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 Be the Boss Network 

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Price: Free

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There are plenty of opportunities for a home-based business when you start looking online. So, what is the Be the Boss Network?  It is a directory showcasing them. Whilst I wouldn’t say it is a scam, I would not recommend it, especially for newbies, in this Be the Boss Network review I will go into why.


It is a directory of opportunities and is aimed at anyone who is looking for an opportunity to earn money online. The problem is the high number of Multi-Layer Marketing (MLM) opportunities on there, the sales talk is good (they are in marketing, so it would be), so newbies might be interested in the offer and pay out a lot of a money on a model that sounds great, but is very unlikely to make you any money.  It is said only 1% of people make money from MLM opportunities.

What is Multi-Layer Marketing (MLM)?

Let’s just be clear on what is MLM is. MLM is where you earn commissions of the sales you make, and any sales from people you introduce to the selling of it. That is where the multi-layer comes into it.

Not all of them are real opportunities to earn a genuine living from them. Some of the real ones, you will have probably heard off such as Avon, Tupperware, etc. But the reason this are more realistic is because you are selling a product and not selling a platform or sales.

The big reason they are hard to earn any money from is because most of the products are high-priced. Then you have a high start-up cost and the less lucrative ones have a focus on recruiting sales people rather than the product.

Like I said before, only 1% of people are making money from an MLM opportunity.

They are very similar to pyramid schemes, where you pay to be in a higher tier with more expensive products to sell with higher commission. Which means you can end up paying a lot of money out to get the new product out, it just seems like a way to lose money, not make any.

The biggest advice I can give is that you must research any online business opportunity before handing over any money. If it is a scam, they will have you details and your credit card details.

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You find a directory of all the opportunities on there, it gives you in one place the start-up cost, the description and detail behind the business. It also has a rating system.  It looks a very polished website and the opportunities look great.  However, if you take the first one on the list, it is ACN, it is a telecommunications MLM opportunity. It has a 5-star rating, but when you look at most of the ratings, they all only have one response. So, I wouldn’t rely on the ratings.

There are also scam products out there as well, I checked out Empower Network and I haven’t found anything good through my research to see why someone would pay $25 a month to have a blogging site, when you could have 2 free blogging sites with a starter account at Wealthy Affiliate, but then to have to pay an extra $19 a month to be able to sell their products through it is just a joke.

But, if you do find an opportunity you like, you sign up with them through the BTB website. They get a commission on you signing up and you have got yourself into the platform you were interested in.


  • Free access to their directory


  • Majority of the leads are towards Multi-Layer Marketing opportunities
  • Misleading Information about providing quality opportunities to work from home
  • Could appeal to newcomers – it is marketed well and without research handover high amount of money on an opportunity that will not yield results


As it is a directory leading you to other opportunities there are no training or tools to be reviewed.  Any training will be with the company you sign up with


Again, as it is a directory there is no support other than an FAQ, any company you sign up with will be offering the support for the platform they offer


It is a free directory, the only cost you will have is if you take one of the opportunities you find on there.


If someone who was new to online business opportunities found the website, they would find a professional looking website with a list of great looking opportunities to hand which means they could have a review of the list and see what they could find to help them earn their dream of working from home.  THAT IS THE PROBLEM. With that many MLM opportunities it can be too easy to take the Be the Boss Network at face value and use it.

I would recommend anyone who looks at the list to do some real thorough research before signing up for anything.  Really understand what you are signing up for and make sure you can afford to handover that kind of money upfront too.

If you want to learn how to start a legitimate home-based business with real training where you can get started for free, check out our No.1 recommended program Wealth Affiliate and our review here.

At a Glance…

Overall Ranking:

Price: Free

Owners: Responsive Data LLC



Verdict: Would not recommend someone to take it at face value, too many MLM opportunities with not enough ratings to differentiate those that work or not

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How to Install a WordPress Plugin – Step by Step Guide

Anyone who is getting started with WordPress needs to understand how plugins can benefit them and how to install them correctly to start reaping the benefits from them.

In this guide, we will be exploring what a WordPress plugin is and how it can benefit you whilst showing you a step-by-step guide to installing a WordPress plugin.

There are also times where it is necessary to understand how to uninstall a WordPress Plugin so I will also describe how to deactivate plugins and uninstall them.

What is a WordPress Plugin?

A plug-in is software that adds features and/or functionality to your website, whether it be to add a photo gallery to your website, or a social media plug-in that allows your visitors to share your content on Facebook or Twitter.

There are also the plugins that make it easier to get your content ranked with search engines using SEO (search engine optimisation).

There are a high number of free and paid ones available to cover any aspect you want to add to your website, but there are a few questions that you need to ask yourself before installing one as going for a free one does seem appealing but they tend to not come with technical support.

So, always check how long has the plug-in been in use and is it compatible with your version of WordPress, what is the rating it has been given by other users and does the support it offers respond to questions at all.

Plugins on sites

If you happen to have a free website on the you cannot install plugins unless you upgrade your plan to a paid one. If you do want more functionality in your site, it is probably best to transfer it to a self-hosted site. I use the SiteRubix platform, learn more here.

Step-by-Step guide on how to install a WordPress plugin

If it is a free plugin you can use the search function which will be described below. I will also cover how to upload a plugin as some paid plugins require you to upload it. This is relatively simple, but slightly different.

Using the Search function

Once signed into your administration account of your WordPress website, from the side menu you select plugins and select ‘Add New’.

adding a new plugin to a WordPress site

Using the search bar at the top right, you can search for your desired plugin. I am showing AMP for WP. This is a great plugin for making your website mobile friendly due to recent changes to Google. As more searches are being completed on mobile devices, it makes sense to make sure your site is mobile friendly.

Searching for a wordpress plugin

You can see it shows at the top of the search, it has had 10,000+ installs and is compatible with my version of WordPress.

The next stage is to click install, this will take a few seconds. After that the button will change from install, as per the example of minimal AMP to activate.

The button will change from install to activate

Now that is something key to remember, just because you have installed it doesn’t mean it is active.  Several plugins require you to complete some kind of setup, which will be unique to each plugin.

Now click activate, once complete your plugin is now installed and active on your site.

You can also do this from the plugin page, the example below shows how the option below is activate.

how to activate a plugin

The plugins page will show you the plugin, the way to know it is active is there is an option for you to deactivate it.

How to know you have an activate plugin

Installing a Plugin, you have downloaded

If you have downloaded a paid plugin, this will not show on the search bar, therefore you will need to upload it.

On the plugin ‘Add New’ page, next to the words ‘Add Plugins’ is a button labelled Upload Plugin.

how to upload a plugin

Click this button and it gives you the option to select a file, same as you would attach a document to an email.

The plugin you have downloaded will be a zip file, normally, and you select this file and click install now.

uploading a plugin

After this stage, you activate the plugin from the plugin list and you have now installed your plugin and it is ready and active on your site.

Things to think about with Plugins

However much plugins are great to increase functionality of your website, too many plugins or rather poor quality plugins that slow down your website can have a negative impact as visitors might get frustrated if your site takes ages to load and choose to navigate away.

Just something to think about when installing a high number of unnecessary plugins that could be slowing you down. So, that is why it might be necessary to uninstall a plugin. I had Google Analytics Master active, but then found that if I just added some code to the header of a site then I wouldn’t need it active at all.

How to Uninstall a WordPress Plugin?

Go to your admin area of your site and select plugins from your menu, click installed plugins.

list of plugins on a site

Underneath each plugin will be several options, if the plugin isn’t active it will display activate. If the plugin is active, it will display deactivate.

The first step is to deactivate the plugin. Click the word deactivate and that way it is deactivated, you can also then check if it has had an effect on your website. if you are replacing a plugin straightaway then the impact will only be for a minimum, but still worth a check.

how to deactivate a plugin

Now the plugin is deactivated you can either leave it there in your plugin list, in the case where you may plan to reuse it or you have deactivated it to review whether it is having an impact on your site speed before turning it on again.

Or you can choice to remove it. Once deactivated the plugin will now have the option to delete the plugin. You can always choose to reinstall it using the steps above later.

delete a plugin

Hope that you have found this useful? If you have comments or questions about installing or uninstalling a WordPress plugin, then please leave them in the comments below.