Part Time Jobs for Retired People

Looking for a part time job, but not too sure where to start? Whether you are looking for an income to supplement your pension or a job where you are engaging with people, we have researched a number of part time jobs for retired people that might be just what you are looking for.

Retail/Seasonal Jobs

There are always a number of jobs available in the retail sector, if you have any experience in customer service than it will be relatively easy to get a job with them. Part-time roles are normally available and retailers tend to be flexible when it comes to shifts and your availability window.  Be mindful of ‘flexi’ contracts – if you don’t mind having a regular shift pattern, then it won’t affect you. But if you like the same hours every week with no changes, they might not be for you. Also, if retailers cut the overtime and you rely on it, this can also be a deal breaker.

Of course, not everyone will suit these types of roles. Whether it be the physicality, getting to the store or the hours available – they might not be suitable types of part time jobs for retired people.

So below are 3 types of role that rely on you sharing your experience from the industry you have worked in. Use that knowledge and experience to earn money. Continue reading “Part Time Jobs for Retired People”

What Should I Do if I am Bored?

What Should I Do if I am Bored?

There are always going to be times when we can feel bored or not feel like doing what we have to do. There are times when you do not know what to do with yourself and end up not doing anything. Then, later on you feel like you have wasted a day of your life

But what if there was a way you could use that time in a better way and, more importantly earning money as well. You are less likely to feel bored, if you have something to do. But not just anything, something around a subject you like… A Passion you have.

What are you passionate about? Is there something you know a lot about and enjoy the subject it is about?  Let’s say you love cooking and enjoy researching new recipes and trying them out. This is a perfect example of a subject you love, and a perfect opportunity to earn money from it.

Turn A Passion into an Opportunity to Earn Money & Beat that Boredom

Well, what If I could show you a way that turned that passion into an opportunity to earn money from it and beat that boredom…

We can get bored as we just cannot pluck up the energy to do something mundane, or haven’t got a lot of stimulus, or a change has happened in life.

A work colleague of mine has recently retired – to start with, he enjoyed the extra time he had, got a few jobs done around the house and caught up with some friends. This was great, but as his wife is still working there are days where he is just watching the TV, or struggling to find things to do.

So, I suggested he start a Blog Online about his Passion.

His passion is Wine.  He has always been a collector and knows a lot about the subject, some of his wine collection is worth thousands. He was unsure about whether this was for him – until he found that he was connecting with vast numbers of people who shared his passion, what was more when he found that he was earning some money from his venture, he found it easier to do.

A Passion is the premise to an exciting opportunity to turn something you love into a successful online business – How would you get bored about something you love, especially if you are earning money from it. I know of some bloggers earning thousands of pounds a month.

It could be about anything you know a lot about or love. I love Formula 1, Photography and helping people be successful online.  Yours could be anything.

Passion + Our No.1 Recommended Product = Online Success + No Boredom

There are 3 Key things you need to Get Started and Become Successful – Education, Websites and Expert Support. Our No.1 Recommended Product has them all and it is FREE to join

Beat that Boredom, Connect with Others and Build a Successful Online Business

Thanks for reading this, if you have any questions or comments then please leave them below.

I would love to hear your thoughts and connect.

How to Update a WordPress Website

It is really important to keep your website as up to date with the latest versions. Why?

Well, there are 2 main reason – the update will usually be aimed at improving functionality, which can be really important to keeping your readers using your site. The other main reason comes down to security, there are always attempts at hacking websites. By ensuring you install the latest update you can reduce the risk.

But how do you update a WordPress website? Well, I have put the following short video together to show you the steps to completing them.

The steps are relatively simple –

  1. Sign into your WordPress Dashboard
  2. The easiest way to know you have a WordPress update available is with the banner at the top which shows that you have an update to WordPress on it.
  3. Select ‘Please Update Now’
  4. This will show you all of the updates that you have available – an update to WordPress itself, will usually result in updates to WordPress Themes and WordPress Plugins.
  5. Select Update Now on WordPress.

The key thing to understand is, it is vital you back up your website prior to completing any update, just think how much time and effort you have put into your website then you do a update and it goes wrong… Make sure you get into the habit of completing a back up first.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article, hope you found the video useful – it’s my first video, so let me know what you think in the comments.

AS ever, if you have any questions on WordPress then please put them into the comments.



How to Sell My Things Online?

Selling items online has become easier than ever before, but which is the right marketplace for you? It does depend on what you are trying to sell – whether it is clearing out unused items from the attic or making your own products and selling them with a view to having your own little empire. I have gone through a number of ways below where the costs are either free to sell on there or the fees are relative to the item.

There are tons of ways of selling your things online, but these 3 are the easiest to use. Read on to learn more. Continue reading “How to Sell My Things Online?”