Hi, thanks for wanting to know a little more about us.

I’m John, and that’s my wife Gemma.  I live in Birmingham UK, in a place calledJohn & Gemma - Make Cash from Home “Hollywood”.  Unfortunately, it is nowhere near as sunny or glamorous as Los Angeles, but I do aspire to being able to visit one day and compare them.

We have a 5-year-old son called Will, who is our world and is our sole aim of building our own online business to ensure we build for his future.

We love family days out; movies and Will and I love Lego.


Our main business is Wedding Stationary – Feel the Magic Ltd. You can find us at feelthemagicweddings.com  Offering a bespoke range of invitations, save the date cards, on the day stationary, etc.

Available worldwide, this was an aspiration of Gem and got the best out of Gem’s creative side.

But Running an Online Business takes more than Just Creativity

So, I went away and learned everything I could about Online Marketing, SEO, Website Building, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Avoiding Scams, etc.

In my quest to learn all these techniques, I came across a number of ways to earn extra money online. Some were genuine, some were scams – but telling the difference wasn’t as easy as it might seem.

In variably, I tried a number of them and found out later they were scams and my email account was full of spam.

Why Did I Build This Website?

I don’t want you to have to go down the same road that I did to learn these techniques, I Road to Online Successdon’t want you to fall for any scams along the way.

I will only promote products I believe in and can help someone achieve the “Ultimate Goal” of finding ways to work from home.

I found a Genuine Platform that taught me everything I need to grow our wedding stationary business to the point where it is reaching a global market and is succeeding. Just remember most businesses do not make it past the 12 month period.

I needed a responsive website for Gem’s Business, I needed to know how to make the website ‘Search Engine Friendly’. Advertising the website to the right audience.

I also found some cool ways to earn some additional income as well, such as from affiliate marketing or even getting the best out of cash back websites.

Where did I Learn It All?

Ok, about 3 years ago I got my fingers burnt online – the wedding stationary business was going ok for Gem but not really taking enough for me to even consider leaving the day job.  I had had enough of clocking in everyday for work whilst Gem worked from home…

So… on an impulse I thought I would search the internet for ways to earn money online.  I saw an advert for binary options trading.

Now, done correctly this is a very good way of earning money. But, I thought that looks complicated and was just about to go back to my search when I saw an advert for a trading bot that does it for you??? Can you see where this is heading yet?

I signed up for this service called Neo² and invested £350. Consequently, it turned out I lost the money within 2 days with pressure to put more money in and allow a trader to work with me, etc.

Now, I know people have lost a lot more money than that in scams or programs that don’t entirely work to your advantage.

But £350 is a lot of money to a lot of people who haven’t got £350 to lose.

Now fortunately, I only invested that money because I could, and I learned a “Great Life Lesson” from it.

Research any program/platform/method to the nth degree

Only make informed decisions, what I mean is the kind of research I do for something on this website is not a snap article. i have thoroughly researched it.  That is why I will suggest to anyone buying online (where you cannot see the product until you have your hands on it) is Research it.  What are others thinking about it.

This Setback also led me to the Best Training Platform I have ever Found

I was adding feedback on Neo² to a website and he was advertising Affiliate Marketing as a genuine way of earning money – I wanted to learn a bit more and the short story was I found a platform called Wealthy Affiliate.

Free to sign up with Wealthy Affiliate, I thought great I can give this a try without handing over any money. Unlike other programs, I didn’t need to put in any credit card details.

I haven’t look back, Signing up to a Premium Membership was the best thing I could have done.

Now, you might ask how did a platform all about Affiliate Marketing be a good deal for a business owner – That is because it is so much more than just about Affiliate Marketing.

Yes, the basis is about starting out in Affiliate Marketing, but they have classrooms on all aspects of an online business. The premise is the same to someone who has their own product like we do to promoting someone else’s product via affiliate marketing.

All of the techniques that Wealthy Affiliate has taught me has led to success in both a product based business (our wedding stationary business) and Other avenues, such as this website.

Wealthy Affiliate offer Awesome Training, Website Hosting, Website Building tools, Keyword Research Tools, & Expert Help & Support

I am part of a network of close to a million Internet Entrepreneurs within Wealthy Affiliate all with a desire to help others get started or learn specific elements of the Online Business World.

That is what this website is about – Offering Help to those who want to learn and earn from the internet and work from home. If you want to learn a bit more about me and Wealthy Affiliate, check out my profile page at WA.

I am not trying to sell Wealthy Affiliate to you, I just feel that passionately about the help and support they can offer and would go back to my previous statement you need to research the right path for you.

But if you are looking for the right coach to guide you down the right path to online success – Kyle & Carson at Wealthy Affiliate are those coaches.  It is also free to try out, so what have you got to lose?

Connecting with Like Minded People (like the community at WA) has helped me focus my attention on my online business and I am constantly learning everyday.

I love connecting with like-minded people (that is what I love about WA), so find links to all our social media below.

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If you have any specific questions about certain aspects of the online world or want to ask a question about our website, feel free to send me an email direct to john@make-cash-from-home.net

Thanks for taking the time to read this page and hopefully you find my content useful.


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