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Price: Free trial, $67/month + up-sells

Owners: Mark Ling


Verdict: Legitimate Product, with some good training, but expensive upsells


Started in 2005, Affilorama is a community offering training dedicated to affiliate marketing.  It includes loads of videos with written notes to getting you started online. Mark Ling is a very successful online marketer, who is a well-known entrepreneur and the owner of Jamorama & Rocket Piano.

It has a number of different layers depending on whether you are a newbie or someone quite advanced, it also depends on your budget.


Affilorama offers a number of different options, with training to teach you everything you need to know to get started, for example the basic option has over 80 videos with step-by-step guides on what you need to do, with written notes with goals to achieve each week. Whereas the premium package comes advertised as the ‘Ultimate Marketing Education, Tools, Community & Support although looking at some of the tools you could use free alternatives and achieve the same, i.e. Google Analytics does the same job as their AffiloTools to some degree and Jaaxy does the same with Keywords


  • You can try it for free to see whether it is for you
  • Training is easy to follow
  • Access to one of the largest communities in affiliate marketing
  • Paid membership starts you with the tools to getting you started.
  • Owner is well respected in the online community
  • 60-day money back guarantee, even on the $1 for trialing their premium product
  • money back guarantee


  • With the number of options available it can be confusing on which one to choose.
  • Some training is outdated, for example back-linking and private label rights (PLR) which can be harmful to your website
  • The basic program is quite limited compared to the premium option
  • Once you start adding the ‘options’, the price can jump considerably
  • Questions and support is given to a support team, rather than Mark being contactable.

Want to Become an Expert Affiliate Marketer?


They have four different products, as per their website:

  1. Affilorama Free – The free program offers over 80 videos (20 hours), each with written notes on how to get started, and interviews with other well-known marketers. It teaches you all the basics including website building, creation of content, PPC and SEO optimization.
  2. AffiloBlueprint – this is a 12-week step-by-step course designed to get you set up with a website. It shows you how Mark Ling set up his own affiliate website from scratch with homework for you to follow.
  3. AffiloJetpack – it includes the course in the AffiloBlueprint, but includes websites with most of the work done, aimed at fast tracking you through the process, although it does mean you don’t learn these techniques for yourself.
  4. Affiloramo Premium – Advanced video training (more in-depth & hundreds of hours), Over the shoulder blog building with Mark Ling & Free Web Hosting for 15 sites, Product Creation training, etc.

See difference between Free & Premium below

Affilorama differences

So the basic program is aimed at getting you started, but you miss out on a number of factors to making it a real success, if you are not sure what you are doing, the premium package covers a lot more in-depth training aimed at getting you to be successful.


Regardless of the package you have you gain access to the community to ask any questions you have, although as this will be mainly free users it could impact the quality of the response or they may not have the answer.

Also, to get direct response from the team, they may be a delay, and I wouldn’t wait around for a response from Mark himself, as he is a very busy entrepreneur although he may get involved in discussions from time to time


It does get a bit confusing when you talk about the price of Affilorama due to the number of products they have to offer, add to that the number of up-sells it can really put people off.

Free Membership – $0

Premium Membership – $67/month

AffiloTheme – $97 one off payment

AffiloBluePrint – $197 one off payment

AffiloJetPack – $497 one off payment

 They will teach what you need to know, but you could learn these techniques for a fraction of the cost that are being shown here.

These products are great and will teach you all you need to know, although they are more expensive than our Number One Product for affiliate marketing and slightly inferior and outdated in some instances.


Affilorama is well known, legitimate and reputable. It offers some great tools, Legit Producttraining and support. There are a few things that are outdated and could harm your website, for example back-linking and PLR which search engines will frown upon.

It can be confusing on which package to choose if you are new to affiliate marketing, and due to the upsells it could discourage people from finding the right one for them.

If you are trying to make money online, Affilorama can teach you what you need to know, but do not expect the free training to get you far.  You may want to read my review of our Number One product.

See the comparison below.

Thanks for taking the time to read this review, if you have any questions or comments please leave them below. Any experience with Affilorama, let me know how you got on.


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