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Hi,About Me

My name is John and I founded this website, Ways to Work from Home.

I have experienced a number of failed attempts to find a genuine way to make money from the internet and have finally found one that has helped me to start down that path.

But before that, a little information on me.

I live in Birmingham in the UK, with my wife Gemma and my 5-year-old son, Will. We love family days out, with occasional movie days in on the sofa.

I love all things sports, with a season ticket at Aston Villa and supporting Lewis Hamilton in the Formula One.

So why, did I start this website… To Help People find Genuine Ways to Earn Money.

I have experienced a ‘get rich quick’ scheme first hand.  Fortunately for me it didn’t cost me anything I couldn’t afford to lose, but it still makes you wonder and means my old email address gets constant spam to it. There are many out there that get drawn into these fancy adverts that promise the world only if you hand over your credit card details.

I got pulled into trying binary trading, thinking it would mean I could spend my days by the pool somewhere sunny, whilst this auto trader did the work for me.  Not quite.  But it did lead me to an excellent opportunity with Wealthy Affiliate.

So, I started this website.  I will be reviewing all sorts of making money online opportunities and only recommending genuine ones, reporting on any scams that are out there.

I also offer my help and support and answer any questions you may have, either with comments on this website or at my email john@make-cash-from-home.net

I have spent the last year working on this site, and currently reviewing everything on it to make sure it is up-to-date with genuine advice from everything I have learned at Wealthy Affiliate.

If you would like to have more information on Wealthy Affiliate, check out my honest review from my experience and learn how you could earn money from affiliate marketing.

If you do decide to try Wealthy Affiliate for free, then you can find me my profile page here and we can connect and start sharing my experience and that of the community to get you up and running.

If you have anything I can help you with, and want to connect directly, send me an email at john@make-cash-from-home.net

Thanks for taking the time to read this, I am here to support you to achieving your goals





Ways to Make Money from Home

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