Instant Affiliate Machine Review – Can I Just Put it on Auto-Pilot?

Price: $27, $37, $47

Owners: Shane Nathan, James Renouf, Chad Rego


Rating: 50/100



“Build a Niche Site & Put it on Auto Pilot” & Watch the money roll in…

But is it that simple, is this a good way to start your online business or get some money rolling in? Find out in this review of Instant Affiliate Machine Review

What is instant Affiliate Machine?

It is a plugin that you install on your WordPress website. Launched by Shane Nathan, James Renouf & Chad Rego. I checked out Shane Nathan’s website and it is very basic with hardly any information on him really. Continue reading “Instant Affiliate Machine Review – Can I Just Put it on Auto-Pilot?”

Is Solo Build It a Scam – Find Out Here

Solo Build It claims to be the only all-in-one package you need to become an entrepreneur or solopreneur and build a profitable online business with step-by-step guides tools and guidance. Well, we wanted to know whether this system was all it was cracked up to be. I’ll be answering the question of whether Solo Build It is a scam and is it the right choice for a complete newbie looking for such platforms?

What is Solo Build It?

Solo Build It is a full online training course and has been around for a while, Continue reading “Is Solo Build It a Scam – Find Out Here”

A Wealthy Affiliate Review 2018 – My Honest Opinion

Hey everyone, just wanted to start this review with the fact I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate since September 2016. My original review was completed after about a month with the community and there have been major changes both with me and WA. So, what I wanted to do was complete another review of this awesome platform that took me from a newbie in Affiliate Marketing to someone who is helping others start their own business and success story.

Let’s get into the review…

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Let’s start with the people behind Wealthy Affiliate, two guys by the name of Kyle and Carson. Anyone who joins WA gets to know these two very well, they started WA in 2002 as a platform to help others with all the tools and support required to become successful using the internet. Continue reading “A Wealthy Affiliate Review 2018 – My Honest Opinion”

Payzeno Scam – Is it Really a Scam?

Affiliate Marketing is a great way for making money online and affiliate marketing networks are a great companion for us affiliate marketers. So, when I came across the Payzeno Network I wanted to explore it a bit more and see whether it was worthwhile? There are some people out there that ask ‘Is Payzeno a Scam?” Let me show you what I found.

What is Payzeno?

Payzeno is an affiliate marketing network website, but slightly different to other more established players like ClickBank and there are some good points to their platform. Continue reading “Payzeno Scam – Is it Really a Scam?”

Freedom Fast Lane Scam – Is it Really a Scam?

Freedom Fast Lane Review Freedom Fast Lane Scam

Overall Ranking: 60/100

Price: The Tribe – $5k/year, The Backroom $25k/year, BBB $2,997 one-off

Owners: Ryan Daniel Moran



Freedom Fastlane is a training program with a community which offers programs to aid it starting, or scaling up a business.  Their owner, Ryan Daniel Moran, shares his experience of how he went from selling little to becoming very successful and wealthy in the process.  There are a number of positives to this program, but at a high cost.  Is it worth it?  Find out more in my review. Continue reading “Freedom Fast Lane Scam – Is it Really a Scam?”

Learn Affiliate Marketing and Start Earning Online

There are a number of ways of earning money online with affiliate marketing, Amazon Associates, eBay Partners, Click Bank, to name a few. They all have a number of tutorials and how to guides but don’t really take you through effectively how you could earn a salary from them from start to finish.  This can lead to people not believing that it is an effective way of leaving their day job behind.

That’s where Wealthy Affiliate comes in.  Not only do they have a number of resources to get you started online – a free website, a catalogue of step by step guides to getting this website online and making money through affiliate marketing.  But they also have their own affiliate program so you can earn money through the promotion of Wealthy Affiliate as well.  With enough referrals they could be flying you out to Las Vegas, check out the bonus I mention further down…

In this post, I will be describing the basics of what Affiliate Marketing is, how Wealthy Affiliate can help you get started and believe in yourself, but also going through how Wealthy Affiliate rewards you for promoting their platform.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

In its simplest form, it is where you promote a product or service online, for an example you have a website reviewing led televisions.  You have an Amazon Associates account.  Someone visits your site, likes your review and ends up clicking on your affiliate link and buys that TV.  As a thank you for amazon getting the sale, you get a % of the sale.  So, if the % was 4% (typical of amazon) and the TV was £1000, you have just earned £40.

You could do this with any niche website with a number of affiliate programs, so you could have a number from eBay or Amazon, whilst promoting relevant adverts on your site with Click Bank, etc.

They all tend of differing degrees of commission rates.  But Wealthy Affiliate go the extra mile with their commission rates.

Why Wealthy Affiliate?

First of all, to earn from affiliate marketing you need a website.  which in some instances you have to pay for or get a free one that doesn’t really have all the abilities you need.  You also need to know how to employ these affiliate programs onto the website.

The reason I suggest Wealthy Affiliate is they have all the training materials you need to get started – this is called the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course, they give you 2 free websites as a starter member and their commission rates for promoting WA is by far the highest on the net.

Let’s break that down

Training Materials – The Online Entrepreneur Certification Course has 5 levels that take you from creating a free website, getting it up and running, and takes you through how to get it ranked online in the search engines, to then make money through affiliate programs. The outline of the first course is below, with the benefits outlined too.

Wealthy Affiliate also offers the best support networks out there with live chat with the community, help and support from the owners Kyle & Carson, weekly webinars on different subjects all aimed at making you a better affiliate marketer.

Free Websites – There is nothing worse than signing up for a subscription to find it isn’t what you thought or expected and your money is now down the drain and you cannot get out of the subscription?? Right?

Wealthy Affiliate offer all starter members 2 free websites, no catch.  They operate on WA’s own server SiteRubix. You will have full access to the WordPress back office and no time limit.  Further down the line if you want to increase the number of sites the premium membership is there, which offers 25 full domains and 25 sub domains but this is never forced on you.  It is there as a natural growth stage.

OK, at this point, we could be learning from Wealthy Affiliate and have 2 free websites.  This is when Wealthy Affiliate takes a step beyond.  Even as a free starter member of WA, you could earn commission by promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

As a Starter Member, the commission rates are as below:

If someone starts with WA, then decides to upgrade to Premium within the first 7 days, you will receive $4.  For every month after that they stay a member (which is $49/month) you will receive $11.25 every month.  If they decide to upgrade to the yearly subscription ($359/yr) You would earn $87.50 each year they stay a member.

That’s right, it is totally possible to stay a free member and earn that kind of money on a monthly basis.

As a Premium Member, the commission rates are DOUBLE:

If they set up their initial account, you earn $1 credit, if they purchase a domain $1 recurring.

If someone starts with WA, then decides to upgrade to Premium within the first 7 days, you will receive $8.  For every month after that they stay a member (which is $49/month) you will receive $23.50 every month.  If they decide to upgrade to the yearly subscription ($359/yr) You would earn $175 each year they stay a member.

Current Statistics show 1 in 8 premium members upgrade to yearly as it is more cost effective and it shows the belief they have in Wealthy Affiliate and their platform.  12% of all free members end up going premium.

These commissions are all lifetime, so the person who recommended WA to me will receive the commissions for as long as I am a member.  This could be the same for you.  They also have lifetime cookies, so if someone has a look and isn’t sure but comes back and ends up signing up with WA, you will still receive the commission and the recognition.

The Absolute Bonus – Las Vegas

Wealthy Affiliate go the extra mile to congratulate those who become promoters of WA.  If you get 300 referrals in a given year, they will fly you to Las Vegas to take part in a Super Affiliate conference.  They fly you out there, you stay in a really nice hotel and spend time with Kyle & Carson the owners of Wealthy Affiliate and they will share their knowledge with you on how to take your site to the next level.

The ultimate dream for people is to work for themselves without having a job to go to, this could be it and imagine flying out to Vegas.  Check out this post about last year’s conference.

So, there we go.  There are a number of affiliate programs out there for any type of niche, but using a platform where they teach you so much and also have a community who will help you with getting comments on your site to improve the trust factor, give you honest feedback on your website to improve and have an awesome affiliate program included is a great place to start.

If you would like to try Wealthy Affiliate for free, then follow this link and start your online business today

If you have any experience with Wealthy Affiliate or have a question that you want answered, please leave it below and I will respond shortly.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post, and hopefully catch up with you soon in the Wealthy Affiliate community.


eBay Partner Network Review

: eBay Partner Network (EPN)Legit Product

Overall Ranking: star-4star-4star-4star-4star-3

Price: Free

Owners: eBay


 VERDICT: Solid Affiliate Partner Choice 


eBay has 162 million active buyers, and 5 million sellers offering $70 billion in merchandise a year operating in 13 countries. The eBay partner network  allows you to advertise their website or listings and earn commission when someone follows that link and makes a purchase (affiliate marketing). eBay used to be all about used items, but with 80% of over 800 million listings being  listed as new, you can see where it has moved to and makes it a sound choice as a partner


If you have a website or blog you can get an account (need a website?), the prerequisites are relatively simple, i.e. you must have a valid phone number, a working website and a valid payment method whilst agreeing to the terms and conditions. All quite normal when signing up with an affiliate account, but there are no checks on the number of visitors to a site, so someone new could get an account.


They offer several tools to help make the most of the EPN, they have banners, widgets etc. But a feature I liked is you can create a custom link to items on eBay. You know your viewers, so create items they are going to be interested in. The more clicks and purchases, the more likely you are to make money. With analytics to help you to.

What I also liked is you only need to earn $25 before eBay pay you money to your account, some have a really high threshold, so you could be waiting a while to receive any money.


  • Easy to get started and use
  • Several different tools to personalise it for your site
  • Ability to share single listings on social media
  • Easy to understand Analytics including impressions
  • Minimum threshold of $25 before receiving funds


  • Commission rate fluctuates depending on type of listings (between 40%-80%)
  • Commission rate not as high as some, and does depend on whether your readers are into auction sites

EPN commission rates


They offer several training videos and descriptions on how to get started and how to use the tools available. They also offer a blog which describes different features and how to get the best out of the program.

There are a few tools to help get it exactly how you want it, you also get a ‘bookmarklet’ tool which means as you browse the site, you can create a link from there



The blog has several features to start with, and they offer customer service options in 5 languages to cover all the 13 countries they operate in.

The FAQ is quite extensive, but if you need anything else customer service is just as good as if you were a buyer having an issue on eBay.


The great thing is it doesn’t cost you a penny


I feel the eBay Partner Network is a great partner for anyone with a website hoping to make some extra money, it doesn’t cost anything to get started, they have all the tools to make appealing ads on your sites and/or social media. Being an auction site, it does depend on the listing and the commission rate as to what you will make, but still a solid choice.

If you have any experience with the eBay Partner Network, please let me know.

Any questions on this or affiliate marketing in general, please leave me a comment.

Thanks for reading.


Affilorama Review


Overall Ranking:  star-4star-4star-4star-3star-0

Price: Free trial, $67/month + up-sells

Owners: Mark Ling


Verdict: Legitimate Product, with some good training, but expensive upsells


Started in 2005, Affilorama is a community offering training dedicated to affiliate marketing.  It includes loads of videos with written notes to getting you started online. Mark Ling is a very successful online marketer, who is a well-known entrepreneur and the owner of Jamorama & Rocket Piano.

It has a number of different layers depending on whether you are a newbie or someone quite advanced, it also depends on your budget.


Affilorama offers a number of different options, with training to teach you everything you need to know to get started, for example the basic option has over 80 videos with step-by-step guides on what you need to do, with written notes with goals to achieve each week. Whereas the premium package comes advertised as the ‘Ultimate Marketing Education, Tools, Community & Support although looking at some of the tools you could use free alternatives and achieve the same, i.e. Google Analytics does the same job as their AffiloTools to some degree and Jaaxy does the same with Keywords


  • You can try it for free to see whether it is for you
  • Training is easy to follow
  • Access to one of the largest communities in affiliate marketing
  • Paid membership starts you with the tools to getting you started.
  • Owner is well respected in the online community
  • 60-day money back guarantee, even on the $1 for trialing their premium product
  • money back guarantee


  • With the number of options available it can be confusing on which one to choose.
  • Some training is outdated, for example back-linking and private label rights (PLR) which can be harmful to your website
  • The basic program is quite limited compared to the premium option
  • Once you start adding the ‘options’, the price can jump considerably
  • Questions and support is given to a support team, rather than Mark being contactable.

Want to Become an Expert Affiliate Marketer?


They have four different products, as per their website:

  1. Affilorama Free – The free program offers over 80 videos (20 hours), each with written notes on how to get started, and interviews with other well-known marketers. It teaches you all the basics including website building, creation of content, PPC and SEO optimization.
  2. AffiloBlueprint – this is a 12-week step-by-step course designed to get you set up with a website. It shows you how Mark Ling set up his own affiliate website from scratch with homework for you to follow.
  3. AffiloJetpack – it includes the course in the AffiloBlueprint, but includes websites with most of the work done, aimed at fast tracking you through the process, although it does mean you don’t learn these techniques for yourself.
  4. Affiloramo Premium – Advanced video training (more in-depth & hundreds of hours), Over the shoulder blog building with Mark Ling & Free Web Hosting for 15 sites, Product Creation training, etc.

See difference between Free & Premium below

Affilorama differences

So the basic program is aimed at getting you started, but you miss out on a number of factors to making it a real success, if you are not sure what you are doing, the premium package covers a lot more in-depth training aimed at getting you to be successful.


Regardless of the package you have you gain access to the community to ask any questions you have, although as this will be mainly free users it could impact the quality of the response or they may not have the answer.

Also, to get direct response from the team, they may be a delay, and I wouldn’t wait around for a response from Mark himself, as he is a very busy entrepreneur although he may get involved in discussions from time to time


It does get a bit confusing when you talk about the price of Affilorama due to the number of products they have to offer, add to that the number of up-sells it can really put people off.

Free Membership – $0

Premium Membership – $67/month

AffiloTheme – $97 one off payment

AffiloBluePrint – $197 one off payment

AffiloJetPack – $497 one off payment

 They will teach what you need to know, but you could learn these techniques for a fraction of the cost that are being shown here.

These products are great and will teach you all you need to know, although they are more expensive than our Number One Product for affiliate marketing and slightly inferior and outdated in some instances.


Affilorama is well known, legitimate and reputable. It offers some great tools, Legit Producttraining and support. There are a few things that are outdated and could harm your website, for example back-linking and PLR which search engines will frown upon.

It can be confusing on which package to choose if you are new to affiliate marketing, and due to the upsells it could discourage people from finding the right one for them.

If you are trying to make money online, Affilorama can teach you what you need to know, but do not expect the free training to get you far.  You may want to read my review of our Number One product.

See the comparison below.

Continue reading “Affilorama Review”

Amazon Associates Review

 Amazon Associates

Overall Ranking: star-4star-4star-4star-4star-3

Price: Free

Owners: Amazon


Verdict: Highly Recommended Affiliate Marketing Partner


Everyone knows Amazon is one of the biggest companies in the world selling thousands of products and services online, the amazon associates program allows you to promote these products/services on your website, and in return pay you commission if your visitors buy that product through your associate or affiliate link. (Learn more about affiliate marketing here)


Due to the variety of products Amazon has finding something that matches your website will be easy. It is free to sign up, there is an initial questionnaire about your website to help find products for you to advertise. It is really simple to use with loads of guides to take you through the basics.

Don’t have a website, get one here


Sign up for an associates account, you then advertise products that are enticing for your viewers to click on and hopefully buy. If they buy the product, you then earn commission. It is as simple as that.

They will do some checks prior to authorising, mainly around making sure your website is genuine and going to interest viewers.


  • Trusted Brand. Amazon is one of the biggest names out there, and can be trusted to ensure you are protected
  • Easy to Sign up and use. It took minutes to sign up and be in the program, you do need to be approved, but again this took minutes to come back.
  • The sheer number of products you can promote. Whatever your website is about, you will find something to promote. You can also get commission for promoting their services, Amazon Prime for example.


  • Commission Rate could be higher. The commission rate is lower than others4-8%, but with the volume of people buying more than one item when they buy, this could make up the difference.


They have the Amazon Associates Resource Centre which has a number of Amazon Associates Resource Centredifferent elements to help you get started with the program, and some other good bits about getting started with blogging and building a website. You can also meet the team behind the associates program.


The FAQ is quite extensive, and covers all aspects of the program to make sure it is right for you, and how it works.

You can also contact them direct with a query, which they will respond to you via email.


It doesn’t cost anything to get started.


The Amazon Associates program is really easy to use and it is easy to find a product/service for you to advertise on your website.  The commission rates are nowhere near as high as others, but this is outweighed by the likelihood of people being interested in buying a product off a trusted site like Amazon.

The Resource Centre covers a number of training materials you will need to get started with the program.

 Highly recommended program for affiliate marketing

If you have any questions or want help getting started please get in touch. if you have any feedback about my review, please post it in the comments below.



Experts Academy Review

 Experts Academy Legitimate

Overall Ranking: star-4star-4star-2star-0star-0

Price: $1,997 upfront

Owners: Brendan Buchard



Brendan Buchard is very well known in the field of Internet Marketing. He has made millions of dollars online. He appears quite honest, and offers courses to help people with techniques that have worked for him.

His video on the website is quite motivational, and he describes how he can teach you how to build an online business based on a personal interest.


Someone with long term goals, wanting to create a media business.


When you arrive on the website there is a video with Brendan explaining how the course works. It is then a step by step course on how to launch your business. Brendan teaches you how to create your own information products. He then explains how you can promote them. DVDs, seminars, downloads, webinars, pdf guides and the like.


  • You get Brendan’s experience
  • Learn how to start an online business


  • Very Expensive
  • Support is limited (email only)
  • The teachings are not easy to implement
  • Some of the techniques require the ability to speak in public

 TRAINING/TOOLS OVERVIEWExperts Academy courses

Details of Brendan’s courses available from his website

  • The 10 Human Drives – $49
  • The Influence Course – $297
  • The Business Accelerator – $297
  • The Success Accelerator – $29 per month
  • Secrets of the Top 2% – $497
  • The Confidence Course – $97
  • The Achievement Accelerator – 3 monthly payments of $197
  • High Performance Academy – 3 monthly payments of $369

 As you can see the courses are expensive, and can become a very expensive way to learn these skills.


Limited, it will only be by correspondence through email.


$1,997 upfront, or 3 payments of $66. There are better and cheaper alternatives out there.


As Brendan is a very good public speaker, and very motivational you could watch Legit Productthe video on the website and believe this is going to be the greatest product online, and is worth the money upfront.

However, when you break down what this course will teach you, (Building a website, creating content, Search Engine Optimisation) you could learn all this with other formats without the high cost.

This seems to be focused on email marketing, which is very hit and miss, and will take a lot of time.

 I cannot recommend this product to anyone who wants to take this path. There is another alternative which offers all this help and advice, and you can try it for free.

If you have any experience with Experts Academy, would love to here your views. Any comments please leave them below

Thanks for taking the time to read this