Avoiding Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

Affiliate or Internet Marketing is a great way of earning money, if you would to understand the basics of affiliate marketing, click here .  The main reason that causes people to fail is some simple mistakes and a lot around your mind-set.  This post will describe the 4 mistakes I believe are the main cause for people becoming discouraged and stopping before the money can start rolling in…

I also detail the reason why I have persevered with my online business and started seeing the results, this is down to having the right support network.  Click here to learn more…

  1. Having a Low Quality Website with duplicate content

Think of a website being the front window of your store, if it is set up right with products or information that a passer-by might be interested in they are more likely to come and have a look around and then buy something from you.   Now imagine if your website was poorly designed, or has no relevance to what the viewer was after they will quickly move on from your website.  no viewer, no sale.

Your website means everything to your business, so make sure you pick the right design, the right hosting for your content.  (Learn more about our free recommended provider here)

The search engines will also penalise you for duplicate content, that is where some of the scams try and tell you they can have a system that runs itself and you can sit back and earn money.  How??  The content they give you is someone else’s content.  The search engines know this by reviewing your site and your website doesn’t rank.  If you cannot get your site ranked, you are on to a loser already.

  1. The Relevance of your Content

Have you ever done a search on how to do something in Google?  Then when you click on the site that comes up, but when you look at the site it doesn’t answer the question you wanted answer.  How frustrating is that??

That is why your site needs to be totally relevant to the audience you are targeting.  For example, if you have a site about dog walker accessories (yes, it is a niche), you need to stay very relevant to what that audience would want.  They want to know what you think about the best accessories and have items on your site about this.  They aren’t coming to you to see cat toys, or dog medicinal products.  Strange as it sounds, keep totally relevant to the niche.

The other thing that you need to consider is your website cannot be one big sales pitch, imagine when a sales person comes to your door, how off-putting is it, even if you are interested in the product.  They have normally done the search to get help about something or find out information before buying something.

If you are helpful and highly relevant, they will start to trust you.  Once they trust you they are more likely to follow your subtle sales pitches.

  1. Keeping Your Content Fresh

Like I said, you need to remain relevant and things are always changing, you need to keep your site as up to date as you can with the latest news, trends, products in your niche.  Someone who uses your site for information wants to get your thoughts on the latest thing, but they check your website and you haven’t reviewed it and then they find your website’s content is a bit old.  That trust starts to erode.

So, you will need to know how to keep up to date with your chosen subject (niche).  Whether that be magazine subscriptions, google alerts, or buying products to review them.  If you can start earning from your website, this becomes very viable.

  1. Our Expectations

If you want to earn money online, first thing you need to know there is no genuine “get rich quick” scheme.  Believe me, I have tried to look.

There is a lot of work required to get your website current, relevant, ranked, etc. The problem is, people get disillusioned if they do not start earning from this business type very quickly. it can take weeks or possibly months.

But if you think about it as a business, you wouldn’t normally make money if you started a normal offline business straightaway.  You would have in your business plan a time where you would expect to break even.

We need to treat this business venture as one.

Having the mind-set that this is a business, that will require massive amounts of time and effort with your thoughts always on the fact there is a person that will read your content.  The effort will be rewarded with sales down the line.  There will be a point where a full time salary can be achieved, if you persevere.

Now the problem can come from you have found a website that promises you money will come very quickly if you sign up to a membership that typically, in this industry, will be $97 just to sign up, then find lots of hidden charges.

Now, I am sorry but with no guarantee, I am not paying that kind of money without any information of how it works and the timescales.

Become a Wealthy Affiliate

However, I learned everything I need to know about getting a niche website up and running and making money, but with honest answers about expectations. Complete with a FREE WEBSITE without spending a penny.  They also have a community of thousands of other affiliate marketers who can help you with comments on your website to get your trust levels up and answer all of your questions that you may have.

If you want to become a WEALTHY AFFILIATE and learn everything you need to know about affiliate marketing with free support from myself and the community, find out more here.

I have been a member for over a year now (Check out my profile here)and they have helped me learn enough for me to start helping new people get online with genuine results.  If you feel it is time to get online and start earning money with no pressure, sign up for a free Starter Membership here.

If you have any further questions about affiliate marketing or wealthy affiliate, please leave a comment below.  thanks


  1. A very nice article about the various pitfalls of affiliate marketing. Probably the most common one is overly high initial expectations. Most people who get into website creation have very high expectations of immediate success, of course totally forgetting that building trust with our niche takes time. I try to avoid such a pitfall by producing content on a routine basis. I have my ties to work and I pretty much stick to them. That helps me get 5 or 6 posts/pages per week if I include review pages.

    • Thanks for the comment Robert,  people naturally assume they can earn money quickly due to all the scams out there.  as long as you are consistent and persistent, it will naturally flow from there.

      thanks again


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