10 Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs – Stand Above the Rest

Hey, what does it take to be a Successful Entrepreneur? Often people think they will never succeed without giving it a go when actually as long as you persevere and have some self-belief you will succeed.

Well, to help the first thing I thought to do was to list some of the key characteristics of successful entrepreneurs. This helps give perspective and allow you to see if you display these you can and will succeed. Continue reading “10 Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs – Stand Above the Rest”

Instant Affiliate Machine Review – Can I Just Put it on Auto-Pilot?

Price: $27, $37, $47

Owners: Shane Nathan, James Renouf, Chad Rego

Website: http://instantaffiliatemachines.com/

Rating: 50/100



“Build a Niche Site & Put it on Auto Pilot” & Watch the money roll in…

But is it that simple, is this a good way to start your online business or get some money rolling in? Find out in this review of Instant Affiliate Machine Review

What is instant Affiliate Machine?

It is a plugin that you install on your WordPress website. Launched by Shane Nathan, James Renouf & Chad Rego. I checked out Shane Nathan’s website and it is very basic with hardly any information on him really. Continue reading “Instant Affiliate Machine Review – Can I Just Put it on Auto-Pilot?”

What is the Job Spotter App? – Easy Money or Not Worth it?

Have you ever noticed a small shop or coffee place advertising ‘Help Required?” To be honest, as I am not actively looking for a job I tended to not notice them. But when I saw this app and that I could earn money through noticing these signs I went out for a walk and I was surprised by how many signs there were… So how does this all fit in with the Job Spotter App & Earning a bit of pocket money?

What is the Job Spotter App?

Simply put, it is an app that you download onto your smartphone. It is compatible with Android & Apple. It has been designed by the Recruiter Website Indeed.com. Continue reading “What is the Job Spotter App? – Easy Money or Not Worth it?”

How to Make Money Selling on eBay – 8 Steps to Success

eBay is a great marketplace to sell your old items, but it has become so much more with many businesses on there that started by just selling their old items. Here I share 8 steps that can take you from selling your old junk to building an eBay business that is making good money.

Sign up for a Free Account

To start with you will need to sign up for a free eBay account and a free PayPal account. PayPal is the preferred payment method on eBay and people all over the world trust it. So, it is key for you to make money selling on eBay is to have a PayPal account. Continue reading “How to Make Money Selling on eBay – 8 Steps to Success”

Affiliate Marketing for Dummies – Keeping it Simple

Affiliate marketing is a great way of earning a full-time wage online, but it can seem really complicated when you are looking online and seeing all these different ways of learning it.  I wanted to create a guide that keeps it really simple and ensure anyone can understand what affiliate marketing is, how you earn money through it and how you can get started for free. That way anyone can know the benefits of it and actually, how simple the premise is. Continue reading “Affiliate Marketing for Dummies – Keeping it Simple”

Best Reasons to Work from Home – Get Your Home Business Started

Hey everyone, most people’s dream is to find something where they work from home and there are many reasons why working from home is a benefit. I have come up with 10 of the best reasons to work from home and I wanted to share them with you and why it beats the old 9 to 5 job or retail job you might be in. Continue reading “Best Reasons to Work from Home – Get Your Home Business Started”

Wondough Review – Easy Pocket Money or Scam?

Product Name: Wondough Wondough logo

Type of Site: Survey Site

Price: Free to Join

Website: www.wondough.com

Rating:  60/100

Completing surveys online and watching videos for a reward is not a new concept, Swagbucks has been doing it for a while and have a great model. I was recently contacted by the Marketing Manager at Wondough to do a review of a relatively new one called Wondough. I was intrigued by this and wanted to see what they had to offer and how it compares to other sites of this type. Is it a great way to earn some easy pocket money or is it a scam? I will answer all your questions in this review. Let’s start with clarifying what Wondough is and what do they offer. Continue reading “Wondough Review – Easy Pocket Money or Scam?”

What is Keyword Research in SEO – How Vital is it?

Hey, Keyword research is a key step for anyone in the online world and it is imperative if you actually want people to find your content online. Search Engine Optimisation is really important, but I would say Keyword research is just as important. It is so vital to getting your business started!!

Ok, so let’s get into what keyword research is, by starting with answering the question “What is a Keyword?”

What is a Keyword?

Simply put, anything you type into a search engine, like google for example, is a keyword. It is what the search engine uses to generate the list of relevant search results for what you are searching for. Continue reading “What is Keyword Research in SEO – How Vital is it?”

What is the Jumpcut Academy – Read my Review

Product Name: Jumpcut ‘Viral’ Academy Jumpcut Academy

Owners: Jesse & Kang

Price: $997 (One-Off Payment) $197/month

Rating:  7.2/10

Jumpcut Academy is a training program designed to teach you everything you need to become successful on YouTube… But is the training all that, will it make you a success on YouTube? Is it an expensive scam? That is what we will explore in this review.

How Jumpcut Academy Works

YouTube is a very viably platform to earn money online. Being owned by Google and being the second largest search engine makes it an ideal place to advertise your wares and earn money. Continue reading “What is the Jumpcut Academy – Read my Review”

How to Spot a Phishing Email Scam – Don’t Get Caught Out

Hey everyone, today I will sharing with you some key tips on spotting and avoiding phishing email scams.

Scams are everywhere and they are usually really enticing and draw people into clicking them… and then regretting it later. We at Ways to Work from Home are determined to ensure we help as many people as we can avoid getting caught out by these scams.

The shocking fact I found out when I did my research was that 30% of phishing email scams are actually opened, according to Verizon’s 2016 Data Breach Investigation Report. This makes it imperative we make as many people aware of ways to avoid these scams as possible.

Let’s start with describing what is a phishing email?

What is a Phishing Email?

Wikipedia describes “Phishing is the attempt to obtain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details, often for malicious reasons, by disguising as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication”. Continue reading “How to Spot a Phishing Email Scam – Don’t Get Caught Out”