Rapid Content Wizard Lightning Edition Review – Is it a Scam?

 Rapid Content Wizard Lightning Edition

Overall Ranking: 

Price: $97 upfront

Owner: Sean Donahoe

Website: http://rcwlightning.com 

RCW Lighting Edition or Rapid Content Wizard is tagged as software that can write articles for you with a keyword search. Sounds like a dream to anyone who writes content for a website and knows how time consuming it can be, right?  But is it all it is cracked up to be? In this Rapid Content Wizard review we will be going through the features and see if this Article-Spinning Software is.


It has a great sales pitch and video showcasing how easy the software works and how quickly it can generate articles for you.  It is aimed at those who are looking for solutions and aren’t that confident with their own writing or struggle for time and wonder if there is an easier, quicker way to get content. This program fits the bill; the only issue might be compromising quality content for a quick-win??


So, once you have typed in the keyword you want an article about into the software, it pulls content relevant to that keyword from the internet and displays it in paragraph chunks for you to put your own article together.  Noticed the problem? As it has pulled content from other websites, it will be next to useless to you.  Search engines such as Google have several algorithms and filters to see whether content is duplicate, if it finds that the article you design with this is duplicate it will affect your rankings, if it gets ranked at all.

Also, if you are putting paragraphs together from a few articles, it means that it won’t make sense to the reader and consequently they will be turned off from your website, another bad sign.

The key to making money is from quality content, so by using this software to generate an article you cannot use, you would need to spend more time rewriting it into something you can use, meaning you might as well have done the research in the first place and save yourself $97.

I cannot stress the importance of quality content being king and the key to success. Posting poor quality content regularly will not make a difference to your opportunities to earn money, but if you have high quality content, albeit posted less frequently, it will have more long term benefits to you.


  • Pulls content together into a software where you can put an article together very quickly


  • As the content is pulled from articles already on the search engines, could be classed as duplicate and harm rankings or website
  • Doesn’t guarantee quality content, and different sections from different articles would make no sense to the reader
  • Seems like a waste of money, which could be spent on genuine freelance writers to write articles for you.


The software seems relatively simple to use, type in a keyword and watch the different articles generate on the screen, and select which sections you want.

RCW features

You have sliders for number of words, paragraphs to select how long an article you want to write.  It also comes with a word processor which is based on Microsoft Word.


$97 upfront cost for the software, but in my opinion, due to the amount of work you would need to do after the article was generated, like a plagiarism check and rewriting it, why wouldn’t you just write an article yourself.

Need help learning how to write content that converts?

I have been looking at a few options to help with content, but when I have tried a few, freelancer for example, I found that my identity wasn’t coming out in the writing and went back to writing my own, why is this important? Well any visitor/reader on your website needs to believe the content and that you are genuine if you want them to try out any product you recommend or suggest they try.


On the face of it, the sales pitch is strong and it looks like it could tick all the boxes of a software that can generate 100’s of articles for you in a relatively short length of time, but as it is pulling this content from the internet, where do you think it is coming from?  That’s right, other people’s websites – so if you do post an article straight from this onto your website, it would get highlighted as duplicate content and it either wouldn’t rank or be negatively affected.

Otherwise you would be spending a lot of time rewriting it so it wouldn’t be duplicate, personally I would rather spend time writing my own, learn as I go and if I need to update it I can at a later date.

Rapid Content Wizard Lightning Edition At a Glance…

Overall Ranking: 

Price: $97 upfront

Owners: Sean Donahoe

Website: http://rcwlightning.com 

 Verdict: Wouldn’t Recommend an Article-Spinning Software when all it would do is duplicate someone else’s content. It would harm your websites legitimacy and hurt your content ranking.

If you do struggle to write content naturally you could outsource but this would become expensive, if you would like to learn how to write content with intent check out our No.1 product for getting a business up and running and writing content naturally that will rank well, writing for a website doesn’t have to be difficult and shouldn’t cost $97.

Our No.1 Product is available for free.

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How to Make Money from Playing Video Games

Playing Video Games and making a living from it seems like the perfect dream for anyone who currently plays them, but is it possible to turn it into a living?

The gaming industry is growing at an exponential rate with more people joining in and the ease of doing it with consoles and the smartphones making it easier for people to play games, think about Mario Run just launching. I remember it back when it was on a Nintendo, now you can play it on your smartphone.

We will be going through several ways of making money from playing video games, and see if any can become successful at it.

Become a Games Tester

This seems like an ideal fit for anyone who likes to play video games, getting paid by big game making firms to play??  However, there are a few drawbacks that bring back the reality that is game testing.

The pay isn’t normally great, and it does come with poor job security. You might end up playing a game genre that you aren’t really interested in, and it is aimed more at finding bugs than the gameplay or story side. This means you may end up playing a section of the game repetitively to document any anomalies or ‘bugs’ you find.

You would be required to complete a ‘Non-Disclosure-Agreement’ too, so you couldn’t even talk to your mates about it either. Due to this, there aren’t many sources of information from a games tester point of view, but then I found this article on IGN, click here to read it.

Is a real option with regards to making money, but might be lacking on the enjoyment factor?

Compete at eSports Tournaments

Are you good at playing games? I mean absolutely awesome??

If you are someone who masters games really easily, and can compete with the best at online play against other users, then you might consider joining an eSports league and working up towards an eSports Tournament.

Some Professional Gamers are earning a lot of money through playing video games at these tournaments.  The prize at the DOTA 2 2014 competition was $6million, Hearthstone Championship had $250k as a prize fund.

It does require a lot of work and practice, so you need to make sure you earn enough from it to be able to stay at home and play, although you could utilise some of the other ways in this article to earn additional revenue from playing video games.

Although due to a lot of the competitors starting young, they can earn this straight from school or college, without the need to get a normal job

Share your Knowledge – Walkthroughs, Guides

A lot of casual gamers will search online for guides that show them how to complete certain sections of games, or how to find secret sections of the game and this is where you could find another avenue to making money from paying video games.  I searched on amazon for guides for Final Fantasy XV, it has recently come out and already the 2nd and 3rd on the list are unofficial guides for this game. Both available to buy, either as a paperback or kindle book.

Amazon Listings for Final Fantasy Guides

So, you could create an eBook guide for a game and sell it on amazon or eBay and earn money from doing it.

You will need to consider how you are going to make yours unique and appealing, so they choose yours.

Think about screen-captures and ensuring the guides/walkthroughs are right, easy to follow and cover all aspects that a potential buyer wants.

Utilising Video Streaming

Staying on the theme of guides and walkthroughs, there is a real opportunity when it comes to video streaming sites.

  1. YouTube – being the 2nd biggest search engine after Google, people search YouTube to find out whether a game is any good, a video review on it and the other route of checking out how to do certain sections of the game, or how to defeat that difficult end Boss. For example, in SWTOR, how to find the datacrons that gave your attributes a boost.

Well, if you have screen-captures of you completing these aspects, then you can turn your videos into a money opportunity.  A successful YouTube channel can add advertising on it, and that is where the money is.  Learn more here

  1. Twitch – Using Twitch to showcase you playing video games and sharing your knowledge with others, is another way you can earn money from videos. Learn more here.

By utilising either of these is a viable way of earning money from playing video games.

Become a Game Reviewer with your Own Website

Of course, you could utilise several of these and create your own website and have multiple ways of making money from playing video games.

85% of people online will check out a review prior to buying a product, the easiest way is to search online for a review and check it out.

Well, you could have a website, where you have written an honest review of the game, have videos showcasing the gameplay for them. Have eBook guides available to purchase from your site.

Then you are on a real path to making money from playing video games.

If you would like to know more about creating a free website, and how you can monetise it with affiliate marketing and with training and get started for free, check out this.

Any niche can become successful, and you could do it from playing video games.

Imagine a website earning money, a YouTube channel or Twitch account earning money, earn money from guides on Amazon.

It does sound simple, but you need support to get it started correctly, that is what is what is on offer with Wealthy Affiliate Training.

Have you any experience with Earning Money from Playing Video Games? Please let me know how you got started.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below

How to Make Money from Twitch – Earn a Living from Gaming

Is this the Ultimate Dream for anyone who enjoys Video Games?? A chance to get paid to play video games, and earn money from the advertising from it. We will go through how to make money from Twitch.

So, What is Twitch?

Twitch is a platform that allows you to stream videos of yourself playing video games, and earn money doing it. Twitch currently has 1.7 million broadcasters and about 100 million page views a month so there is a definite audience there and an active advertisement venue, that’s where the money comes from.

If successful in building up your following & viewers it can become a full-time job.  There are plenty of examples out there of people doing well, but it also does mean there is a lot of competition out there.

You need to consider that it is about more than just filming the screenplay of the game and that is that, you need to engage with your audience, and showing yourself whilst commentating and reacting in the live chat helps too.

Your channel needs to become somewhere people go to learn about the game, whether the game is any good and help make a decision on whether they will buy it. How to achieve certain things in the game, i.e. How-to guides, find secret parts of the game, complete difficult sections, etc.

The added benefit of these types of videos mean you can also share them on YouTube, this gives you an alternative revenue stream from it.

How to Get Started?

First and foremost, you need to think about the equipment.  Screen capture software and a good webcam are a must.  You can use a PC, Mac or gaming system and have a PayPal account.  Then sign up for a free Twitch account. Then just stream what you do and build your audience.

 Start Making Money

To start to make money with Twitch you will need to become a Twitch partner and prove to them that you can build up an audience to a point where it is financially benefiting for you both. You do need to apply to be a partner, so well worth reading the application page to make sure you qualify.

twitch partner guidelines

But in short – ‘they are looking for people who engage in chat, develop strong communities and have creative ways to stand out’.

If you have 500 views per broadcast, and are streaming content regularly throughout the week, that might be the point to go from a normal twitch account to a partner account and start earning from the ad revenue with it, with 3-4 ads per hour of broadcast.

You can also add recordings to your account for when you aren’t live streaming, meaning potentially you could be earning whilst not even on there.

Any Watch Outs?

You may have seen out there on social media Twitch users getting their accounts suspended indefinitely, so there are some definite watch outs.  Mostly it is common sense, but still people are broadcasting content that goes against the rules. But the community guidelines are quite clear on what you cannot broadcast.  Find a full list here.

  1. Don’t Break the Law – Makes sense, right?
  2. Data Protection – Protect personal information
  3. No Hate Speech/Harassment
  4. Spam People
  5. Nudity/Pornography or Sexually Explicit Content – there seem to be a few suspensions because people are forgetting to turn their webcams off?
  6. Copyright Violations.

The suspended accounts are in the minority, and if you believe the stories around them they are naïve actions that have got them suspended.  So, use a bit of common sense, and you will be fine and able to earn some money.

Remember if you are making videos for Twitch, you have the ideal building blocks for using YouTube as another revenue channel.  Check out how here.

Final Piece of Advice

OK, it is a very competitive market, so how can you start to challenge some of the bigger channels.  Well, the first thing to do is not directly compete.  If you try and do a game that everyone is broadcasting about you are likely to get lost in the crowd.  But if you were to pick a game where there are a few game clips on Twitch, and a few viewers, it might be worth starting there.

Remember the first thing you need to do is build your audience, if you turn those few over to your channel, then try another game and do the same, then you will start getting to a point where you can target a big game and as your credibility is there, the viewers will be there and then…BOOM=Money making opportunity!!!

 If you have any experience with Twitch, I would love to hear your views. Also, if you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.

Thanks for taking the time to read this


How to Make Money with Youtube

Youtube is the biggest platform for videos online, and there is an opportunity to turn this to your advantage and starting earning money from them. I will say it isn’t as easy as you might think, but don’t let that put you off too much. it just takes time and effort to become successful

With written content on the web, it needs to be engaging, relevant and answering a question or need that the reader is looking for.  Guess what, the same is really important with video.

The advantage you have with video is, that if you are confident with it, it is an easier and quicker way to add content, as we tend to talk quicker than we write.

You need to Concentrate on Building your Audience before the Income

With youtube the way to earn income is through advertising, so you need an audience to see those adverts to start earning money from them.  So you will need to concentrate on building content that gets people interested and that way in turn build the numbers of viewers.

Videos do get better rankings in SEO, as long as you do relevant Keyword Research to get your video seen in search engines.

It is also really key to keep your videos High-Quality, Short, Relevant and to the point.  Think about how many videos you may have seen that you have got bored due to it not getting to the point.  Typically you want to aim for less than 5 minutes.

Youtube actually states shorter videos are more likely to get more views than longer ones.  Remember it is the number of views that makes the difference, not the length.

So How do You Make Money from Youtube?

You join their Youtube Partner Program, Set up an approved Google Adsense account and then choose videos you want to monetise. Sounds simple, there is a little more to it then that.

There are certain restrictions to videos you can advertise on, for example movie clips, live sports, etc. anything that is copyrighted. But they have educational material to help you avoid anything that might impact you.

Advertising is where the money comes from

So you then allow Youtube to advertise on your videos, and your channel and if your viewers click on the advert, that is where you get paid. You do need to get a high amount of views before you start to make any real money.

You also need to get approved with Google Adsense, which isn’t as easy as it sounds. But no real problem if your channel is offering High Quality Content that is highly relevant.

There are 2 ways, general advertising and revenue from Youtube Red. This is a subscription service that people can pay for and they don’t see any advertising.  So if someone views your video and they are a youtube red subscriber, you get a % anyway.

Some helpful tips to be successful with Youtube

  • Upload Short High-Quality Videos Regularly
  • Share your Videos on Social Media to build up that audience
  • Allow Youtube to place advertising in your videos
  • Set up Google Adsense and link to your channel
  • Keep it relevant

The Help Centre is really helpful and the tools available to creators help you get started.

If you have a website you could use Youtube to drive traffic to your website and make more money through affilate links

It makes sense to use your videos to promote your website and get visitors and make additional revenue through affiliate marketing.

Thanks for reading, if you have any experience with Youtube please share your views.  Also any questions or comments leave them below

TopCashBack Review


Overall Ranking: 

Price: Free

Website: www.topcashback.co.uk 

 Verdict: Great site to earn cash-back from a high number of retailers. They even offer cash-back on ebay purchases



There are several cash-back sites available today, in this topcashback review we will be going through the details into why it is a great site to join.


If you purchase anything online, which nowadays is most people then it is worth seeing whether you can earn cash-back on any of those purchases. They state they have the highest rates of cash-back, and with over 4,400 retailers they will cover a retailer/Insurance broker you shop with.


Before buying the product you want, check the site to see if that retailer is offering cash-back. If they are go through the topcashback website to ensure your transaction is tracked. This way you get the cash-back assigned to it, and then it will go to your account. It covers products, services, insurance products, mobile phone contracts.

3 step process for topcashback


Another feature which I liked was the opportunity to earn cash-back without actually buying anything.  You can complete surveys, enter competitions for free cash bonuses.  You can also earn money for referring a friend, the site states £15. But at present the banner is offering £20 if you get your friends and family to join.

Another option I had was I could check my Experian credit score and receive £2.07 cash-back just for checking it.

It is worth being mindful when buying insurance products, etc. make sure it is the right product for you, and not just buy it for the cash-back benefits.


  • They guarantee they have the highest cash-back rates
  • Opportunities to earn cash-back without spending any money – surveys, competitions, free trials, etc.
  • Refer a Friend scheme pays out £15 each time a friend signs up
  • 99.84% Customer Satisfaction


  • Cash-back can take a while to get assigned, due to how retailers pay the site – typical with these types of site
  • Tracking problems can occur with cash-back sites


The FAQ section is detailed and covers all aspects of the site, you also have the option to log a ticket with customer service if you have a specific question.


It is free to sign up with topcashback, you then earn cash-back on items you find from the deals displayed and buy from the retailer.

cashback on surveys



Topcashback is a great site with a high number of retailers assigned, so you are sure to find cash-back on something you are planning to buy. They guarantee their rates will be higher than Quidco, and they have ebay as an exclusive partner offering 1% cash-back.


There can be the occasional tracking issue, where the transaction hasn’t processed, but this is true of all cash-back sites. There are opportunities to earn cash-back without buying anything, which is another great feature.

The refer a friend deal is a good way of earning additional money, especially if your friends all join and use your link.

If you have been thinking of joining a cash-back site, and wanted to see which offers the best cash-back deals, they guarantee them, so really worth a try.

Thanks for reading this review, if you have any comments or questions please leave them below.


How to Make Money from Blogging Online

There is a real opportunity if you know how to make money from blogging online. So we will explore what is a blog, what you can write about but more importantly how you can make money from it.

What is a Blog

A blog is described as a regularly updated website or post written in an informal or conversational style.  It is a very popular way of communicating with others information or opinions/reviews on different subjects. It is also a great way of expressing yourself.

The bonus to a successful and engaging blog is you could start earning money from it.

What Can You Write a Blog About?

 OK, so you can’t just start a blog and hope that it starts earning money, there is a little bit more to it than that.

Think about why people come online? They tend to go there to find out how to do something or find a review on a product prior to buying it.

So your blog needs to be really helpful and/or review products & services in your chosen topic.

Ideally it needs to be something that you are either passionate about or know a lot about the subject.

Imagine starting a website that helps others with technology.

You figure that as the products cost more there is more potential to make money from that.  The only problem is you don’t know much about technology.

That means you are going to waste a lot of time on researching answers, or your content won’t be able to engage with the reader, therefore they do not revisit your site, or tell their friends.  You want people to like your content and keep on coming back.

Whereas writing about hair products/accessories due to your knowledge about those, you can start writing engaging content that means the reader comes back again and tell their friends it and then you can start making money from blogging online. If you feel confident you could even do how-to videos.

The key is to target a niche and not be too broad.  There is a lot of competition out there and you need to aim for a very targeted market.

Check this out to learn more about how to target a niche here.

 How Can You Make Money from Blogging Online?

black and white blog letters

There are a couple of ways to make money from blogging online, however they rely on your content being engaging and useful, as you need visitors to your site.

  1. ADVERTISING – once your site becomes established and you are getting regular numbers visiting your website, you can sign up for google AdSense. You can earn commission from people clicking adverts on your site.
  2. AFFILIATE MARKETING – If we go back to the example of hair products and you look at how many different products there are available to buy online in this category. You can become an affiliate of amazon for example, and earn commission by including these products on your site, and having people click through your website to buy these products. Learn more here
  3. Promoting Businesses – Sell advertising space on your website to a business relating to your blog/niche
  4. Offering Your Services – If you can write engaging and useful content, but don’t feel like starting a website you can offer your services on several sites and get paid to write it for others. (Learn more here)

How to Get Started with an Online Blog

What I found was writing the content was not too hard, but getting started with an online business and knowing how to get my website ranked in google with SEO, learn how to get started with affiliate marketing, there is a lot you need to know.

You will also require a domain and web hosting to get started.

If you would like to know where I found out all I needed to know about getting started and more important how to earn money from it check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review. It also has free domains and web hosting available too.

There is a real potential to make money from blogging online, you just need to take the right steps to start it successful.  It will take time to get your site established and see the earning potential, but the training is great and will take you step-by-step to becoming successful.

You can also check it out for free.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post, if you have any questions or want any support let me know.