caricatures, Flyers/Brochures, Book & Album Covers, Packaging Design, Web & Mobile Design, Social Media Design, Banner Ads, Photoshop editing, 3D & 2D models, T-shirts & Merchandise, Presentation Design, Infographics, Vector Tracing, Invitations, Other
  • Digital Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing, SEO, Content Marketing, Video Marketing, Email Marketing, Search & Display Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Web Analytics, Influencer Marketing, Local Listings, Domain Research, E-Commerce Marketing, Mobile Advertising, Music Promotion, Web Traffic, Other
  • Writing & Translation
    • Resumes & Cover Letters, Proof-reading and editing, Translation, Creative Writing, Business Copywriting, Research & Summaries, Articles & Blog Posts, Press Releases, Transcription, Legal Writing, Other
  • Video & Animation
    • Whiteboard & Animated Explainers, Intros & Animated Logos, Promo Videos, Editing & Post Production, Lyric & Music Videos, Spokesperson Videos, Animated Characters & Modelling, Short Video Ads, Live Action Explainers, Other

Fiverr - Video & Animation

  • Music & Audio
    • Voice Overs, Mixing & Mastering, Producers & Composers, Singer-Songwriters, Session Musicians & Singers, Jingles & Drops, Sound Effects, Other

Fiverr - Music & Audio Gigs

  • Programming & Tech
    • WordPress, Website Builders & CMS, Web Programming, Ecommerce, Mobile Apps & Web, Desktop Applications, Support & IT, Chatbots, Data Analysis & Reports, Convert Files, Databases, User Testing, QA, Other
  • Business
    • Virtual Assistant, Market Research, Business Plans, Branding Services, Legal Consulting, Financial Consulting, Business Tips, Presentations, Career Advice, Flyer Distribution, Other
  • Fun & Lifestyle
    • Online Lessons, Arts & Crafts, Relationship Advice, Health, Nutrition & Fitness, Astrology & Readings, Spiritual & Healing, Family & Genealogy, Gaming, Greeting Cards & Videos, Your Message on…, Viral Videos, Pranks & Stunts, Celebrity Impersonators, Collectibles, Global Culture, Other

Fiverr - Fun & Lifestyle Gigs

Some are great, especially if you are looking at outsourcing some tasks, others are quite quirky and may be for some out there.

But there is a category for both if you are looking at investing in a service or looking to earn some money from selling your services.

Fiverr keeps it simple by having the same account type for both a buyer or seller or both. There is no vetting process for either other than confirming your email address.

Payments tend to go through PayPal, giving you extra peace of mind over the money side of things. Something to note, is the commission rate is 20%. So as most buy the basic gig of $5, you will hand over $1 for each transaction.

One thing, I do find interesting is the lack of a vetting process for a seller, unless they choose to go for a Fiverr Pro account. To get this status has many positives including having extra trust for buyers added to it, but this is optional.

So, my concern is that anyone could say they can do any of these tasks, you only have the star ratings system to go off. In most cases, this is fine as they are genuine sellers with experience.

But, how do you weed out the scammers that are ever more prevalent on this platform??

Compared to some other higher end platforms for Freelancers, Fiverr does appear to be a bit crowded and there are some concerns over the lack of vetting due to certain scams on there.

For a Buyer

The website is nicely set out and is easy to navigate for a potential buyer, just select the category you are interested in exploring and you will find a selection of gigs available for you to review. I would highly recommend you thoroughly read what they are offering and make sure it is exactly what you want.

The reason I say this is, it can be too easy to just pick a gig based on their star rating and what they offer, but it turns out the seller is unable to complete the task as you are asking for something that isn’t being offered.

If I give you an example, I could look into someone writing me an article – the sellers feedback is awesome, and they deliver a quick turnaround – but I want an article written on a subject that they don’t list – So they specify they specialise in finance articles, but I didn’t read that bit and want an article on coffee makers.  See what I mean?

If you are looking for a specific task, check all the gigs and what the seller is offering.

There is also a new feature called Business Tools – it is designed to help you manage and keep track of your purchases, especially if you have a team of people working in your business.

Fiverr - Business Tools


For a Freelancer (Seller)

Unless you go for a Fiverr Pro account, you just create an account and you are good to set up your own profile and gigs. Like I said for a buyer, you need to be as specific as you can.

Tell them about your experience, timelines for completion, revisions, etc.

It might be worth checking out what others are offering, to ensure you are both competitive and offering a unique gig.

There are different levels for a seller, which I go through later in the review, but this is based on feedback from previous gigs – so if you are new you won’t have a star rating, that is why you need to be unique and show a good brief so that someone decides to use you.

Once you start receiving work and receiving feedback, you can climb up the rankings and possibly consider a Fiverr Pro account.  There is a level of vetting to get this status but is a great thing for a potential buyer to see.

One thing to consider with selling on Fiverr is the sheer competition on there from really established players on there – that is why you need to be different or even a bit quirky to get noticed.

The Good & The Bad

There are always good points and bad points to any product or service, let’s explore them with Fiverr:

The Good

  • There are no restrictions on who can join or from where with worldwide support
  • Buyers can hire freelancers for as little as $5
  • Easy way for freelancers to earn money online

The Bad

  • The Website is a little crowded. Anyone can join, which includes a high number of scammers with little way of knowing if they are one
  • No guarantee of quality, there is no vetting of sellers unless they go for Fiverr Pro
  • Fiverr does currently hold a negative BBB rating, which at the time of writing this an F with 42 complaints, compared to 3 positive reviews
  • Fiverr’s emphasis for customer care tends to favour buyers, Sellers in some cases have had a raw deal in complaint circumstances

How Does Fiverr Work?

As the same account works for both a buyer and seller, I have broken this section down into Buyers and Sellers just to show you the different aspects to consider when deciding whether to use Fiverr or not.


Sometimes, you are looking at ways of outsourcing some of the work you need done for your business, for example help with a logo. Fiverr provides a platform that offers many different types of gig you may want to look into. But there are some advantages and some disadvantages to using Fiverr

Advantages to a Buyer

  • If you don’t have a large budget, you can hire freelancers for as little as $5
  • If you aren’t satisfied with the work, you have only lost $5
  • The number of different types of gig available

Disadvantages to a Buyer

  • Only see a profile and rank before you buy the gig – in some cases this is fine, but if you take some of the SEO gigs you do need to mindful as there are scammers in the mix and you could end up doing more harm than good to your website and you don’t want to get penalised by Google due to incorrect ways of getting traffic, etc.
  • Easier to get Freelance experience/work due to the low fee ($5)
  • Don’t need to have much technical experience to set up your profile and sell gigs
  • Can make more money doing something you love
  • Buyers search by gig rather than seller, meaning it is easier to get exposure
  • External marketing, such as social media is permitted to get more exposure


Selling on Fiverr is a great way of earning money from freelancing and utilising the skills you have, but there are again pros and cons to selling on Fiverr too

Fiverr - Become a Seller

Advantages to a Freelancer/Seller


  • You have no control over the gigs that are accepted automatically on your behalf, this may mean a gig is taken but it isn’t actually relevant to what you are offering
  • The rating system is questionable and can be affected by the gigs that are accepted but are not relevant. If you have a lot of people who buy your gig for the wrong reasons, this can seriously impact your star ratings if you are unable to complete the gig
  • It will be harder to sell if you are targeting a highly competitive gig area, as these will be up against established sellers
  • It is a high commission rate (20%), considering most only buy the basic gig.
  • Can only withdrawal earnings 14 days after receiving payment. Fiverr says this is down to safety reasons, and in case a buyer has an issue.
  • Fiverr can ban you without reason if they feel you have violated t’s and c’s.
  • Fiverr service tends to favour the buyer in most cases

Seller Levels

As you start out selling gigs on Fiverr, there are certain levels you can achieve. These levels show potential buyers how experienced you are, and the star ratings allow them to see how good a seller you have been. A seller level is a good indicator for trust level, but not always a true reflection as it is hard to see whether someone has used fake reviews to climb up the ranks. But either way, not everyone on there is a scammer so is still a good indicator.

You start out as a New Seller:

This gives you the ability to have 7 active gigs, 2 gig extras and 5 gig multiples

Level One Seller:

Criteria:           30 days active, completed at least 10 individual orders, you maintain a 4-star rating or above and have a low cancellation rate.

Benefits:         15 active gigs, 4 gig extras and 10 gig multiples

Level Two Seller:

Criteria:           You have completed 50 individual orders in 2 consecutive months, maintain a 4.5-star rating or above and have a low cancellation rate.

Benefits:         20 active gigs, 5 gig extras, 15 gig multiples and priority customer support

Top Rated Seller:

Criteria:           Maintain a 4.7 to 5-star rating, offer exceptional customer care, have a low cancellation rate, show community leadership and is based on volume of sales.

Benefits:         20 active gigs, 5 gig extras, 15 gig extras and priority customer support.

How to Improve Your Chances of Getting Hired

  • Embrace the basic gig of $5, get your name out there before exploring additional gig extras, etc.
  • Be honest in your profile, if you haven’t got qualifications but years of experience – share this and be able to back up your claims
  • Be unique and stand out. Be highly specific in what you offer
  • Advertise your services on Fiverr elsewhere, as in your social media profiles
  • Make your profile fun, people buy because of the person selling
  • If you are serious, look into using a Fiverr Pro account – pass the vetting stage and see your profile stand out from the crowd.

Fiverr Support

Fiverr do have a support team contactable via the in-built messaging service, but a lot of the problems do tend to stem from this point.  Support are great for buyers, as they are putting the money into the system. Support are not that great for sellers.

I have seen a few examples in my research that shows there is a blatant bias towards the buyers. It seems Fiverr do not want you to really be issuing refunds due to Fiverr losing money from it.

I thought, these might be isolated cases, but when you check the BBB rating, they only rank an F and have 42 complaints on there all around the support side from the perspective of the seller.

There are always going to be times where a seller or a buyer are not holding up their end of the contract, but Fiverr should remain neutral and support from a neutral position.

This does affect Fiverr’s overall rating, not only with BBB but with reviews in general too.

Fiverr Price

It is free to join Fiverr and they use the same dashboard for either a buyer or seller. I can understand this as a buyer, but I would have thought there would be a few extra hoops for a seller to go through to register. The reason I say this is, anyone can register and tell you they are selling a certain gig and that’s it. I know this make it easier for freelancers to get some experience before they try a platform where they will need to provide a few more details like Upwork. But still find it difficult that it is so easy for a scammer to get money out of people.

My Final Opinion of Fiverr

Fiverr has great opportunities for people wanting help with their online businesses at reasonable prices. Basic gigs do start at $5, sometimes the extras add additional costs to this, but no more than you would spend elsewhere. I would still say be mindful of the gigs you invest in, I personally would avoid the SEO & traffic seeking ones, as they are typically fake traffic and can affect your websites in a bad way.

But Fiverr can be a great place to ask writers to write content for you, as when you receive it you can always check it over and reword it if necessary to ensure it is unique.

It can also be a great platform for freelancers who want to get started and some experience with freelancing before exploring a better platform, like Upwork where you can earn a lot more money or get hired as a regular writer, etc.

The advice I would give any potential freelancer offering their services on Fiverr to be careful though, my research and experience shows me Fiverr are more inclined to agree with buyers and not sellers, as this would involve a refund. But anyone can buy your gig and then try and change the goal-posts, then you end up looking like the bad guy.

Can you Make Money with Fiverr?


You can make a very good income out of Fiverr, if you can ensure you are unique, good at what you offer, stand out from the crowd and advertise your gigs regular on social media, etc.

Is Fiverr a Scam…?

Whilst there are definitely gigs out there that end up being there from an unreliable source or scam, there are also a high number of genuine sellers on there and after using their services, I would go back and use them again.

I would say Fiver is a great resource if you are struggling with a logo, or want help writing some articles. But do your research thoroughly, check the ratings and feedback. But at the end of the day, if they end up not giving you what you wanted, it is a $5 investment and that is it.

I do feel like, Fiverr could do more to support Sellers, when buyers are expecting more than the gig offers and I think they could do more to prevent scammers.

Why do only Fiverr Pro’s go through the vetting process. Most of these platforms can also tell if accounts have a load of fake reviews, so I think they could improve that part.

Overall, I think Fiverr is a good platform for those wanting some freelance experience. Both buyers and sellers know what the deal is upfront, and it is very easy to use. There could be some improvements, but as long as you do some thorough research before buying or selling, then you can use Fiverr to progress your ambitions.

Fiverr At a Glance…

Name: FiverrFiverr Review - Is Fiverr a Scam?

Website: www.fiverr.com

Owners: Micha Kaufman CEO

Price: Free to Join

Overall Ranking: 75 out of 100

Verdict: There could be some improvements, but good platform for buyers and potential freelancers

Fiverr offers a chance for freelancers to get some experience and earn some money and will be a chance to experience a variety of different tasks, but if you would prefer to start your own online business with full support, then I suggest you check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review. Get started with a full-time income now

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Review – Powerful But Easy!

Hey everyone, Great Search Engine Optimisation or Pay-Per-Click Methods are key to any online business holder and having the right keyword research tool is what could make or break that business. In this review, I will share with you my experience and thoughts on Jaaxy. Before we get started, please note I may earn a commission from the companies detailed in this review. Regardless of this, I only recommend products and services that I personally use and believe will add value to anyone reading my posts.

Let’s start by exploring what they have to offer.

Name: Jaaxy  Try Jaaxy for Free

Website: www.jaaxy.com

Price: $0 Starter, $49/month Pro, $99/month Enterprise

Owners: Kyle & Carson from Wealthy Affiliate

Overall Rating: 95 out of 100

Jaaxy, Product Overview

Keyword Research can become a right pain to do if you haven’t got an efficient tool that makes it easy and does exactly what you want.

Google offer a free version integrated into their AdWords tool, however this will only help your PPC strategies and not your SEO ones.

Manually checking Google for keywords is very timely and not efficient in the slightest.

Jaaxy offers lightning quick results and can benefit both experienced internet marketers and newbies alike.

If you are starting out, you need to be targeting ‘high traffic, low competition’ keywords, but how do you know which keywords are worth investing your time into???

That is where Jaaxy comes in.

Jaaxy started out as a keyword research tool brought out by the guys behind Wealthy Affiliate.  Kyle & Carson are the owners of both Wealthy Affiliate & Jaaxy and are two of the nicest guys online.

They truly believe in the ‘Pay-it-forward’ mentality and have built 2 awesome platforms to support newbies and professionals alike to be successful online.

Jaaxy did start out as just a keyword research tool but has been developed over the years. I have used it for about 2 years and the change in the platform is quite profound, including an integration into Wealthy Affiliate, but I will talk about that a bit more later.

There are a number of features that have been introduced all aimed at improving the efficiency of keyword or niche research, such as the alphabet soup technique, niche competition research, affiliate program searches and much more.

So, it is a powerful tool to use, but is it as good as they say.  Let’s explore the good and the bad about Jaaxy before we delve in deeper.

The Good & The Bad about Jaaxy

The Good:

  • Really Easy to Use
  • The Results appear super quick
  • Reliably Accurate Information
  • It is an online application, so no downloads
  • Use it on any device – PC, Mac or even Smartphone
  • Owners always keep the software up-to-date without any downtime
  • Will work for both SEO & PPC (Pay-Per-Click) strategies
  • Gathers data from Google, Bing & Yahoo (99% of the search audience) to get you the most accurate data.
  • Excellent Training Material
  • Awesome Support Team
  • Also offers a good affiliate program

The Bad:

  • Cannot select whether you are targeting local or global search results
  • No option to choose the language – the platform is for the English speaking
  • Pro plan can be expensive if you are just starting out
  • Some of the features will not be relevant to everyone.

Who is Jaaxy for?

Keyword research is vital to any online presence, this makes anyone who can benefit from Jaaxy quite a long list, see the list below:

  • Niche or Article Marketers
  • Freelance Writers
  • Professional Bloggers
  • Domain Buyer & Sellers
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertisers
  • Online Advertisers
  • YouTube Marketers
  • SEO Companies
  • Anyone who wants to keep an eye on their competition
  • Viral News Sites that want to know the latest trends to leverage
  • Internet Marketers looking for how high they are ranking in the Search Engine Results
  • Local Marketers
  • Local Businesses
  • Small Businesses
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Email Marketers looking for relevant topics for their readers

Jaaxy Tools & Training

Let’s start with focusing on what Jaaxy is specifically for, before we explore the tools they provide to help you with your research.

Fundamentally it is for revealing high traffic keywords or niches with low competition for you to use to target quicker rankings in the search engines.  Everyone’s goal is to be on the first page of the search engines, as many users do not tend to go further to look for anything.

It also allows to understand how much traffic you might expect if you did rank high and reach page one.

Other cool features include:

  • Ways to brainstorm new niches and keyword ideas
  • Building up to-do lists
  • Revealing metrics to boost SEO
  • Saving Keyword Lists by topic for later use
  • It can help you decide on a particular niche
  • Searching and Buying available domains for selling later
  • Knowing what is trending online at the moment
  • Quickly gathering information via the Alphabet Soup Technique using Google Instant
  • Discovering Affiliate Programs for your given niche
  • Finding out how well your site or post is ranking

Ok, Let’s Break down the tools that Jaaxy provides to help you with these.

Keywords – Type in a keyword and see results related to that keyword with some key metrics allowing you to narrow down on a keyword that would be great to use.

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool - keywords

AS an example, I searched keyword research using Jaaxy. This gave us a number of results, but the key thing is understanding the metrics Jaaxy gives us to understand which might be a better keyword to use.

Avg. (Monthly Searches) – The number of searches this keyword has on average per month across Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Estimate Traffic – The monthly traffic figure you can expect if you rank on Google’s first page. This is typically the lowest expected number.

Quoted Search Results (QSR) – this is how many other posts/sites are ranking for that given keyword on Google. This is where Jaaxy is a step apart from others, has they use a state-of-the-art algorithm to produce precise keyword competition results.

The lower this number the better, especially if you are just starting out. You could really benefit from the low hanging fruit concept, which is typically less than 100. 200 isn’t too bad, but if you target keywords over 300 expect some stiff competition and your own content would need to exceptionally good.

Keyword Quality Indicator (KQI) – This is great to use against the QSR too, it is a traffic light system. Green for great, Yellow for good, Red is for poor.

SEO Power – Using a score between 0 and 100 this uses the previous results to give you a number based on how easy it would be to rank for. The higher the better, with scores over 80 really good.

Domain Search – Lets you know if a given keyword has availability to make it a domain.

Going back to the screenshot, we can see that whilst ‘keyword research’ gets over 8000 searches a month, the other scores tell me that this would be a very difficult keyword to rank for.

Whereas if I was to write a post using the keyword ‘best keyword research tool’ I would have a better chance of ranking higher for it.  I know it doesn’t get as many searches or views, but you are better off ranking for a lower search volume keyword and actually getting some visitors than choosing a keyword that I would find it very hard to rank against the people already ranked there.

You need visitors to help the ranking, that is where the low hanging fruit concept comes in.

Low Hanging Fruit

The low hanging fruit is a low competition keyword. Like on a fruit tree, it will be a fruit that is typically smaller, so it gets less traffic. But there will be a lot more of them and they will have less competition as everyone else is after the fruit at the top of the tree, which are the higher competition keywords.

If you target a number of these smaller fruit, or lower competition keywords then you are likely to get traffic and combined they may even add up to more than the fruit at the top.

This is what using a keyword research tool like Jaaxy allows you to do.

Alphabet Soup – Whenever you start typing into google a search term it comes up with suggestions, this is called Google Instant. The alphabet soup technique uses these to understand what people are searching for and it can always lead to keywords you may not have considered. It is based on the premise you start at ‘a’ and work your way through the alphabet.

The problem there is the time element, it can take an absolute age to research keywords this way.

What if I could tell you, you could get the entire search for any keyword in a couple of seconds?

This is what Jaaxy’s alphabet soup function is for.

Jaaxy - Alphabet Soup Technique Results

This image shows you just the ‘a’ but it has given us a whole number of different search terms around that one keyword. This can generate a whole load of keywords for later use.

Search Analysis (Competition) – This feature tells you who is ranking at the top of the search engines for a given niche/keyword. This will be your competition for that specific term. It is well worth seeing what their content is like to check whether you can write something that tops it. You can choose which search engine you want to look at and see what comes up.

Jaaxy - Search Analysis/Competition

Remember the Search Engines are looking for the best content to offer to their users, so sometimes a low competition keyword may have results that aren’t exactly what the user would be looking for – this would be where you can answer their question better and get a better rank for it.

Jaaxy - Competition Detail

It also allows you to delve into the detail a bit more – how many words has the content got, number of links.  This can be some great detail for more experienced marketers looking for some detail on their competitors.

Affiliate Programs – This feature allows you to search for affiliate programs in your given niche. Quickly search for products on four affiliate program providers – Linkshare, Commission Junction, Digital River and Click Bank. See an example below, I put pet accessories in to just mix it up a bit and it gave me a huge list of potential products that you could review and link to as an affiliate marketer.

Jaaxy - Affiliate Programs

Site Rank – Keep track of where your website is in the search engines (Google, Bing or Yahoo) for any keyword. Dependant on your plan will determine how far they search for your site. For example, the starter membership will only check if you are on page one. But the pro version will check down to 20 pages. You can also select to track a keyword and keep an eye on it, is it staying consistent or not.

Brain Storm – Quickly see what is trending on Google trends, Alexa Topics, Amazon Best Sellers & Twitter Trends. Keeping an eye on the latest news for ideas is important, Jaaxy combines it all easily into one page. You can also add items to a brainstorm queue.

They also offer an Affiliate Program. Jaaxy is a great tool for those in Affiliate Marketing, so naturally they would offer a program for you to benefit from introducing people to the use. Even someone on the free starter membership can benefit from the figures below.

Jaaxy - Affiliate Program Rewards

Jaaxy Training

Kyle & Carson are the guys behind the training platform at Wealthy Affiliate and it shows when we explore the training on hand for Jaaxy. You will find High Quality Videos showing you every way you can use Jaaxy to get the most out of it.

Videos include:

Jaaxy Keyword Research & Management

Jaaxy Website Research & Analysis

Niche Research Refinement

The Affiliate Program Walkthrough

Having benefitted from the four videos immensely I can say there will be no questions left after watching them to understand how Jaaxy works and the benefits you will gain.

Jaaxy Support

Jaaxy support is covered by the training material as this will answer all questions related to Jaaxy. I have never known it to go down, as they work tireless to ensure it is always up to date and never has any down time.

Jaaxy Price

This is a premium product, but the pricing isn’t designed for only those who are earning a fortune.

The Free Starter Membership offers 30 searches of any kind – keyword, affiliate program, search analysis and site rank. It also benefits from the affiliate program – so you could get a few referrals and use that to pay for the Pro Plan.

This plan is to give you some experience with the platform before deciding on a plan.

Pro Plan – $49/month.

Benefits from the following:

  • 3x as fast as the starter plan
  • Unlimited keyword researches
  • QSR Keyword Competition (On Demand)
  • Domain Availability (On Demand)
  • SEO Power Analysis
  • Keyword Lists
  • Brain Storm feature
  • To do Lists
  • 2 simultaneous Search tabs
  • Competition Analysis

Enterprise Plan – $99/month.

Designed for Advanced Internet Marketers Who need to compile large lists for their own or customers businesses.

Benefits from the following:

  • 5x as fast
  • Instant Competition Analysis
  • Instant Domain Availability
  • Sort the Data by Results (i.e. SEO Power, Competition, etc.)
  • 5 tabbed searches
  • A lot more results on the Alphabet Soup option

Did you Know Jaaxy & Wealthy Affiliate Have Teamed Up?

Before we finish on price, there is a way of getting much more than just an awesome keyword research tool. You could get the power of Jaaxy and all the support of a Premium Wealthy Affiliate Membership for $49/month or $359/year.

Let me explain, I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for a couple of years and tended to use their included WA keyword tool. But a few months ago, Jaaxy was fully integrated into Wealthy Affiliate so all of WA’s Premium Members now benefit from a version of Jaaxy called Jaaxy Lite.

This allows me to use Jaaxy for my keyword research, niche research, the alphabet soup technique.

Keyword research can even be completed still within the Wealthy Affiliate platform including searching for keywords, saving them to lists and even creating a draft for a later post using their Site Content platform.

I can also benefit from a discounted fee for the Enterprise Plan for more efficient keyword research.

Wealthy Affiliate has some amazing features, prompted me to called it my No.1 Recommended Product for people wanting to get started online.

But even if you are already online, WA can definitely be a benefit for you.

See some key features here:

  • Up-to-Date Training Resources on all elements of starting, scaling and promoting an online business which are easy to follow and carry out.
  • Effective Social Media Strategies
  • Hosting for 25 full domains with full SSL and 25 subdomains included in your membership
  • Live Weekly Webinars – these are great, learn from an expert on certain subjects, recent case studies have been Email Marketing, website design, ranking an article in 21 minutes
  • Live Chat – access to a community of experts straightaway. Ask a question and get a response a lot quicker than other forums.

I could go on about the benefits of Wealthy Affiliate, but I do suggest you read my in-depth review.

My Final Opinion of Jaaxy

Finding Keywords is integral to any online business to achieve SEO success. Whilst you can find keywords using Google’s free tool, this is aimed at PPC marketers and only works for Google.

If you want a powerful tool that gives you keyword research, competition analysis, a way to track your websites position in the search engines, domain searches, affiliate programs on all 3 major search engines (Google, Bing & Yahoo) I cannot find another that gives you all of that in one package other than Jaaxy.

They truly believe in supporting people, rather than holding them to ransom – so the free version doesn’t even require a credit card to use and you can try it for yourself for 30 searches.

Take it for a test drive and make your own decision on how good Jaaxy is.

Reminder – if you are relatively new to internet marketing or want to benefit from a platform that gives you everything you need to start an online business and benefit from Jaaxy too, then I suggest you read my Wealthy Affiliate Review.

Jaaxy at a Glance…

Name: Jaaxy Keyword/Niche Research Tool


Owners: Kyle & Carson (the guys behind both Jaaxy & Wealthy Affiliate)

Price: $0 Starter, $49/month Pro, $99/month Enterprise. Free Jaaxy Lite for Premium WA members

Overall Ranking: 95 out of 100

Verdict: Jaaxy is a legitimate and powerful keyword/niche research tool. Quick & Accurate Results show this is built for Professionals. Training is great and allows newbies to quickly learn how to fully benefit from Jaaxy.

Thanks for taking the time to read this review – Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool! I hope you now have a better understanding on what they offer and how you could benefit from this tool for your online business.

If you have any questions that I did not answer, please put them in the comments below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

If you have any experience with Jaaxy or know of a similar product that I need to review, please share them in the comments section.

Take care & all the best


How to Sell Your Art Online – Paint Your Way to Success

Hi, I’m John.

I am going to be totally honest with you… I don’t know a lot about creating or selling Art.

But, what I do know is how to Sell Stuff Online. I have been doing it for a few years now and have been helping people creating and growing businesses online.

So, I do know a few things that will totally benefit you.

Art is an Easy Sell Online…

It is much easier to reach the right audience online for selling your art rather than having an art studio, How to Sell Your Art Onlinemost who visit an art studio are not in a buying frame of mind. It is much more difficult to close a deal in the offline art world.

What if you could cut out the middle man and connect with an ENGAGED audience that already has their credit card out and are actually looking for art to buy?

That is the beauty of the internet, it presents you with an opportunity to do just that and I can help you and show you how.

OK, you are now asking “John, how are you going to do this?”

You are on this page for one reason and that is to get the right exposure to your art and you want to earn money from it.

I am not going to sell your art for you, but what I am going to offer you is 3 simple steps to achieve this exposure and some insights into how YOU can sell your art online!

Three Simple Steps to Sell Your Art Online

Step One: Give Your Artwork a Home (It starts with a website)

The first thing you will need is a website or a blog.

This will be the canvas for not only your art, but also allows you to engage with your potential customers. This will be an interactive studio with access to the world.

You can engage people in art, talk about your art and the art industry in general. This will lead you to becoming an authority online.

You can also sell your art. You can actually get an awesome website for free nowadays through services such as SiteRubix. You could literally have your own website up and running 10 minutes from now and ready to sell your art.

Your Own Beautiful Art Website

Have you already got an idea for your initial website?

You can get started with your own website NOW and get it up and running for free. This is a full functional website which also gives you access to Wealthy Affiliate, a community that will train you and help you get your Art business off to a running success.

Start building your website now using the tool below, it will tell you whether your chosen domain name is available.

Or you can go directly to the SiteRubix website and start building your awesome art website.

Step Two: Getting Exposure to your Art (Getting Traffic to Your Website)

You could have the best art in the world, but without people seeing your art you will never sell it.

In other words, you need traffic to your website to make any money.

Busy Art Website=Traffic

See the example of this much traffic to your online art business above.

That is why the most important step after getting your website is getting training on how to get traffic to your website in the online world.

Did you know there are close to 4 billion people online?

That is a lot of people and that shows you the type of potential you have online. Your art can get some amazing exposure online and get exposure like no art studio could ever offer.

Your website will be your foundation for selling.  Your traffic is going to be your audience that buys your art!

Where do you get this training? If you set up a website as part of step one, you already have access to the Wealthy Affiliate Community – Which is where you get this training included with your website.

If you already have a website but want to benefit from the training to get the traffic you need (again, this is free to get going) you can sign up directly from the Wealthy Affiliate Website.

Step Three: Keeping Your Online Art Business Going (With Expert Help on hand)

Imagine having thousands of experts within the Online World on hand to support you every step of the way… Getting all your questions answered and support you to getting your art the exposure it needs…

That is what the Wealthy Affiliate Community offers and you will get personal help from me. Anytime of the day there are experts on hand to support you from building an awesome website to getting you traffic and marketing the website to get that awesome exposure your art needs to sell.

Got Questions about Selling Your Art?

The Promise me one thing… don’t hesitate in asking me a question in the comments below.

I am here to help you out and get you started on this awesome journey to creating a profitable and successful online campaign for selling your art online. I will definitely come back with an answer as soon as I can.

I look forward to helping you achieve every success you with selling your art online.









Owner of this website &

Your Personal Guide to Online Success

Affilorama Review – My Updated Review 2018

Have you heard Affilorama is now free to join? Affilorama have recently changed to offer a free version with access to certain elements. So, I wanted to join to let you know whether this free membership is the one for you.


Owner: Mark Ling

Price: Free, $67, $197, $197


Free Account: Affilorama

What is Affilorama?

Started in 2005, Affilorama is a platform dedicated to Affiliate Marketing. It offers training material on ways to start and scale your affiliate marketing business. Started by a guy called Mark Ling, who is a very successful online marketer. He is also the owner of Jamorama & Rocket Piano.  Being this busy and having multiple projects, it is probably unlikely to bump into Mark in the forum though.

Who is Affilorama for?

Before the free membership option, I would have previously said this was for people ready to invest in their business. Mainly due to the $67 monthly fee for the premium version not being warranted with upsells required to make use of it.

But as it now has a free version, I would say anyone interested in learning Affiliate Marketing would benefit from the training – I was also intrigued by a pop-up for a guide called the “Pathway to Success”. I paid $19 for it, but I have to say I got more out of that guide than I did from the training.

It is a bit different for someone who has no experience of Affiliate Marketing, but even I found some use out of that guide.  If you can spare the $19 I would suggest you buy it. Even if you choose not to upgrade to their premium version, that guide will help you with creating great content.

How Does Affilorama Work?

The free version gives you access to some training material and the community forum. You can use the training with your own website which you could source yourselves, but the training for the premium products is designed around their own website builder called AffiloTheme.

Affilorama Free Membership

The training material is high quality with mainly good techniques to get started in Affiliate Marketing. You used to have to pay $67 a month to access Affilorama, so I found it good that you could properly try out their training for free.

If you have your own website and are doing Affiliate Marketing or plan to get into Affiliate Marketing, it is good that you can join the community for free to learn.

This allows them to build trust with new people to the community and they may decide to purchase the upsells they have.

Like I said, the website builder tool “AffiloTheme” is not included in the free membership. It is a one-off $97. This is a bonus product included in their Affilo-Blueprint product.

The free training is just enough to whet your appetite, but this Blueprint is a step-by-step guide to building a profitable business. This is $197 and includes the website builder and 1-month subscription to AffiloTools, which is then $67 from that point on.

If you think, this used to be $67 before without a free version – this is a good move for Affilorama to make a free version and even though there are plenty of upsells (most platforms do) there is no reason why you cannot join and benefit from the free training and not hand over any money for the Affilo-Blueprint.

Affilorama Tools

Of course, there is an option for someone who wants to jump straight in with a version that will apparently bring almost immediate results and is on auto-pilot.  The Affilo-Jetpack comes complete with 90+ emails designed for newsletter auto-pilot, bait for your subscribers, a website with one-click set-up, content cheat sheets, placed in 18 hand-picked niches.  This does look like a great help to a newbie but is a staggering $997.  It does make sense, in a way, as they do give you a comparison – if you did all this yourself you are looking at a cost $3,253.  But I would feel this is for someone who has earnt a grand already and wants to further their earnings in affiliate marketing, rather than a newbie. Unless you have a grand???


  • The training and videos are easy to follow
  • Access to a large community and forum
  • The Owner is well respected in the Online World
  • The Paid Tools/Training is proven to work for Affiliate Marketers
  • 60-day money back guarantee if you are not happy with the paid version


  • Some of the training I saw is out of date. i.e. back-linking can negatively impact your website.
  • Expensive Upsells compared to competitors
  • Only get the website builder if you pay
  • Spam in the forum


The training material is well written, and the videos are helpful, although Mark doesn’t seem to be involved in it. He has a team that are in the videos and offer support in the forums.

I do think some of the training is out of date and promotes practises that could harm your website. I was reading on their training articles on creating content if you are not a writer and some of the suggestions could be a bad move.

Backlinking can really affect your website by bogging it down and speed is a factor in search engine rankings.  Private Rights Label content is or could be duplicate content which will affect your website. Using content from article directories is again, duplicate content.

They do point out these practises but still suggest it as a way of creating content.  That could possibly confuse a newbie.

On the other hand, some of the suggestions were really good – Outsource to writers, Record yourself rather than writing.  We tend to talk quicker than we do type. But if you are not comfortable with it, it won’t work.

The videos are well recorded and take you step-by-step through the stages.


The forum seems to be the best way to get answer for your questions, whilst most affiliate marketing communities are filled with newbies – there seem to be plenty of people ready to answer questions.

It is easy to find the topics that you may want to ask a question in or just see what people have answered.

I did get frustrated at seeing a great title for a blog, for example a post about getting traffic. But when I clicked on the post, it was a post that taught people how to get traffic and was more like a scam post than a helpful one.  You would have thought these types of actions would be picked up and removed.

A feature I feel this community lacks, is a live chat.  Sometimes you want to ask a question and get it answered quickly (Something I am used to from another community). But this isn’t available in Affilorama, so you may have to wait for an answer.


Let’s look into their tools in a bit more detail.

A free member will not get much use of the tools, you will only benefit when you invest into the AffiloBluePrint. This is a step-by-step guide which gives you access to the AffiloTheme Website Builder and a month’s subscription to AffiloTools.

Now, I haven’t experienced their blueprint training but from what I can gather through research – a lot of this would be available elsewhere without the high price tag.  The website builder is included. I feel the main benefit of the blueprint will be the marketing techniques he shares. He knows what he is on about, so follow the training exactly and it will bear fruit.

AffiloTools is for keyword research, keeping an eye on your website rankings, researching competitors, linking to google analytics. Whilst this is a very important factor to any online business, $67 a month does seem a bit steep. You do need a way of checking these factors, but you could do it a lot cheaper.

Whilst I believe they are both quite expensive compared to others, I do believe that a new affiliate marketer could benefit from this training and tools. Although what I cannot get my head around is the AffiloJetPack.

It is billed as building a business in a fraction of the time and leaving it on auto-pilot for it to bring home the money.  I get that, it would be anyone’s dream. But, unless you have been doing this for a while and earning good money, which some affiliates are – who can afford $997.


Having said that, if you do have $997 and can afford to invest it, I am sure the techniques work.  Email Marketing is still very effective, and they give you ways of monetising it.  I only wonder how long it would take to recoup your money?


The basic membership which includes basic training and access to the community is free. This wasn’t always the case and is a great move.  Just by offering newbies a way of learning is a big tick for me.

To actually benefit from what Affilorama has to offer, you do need to invest in the AffiloBluePrint. This is a one-off $197 but be mindful you will need to sign up for AffiloTools, which is free for a month and is then $67 a month.


The big money item is AffiloJetPack, this is $997. Although it is designed to be a business you can put on auto pilot once it’s up and running.


Final Verdict

Affilorama has been going since 2005 and has a large community of users, at the time of writing there are 620,000 active in the community. When I look at the paid options, I personally feel these are targeting those with money, or can afford the high price to get into Affiliate Marketing.  There is nothing wrong with that, it just means there isn’t an opportunity for someone who is looking to find a way of earning money. If I think about who I started with, it started out as costing me $19 to get everything I needed. I wouldn’t have been able to pursue this if I had to pay $197.

By making certain elements available free, this is a great move from Affilorama.  You could use the techniques to earn enough to maybe invest in it later.

Their Jetpack does look good, but (being me) I would be wary of handing over that much money.

Their training is a bit dated in some elements, PLR & back- linking. But their platform is clean and easy to use. As long as you expect the occasional upsell pop-up you’re good to go.

If you would to try it out for yourselves for free, click here.

Would I suggest this platform?

I think this is a great way for someone wanting to get started in Affiliate Marketing to learn some of the basics and methods of monetising a site and getting access to the community is great.  I still suggest that paying the $19 for the Pathway to Passive Success was worth more to me than the training personally. It isn’t my No.1 recommended Product, but I can see why this is a very popular product in Affiliate Marketing.

Let me know? Are you a member of Affilorama, what is your experience?  Have you tried the Blueprint or Jetpack – I would love to know what your experience is.


Whilst Affilorama is a good platform and comes highly recommended, there are alternatives to learn these methods.

A lot of the free material is easy to find for free via searches, this is a painstakingly long way of finding it, but is possible.

Wealthy Affiliate is our No.1 Recommended Product

They offer a lot more to free starter members and their Premium Membership is only $47 a month without forking out a high figure for it upfront.

Their starter members even have access to 2 free websites, step-by-step guide. If you would like to know more, read my Wealthy Affiliate Review

If you want to get started in Affiliate Marketing, Either Wealthy Affiliate or Affilorama can help you on the road to success. But there are some key differences, which I will share with you in my next post.

Thanks for reading

50 Profitable Niche Ideas That Can Make You Rich

I often get asked the question, what is a profitable niche idea? What niche is a great one to get started in?  Whilst any niche could become profitable, with the right amount of effort. There do seem to be some that are easier to target than others.

In this post, I will be sharing with you 50 profitable niche ideas that are trending and are likely to succeed with the right website and content.  By combining these niche ideas with relevant affiliate products, you can start earning money with them. Continue reading “50 Profitable Niche Ideas That Can Make You Rich”