Is Brit Method a Scam?

Is Brit Method a Scam?? Brit Method

There are legitimate auto trader bots out there, when trading binary options. They can also be profitable, but the key is finding one that isn’t a scam.

If you wanted to know if the Brit Method was indeed one of those legitimate auto traders, then here is the place.

Simply put, I cannot endorse the Brit Method as a trustworthy legitimate product.

How does it work?

When you sign up with the Brit Method, you are taken to a suggested broker, in which you deposit into this broker trading account.  All seems fine so far. Trusted Auto traders work in the same way.

The problem with the Brit Method is, they offer no explanation of how the system will work prior to you investing your money.

So how are you supposed to know what to do, or how it works before you deposit £250??

You don’t, you kind of hope and pray.

What do we know?

From the video on their website, Jason Taylor claims to have used thisBrit Method - Jason Taylor system earn millions of pounds of revenue, and wants to help you do the same.

It shows lavish pictures of sunny locations, a villa that you could own with the money you can make. The kind of video that would draw someone tight on money into believing this is possible.

The only problem, there is no explanation of how the system works. He shows screenshots of bank accounts with a lot of money in them. He also shows screenshots of a binary trader account with money continuing to go up in revenue.

He claims that you will have achieved a 5 figure sum in a month, if not he promises to give £10,000. A bold claim, and unfound to be true.

The problem is the claims are unbelievable. For a beginner to achieve those kinds of figures doesn’t add up, even an experienced trader might struggle to get those kind of figures.

The video claims a 97% accuracy rate!! Even the resources of the top investors cannot achieve that.

When you also do some digging, they are very similar programs in different countries, all named slightly different (the Canuck Method for Canada, Sydney System for Sydney, Australia, etc.)

But the images, video are all the same. The name of the guy changes, sometimes he is Jake.

So that doesn’t flag as trustworthy either.

Ridiculous Claims

He makes some bold claims in the video, which highlight that this product should be avoided.

  • He wants you to make hundreds of thousands of pounds (£) in the next 30 days
  • He will pay you £10k out of his own pocket, if you do not make this kind of money with this system
  • Claims that the software is only available to a select view, but no visibility of the counter number changing.
  • 97% accuracy is unfounded in this industry

Also when you watch the video, the testimonials seem fabricated. Just some very excited people claiming to be making a mint on this software.

No Guarantee

There is always a risk with any kind of trading, least of all Binary Options trading.  All the websites describe how training is very important. Knowledge builds power, or experience helps you achieve your monetary goals.

No system guarantees to bring you success, but this one claims to be the one that does.

But relying on a system you know nothing about, just seems like too much of a gamble, especially as there is trustworthy systems out there, that describe upfront how it works.

Be on the LookoutScam Alert

Due to it being outed as a scam, it tends to change the name quite regularly, but the image of the guy tends to be the same on all of them.

Want to Succeed? Willing to put in the effort?

If you want to be successful online, making money legitimately, then there is no substitute for effort. Anyone can make money online, but it doesn’t tend to be that easy.  But if you have the inclination to work hard, and relish in the rewards. Have a look at my review of Wealthy Affiliate.

Hope you found this scam alert useful, any comments or question please leave them below.

Is Neo2 a Scam?

Is Neo2 Software Legit?Neo2 Homepage

Neo2 claims to be the the new innovation when it comes to binary options trading. Taking their knowledge of advanced weather prediction software and trading algorithms that claims to make users $4000 a week.  Bold claims, I have tried the Neo2 system and test out their claims.

Platform: Neo2

Founder: Dr. Jack Piers, PhD

Broker: Does depend, it matches you up with a suitable one, dependant on where you live. I was matched with Tradorax

Minimum Deposit: $250 is quoted in the video, but Tradorax minimum is $350

First of all, what is Binary Option Trading?

SO what is Binary Options Trading?

Simply put, it is a form of standard trading. It relies on you predicting on whether the asset will be higher or lower in price than the current price, after a certain time. (1min, 5 min, 10min or a set time) There are certain types of trade, which I elaborate more in this post.

I must stress it is not risk free and you should never trade more than you can afford, although the advantage of binary options is you know the risk upfront. as you only trade an amount you select. It also tells you how much you will gain if it finishes ‘In The Money’ or you will lose the initial amount you chose at the beginning if it finishes ‘Out Of the Money’.

What Does Neo2 Do?Neo2 Dashboard

It is designed to predict trades that will hopefully finish ‘In The Money’ more often. In the video on the homepage states they use weather systems along with trading algorithms to predict whether assets will go up or down. YOu can understand the logic, as certain assets (wheat, corn, etc) can be affected by bad weather. As binary options works on a supply and demand. If an asset is not in demand it will be more valuable than a asset where there is no demand for it.

How Does it Work?

After signing up with Neo2 on their website, you get matched up with a broker (For more on Brokers, click here). I was matched with Tradorax, I live in the UK so it does depend on where you live). They did require a higher deposit than others at $350, but once I had done the deposit, and gone through the verification process (Proving I am who I say I am). I was in.

Then as the video states, I just press ‘Start Now’. It then searches for trades, and puts them on for you based on your rules.

Many Binary Traders will suggest you only trade 5% of your balance on any trade, and then only 3.

You can quite easily into the trap, that you may find yourself in at gambling games, betting more than you can afford.

The system is also not a guarantee it will work.  I am honest in saying that I ended up in a situation where my balance disappeared quite quickly.  I do not blame the system, but the fact that a system can only do so much.  When you have things that can impact the markets other than weather, like things that happen in the news, or a speech by an important dignitary, i.e. Head of the Bank of England. It can affect the markets in a way that a computer system cannot predict. These are called the fundamental factors to consider

In the end, some of the trades worked, and some didn’t.  Neo2 News & Trade Suggestions

It also gives you suggestions of trades you could use manually.

Is it for New Traders??

That is the big question, some people will want a system that does all of the hard work for them and sit back and see the money roll in. That is why some will say an autobot is a scam.  Trust me, there are scams out there. But for me, this system is for experienced traders who want to match it with trades they already do, and have put the time and effort in to understand the options market, and use Neo2 to supplement them.

Final Assessment

Let’s be straight, it isn’t a get rich quick system. you need to have some experience with binary trading for it to work for you.  It isn’t scam, it just will not work for everyone. So rather than call Neo2 a scam, I would say use it if you wish.

But my advice is learn all you can about the binary options market, try it with a free account and learn you own techniques, before even attempting letting a robot free with your savings.

IQ option offer a free demo account, it comes with $1000 or your local currency, for you to try out techniques.  They also have a learning library you can tap into.

Hope you found it useful?

Any questions or comments, leave them below