A Wealthy Affiliate Review 2018 – My Honest Opinion

Wealthy Affiliate Review

Hey everyone, just wanted to start this review with the fact I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate since September 2016. My original review was completed after about a month with the community and there have been major changes both with me and WA. So, what I wanted to do was complete another review of this awesome platform that took me from a newbie in Affiliate Marketing to someone who is helping others start their own business and success story.

Let’s get into the review…

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Let’s start with the people behind Wealthy Affiliate, two guys by the name of Kyle and Carson. Anyone who joins WA gets to know these two very well, they started WA in 2002 as a platform to help others with all the tools and support required to become successful using the internet. They are constantly in the live chat on a regular basis helping newbies with strategies or answering questions. Why is that important, you ask?

Have you ever searched for a way to earn money online and found that a program promises the world but doesn’t even tell you who is behind the program – they tend to use actors paid to tell you the system is awesome?

Kyle & Carson are the most honest and helpful people you will find – To earn a full-time income online it takes time and they are honest about it, telling you that it down to you to put the effort in. You cannot invest in a system that does all the work for you, it doesn’t exist. You need to invest your money into a platform that offers you education, help and support and all the tools required to achieve it. But if you don’t use it, then you will have lost your money. That is the honest truth of earning money online. It has taken me over a year to build up a business that is earning money.

But if you took a brick and mortars business, you wouldn’t expect to turn a profit in the first 12 months – why would an online business be any different?

There are WA users easily earning $10,000 a month using the training and strategy laid down by Wealthy Affiliate. That’s right, but they followed the training to the letter and put time and effort into building it.

If you have been looking for a way of working from home, it is entirely possible, but you need to put in the time and effort to get it. Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained…

How Wealthy Affiliate Works?

Wealthy Affiliate is the amalgamation of all of Kyle & Carson’s experience in Affiliate Marketing, Website Design, Online Marketing, etc. The list could go on. Once you sign up, you have access to a step-by-step guide that takes you through building a website, marketing that website, getting visitors and turning all that into revenue.

The training is filled with up-to-date information and videos that are easy to follow. You also gain access to the community, like me. Not sure about something, ask a question in the live chat and someone will answer you in seconds. Get completely stuck, send a private message to Kyle or Carson and they will get back to you. That is why it is described as a community – we are there to support each other. We want everyone to succeed.

Why is this different to other platforms and programs that offer such opportunities to work from home?  Because these guys are real people that started at the beginning and worked their way up.

The people who have earned money through the training don’t stop helping people, in fact they are rewarded for helping new people just as much…

The internet is evolving on a daily rate and Wealthy Affiliate stays up to date with this. Some platforms can get outdated very easily, but with weekly webinars and the community producing their own training – Wealthy Affiliate stays very current.

In short, there are three things you need to be successful…

These three things are Education, Websites & Expert Help & Support. The Education that Wealthy Affiliate offers covers this off, whether you are a complete newbie or even if you have experience but want the tools that WA offers, which I will get onto in a minute.

With a live search inside WA, you cans search for any topic you wish to learn about. Classrooms covering everything off from picking a niche, email marketing, social media, affiliate marketing, etc.

Step-by-Step guide that will get you a website and working on that website.

There are many platforms that offer Websites, so what makes WA different?? Starter Members get two free websites with full WordPress functionality thrown in. But those who wish to actually achieve a full-time income join the Premium Membership – this gives you 25 full domain websites and 25 subdomain websites. The full domain websites benefit from free SSL certificates on them at no extra cost. Wealthy Affiliate also gives you boosts to your websites like SiteSpeed, SiteProtect and a Site Health indicator.

Now, when I did some research into website costs, ssl costs, etc. A free website can all of a sudden cost you the best part of £300-£500 to actually give you these and normally SSL on your website can be an annual fee of £100 or more.

Kyle and Carson know what the search engines are looking for in a website to promote it to the user – and they share this experience in these options. These are all about building trust with the user and the search engines, so they are worth the monthly fee alone.

You get one website earning revenue by following the training set down in Wealthy Affiliate, that covers the fees easily, the rest becomes a platform to build that revenue up and obviously a wage to leave the shackles of the day job.

Expert Help & Support comes from the community and the owners, Kyle & Carson. I have never known a platform where you get feedback live in the live chat from Kyle or Carson about a question you have. Kyle helped me narrow down my niche to the one that is successful.

Jay does weekly webinars that cover off subjects that are current and prevalent, list of previous webinars includes: Using the New Google Search Console, Local SEO 2018: series, 7 SEO strategies to explode your rankings in 2018.

Don’t worry about time difference, replays are available, the community has plenty of experts in all time zones, so there is always someone active to support you.

What Tools Do They Provide?

It’s all great if they offer education and support, but you want to know what tools they have that can separate them from the competition, right?

I mentioned SiteSpeed earlier, this means WA servers will not slow your site down – a slow website can be really bad for ranking your website. But sometimes a page will be slow, and you cannot understand why… That is where PageSpeed insights comes into play – WA have linked their platform to Google, allowing you to see which of your pages is slowing your users down. This is awesome, as you can check multiple pages at once rather than doing one page at a time through google.

SiteProtect – spam is the ban of any website owner, but since I have been on WA and I have 4 websites on their platform, I haven’t had any comments that I have had to mark as spam. This is inbuilt and doesn’t slow your website down. Using a plugin to control these has the downside of still allowing the spam to affect your site speed.

Site Hosting – all of the websites you build through WA are hosted on their own hosting, I have done a post on the benefits of their hosting here. Buying a domain from WA is easy and they don’t mess you around with cost. They are a consistent price, which is around $14 dollars for a year for a domain with SSL.

Site Content Writing Platform – Imagine an integrated writing platform, where you can easily add links, add images and publish it to your website, without leaving this one page.

This has been updated recently, I tended not to use the old version – it wasn’t easy enough to use, it was easier using your WordPress editor. But this update is a major reason why I think WA are here to help.

Before the Site Content update, I had to use other image providers like pixabay to get images for my websites, this could be clunky, and it normally cost something to get a decent image. But now, they give you access to over a million images included into your subscription. It is so easy to just drop it into your post.

There are still a few kinks with it, you cannot edit the meta description or add keywords. You would need to go into your WordPress editor to do things like that and add a featured image. But it is a vast improvement and it is what I use to produce all my content.

Site Comments – comments on a website are a key factor in determining the value your website offers, a page that doesn’t have any comments can be deemed as a problem for search engines.  So how does a new website help convince the search engines that it is worth ranking? Enter Site Comments, you gain credits for adding comments to other WA user websites in return for comments on your website. The WA community will add comments to your website for you – genuine useful comments that help with the ranking and trust value of your website.

Site Feedback – Wonder what people would think about your website? Ask the comment for insightful honest feedback, all designed at improving it for the user experience. Remember there is a person on the other end, it needs to read well and look good to ensure they stay and read your articles.

Other tools include Site Health, Site Support & Site Security

Kyle & Carson know exactly what you need to build a successful online business – they provide it abundance. You only need to add time and effort and a willingness to learn

What else does Wealthy Affiliate offer?

The Ultimate Keyword Research Tool – Jaaxy

Jaaxy and Wealthy Affiliate have been developed by the same guys, Kyle & Carson. But until recently they have existed as a different entity. But now they have included a Jaaxy lite version included in the Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership.

Now, if you are new to all this, you might not know the need of a keyword research tool. Doing anything with a website without researching keywords is suicide.

Your ultimate goal is to get your website seen by people – you cannot do this without knowing which keyword to target. Put simply, a keyword is what you would put into a search engine, i.e. how to make money online is a keyword – but how do you know how many people search that a month and more importantly how many other posts are targeting that keyword.

You need to target low-hanging-fruit keywords in the beginning, so you need an awesome keyword tool to do this. Enter Jaaxy.

Who Can Benefit from Wealthy Affiliate?

I am being totally honest here, if you are willing to learn and have the mind-set that this ISN’T a platform that you can turn on and sit back then anyone can benefit from it.

I knew nothing about website design, affiliate marketing. I wouldn’t even describe myself as a brilliant writer. All of these things come with time.

I didn’t see a return straight away and many don’t. Depending on your passions or interests, typically it could take 6 months.

But once it starts, you will feel a great sense of achievement and start chasing the next milestone, earning a full-time income from passive income.

Follow the training exactly and you will learn everything you need, not sure about something ask the community, keep yourself motivated – we can help there and believe in yourself!

What are the Negatives?

There aren’t many, but there will always be something with anything that sits in the negative list:

It can seem a bit overwhelming when trying to get your head around it at first, there is a lot of features that you want to learn, but the only way around this is to stick to the training plan. That is why it is written in a certain way. Don’t try to run before you can walk.

The starter membership is great for those who want to try before you buy, and you will still keep the two free websites, but some of the features included are only active for seven days. Not a biggie, as anyone who wants to succeed needs the Premium Membership.

They really care about their members and offer an affiliate program like most do, but this is about rewarding people properly.

A Generous Affiliate Program

Most platforms will offer one, but WA have made theirs really generous.

Not only do you receive a monthly commission if a referral goes premium. That’s right, not a one-off ‘thanks’ for getting someone to join. A monthly commission for every month they stay a member.

But if you get 300 premium referrals in a calendar year, they fly you out to Las Vegas for a Super Affiliate Conference. They fly you out there to meet Kyle & Carson and anyone else who achieved this goal – to give you personalised expert help!!

They also allow their Starter Members to earn a commission if they get someone else to join – if they go premium you still earn a commission.

Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate Program

Name me another platform that does that?

They have also designed a training program to help you gain referrals. With the simple advice – help others and be honest.

I strive to help people and be honest and I truly believe in this program being able to help anyone who wants to earn a real income from home.

What is the Support Like?

There are two factors to this – any issues with your website log it with Site Support. In my experience I have only had a couple of issues with websites, but I have logged it and within five to ten minutes someone from support has fixed the issue and sent me a personal message to say the problem has been resolved.

Most issues are a knowledge gap, how do I do this? What do I need to do? These are best asked in the live chat. If you think about a forum, people are normally just chatting. WA live chat has people helping other people, welcoming new people, answering their questions, it is truly great to see this live.

As I said, it can be overwhelming but having a calming voice in live chat that points you in the right direction is an great support to a newbie.

How Much Does This Cost?

Anyone who wants to work from home using the internet needs to understand there is no magic way of earning money without lifting a finger and if something looks too good to be true, it normally means it’s a scam. Most platforms offer a free trial, but you still need to enter a credit card – trying to make it as difficult as it can be for you to stop the trial before it takes a payment. As people feel worried about asking for a refund.

Not Wealthy Affiliate – they truly believe their platform will help.

So, you can start a free starter membership account without entering a credit card. Experience all WA has to offer for seven days. All you need is a user name and your email address to get started.

After this time, some features will turn off, but you can still benefit from them, even if you do not want to upgrade to the Premium Membership.

A Premium membership is $49 a month (if you start a Starter Membership and upgrade within the seven days, you get the first month for $19).

There is also an option to upgrade to an annual plan where you save a fortune on the monthly cost. This is $359. This works out to $0.98 a day to have all the tools and support to have an online business.

It might seem expensive at first glance, but SSL on a website alone could be $100 a year, and you would still need to learn everything too.

But they understand this and offer the platform for free, you only enter a credit card if you want to sign up for the Premium Membership.

Final Conclusion

It may seem that I am totally sold on this product and… you would be right.

I have been burned in the past trying to find a genuine way of earning money online and I feel stupid that I got fooled.

That is why I launched this website, I want to help people find genuine ways to work from home.

So, I will and am actively promoting this platform. I am always active in the live chat and classrooms helping newbies get started on their journeys because I believe this platform can help anyone.

I have learned so much in the past couple of years and have used this knowledge to help me achieve my goals, help grow my wife’s business reach online due to the training I have done.

Another point I would add is I started this with a full-time job, I need to help my wife with her Wedding Stationary Business which includes Wedding Hire, so I am regularly attending events to man her Photo Booth and I do all her website work too.

I also have a five-year-old who has a right to my time, so if you think that you haven’t got the time to build an online business that can earn yourself a living… then think again.

If you can invest in an hour a day, in a year’s time you will have something that is earning you money.

As long as you are committed, you can achieve it. It is a genuine platform aimed at helping anyone achieve this.

Put me to the test, join with a Starter Membership (no credit card needed) give it a go for seven days, follow the training for seven days and if you feel it isn’t for you, no hard feelings.

But what have you got to lose??

If you do give it a try, then drop me a message in the community, my profile page is here

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. Have you any experience with Wealthy Affiliate, let me know.

Thanks for reading this review, if you like it share it.


Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate


10.0 /10


10.0 /10


9.9 /10

User Friendliness

10.0 /10

Overall Quality

9.9 /10


  • Training designed for Newbies
  • All the Tools you need to be successful
  • Honesty about the time and effort required
  • Free to Get Started, with no credit card needed
  • Generous Affiliate Program


  • A lot to get your head around at first

Author: John

John is an Internet Entrepreneur who started an online business a few years ago, He is an active Affiliate Marketer at Wealthy Affiliate, a community to help anyone get started online without any experience. He is experienced with Affiliate Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing & Helping Beginners. Read more about him at his profile here.

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