Receipt Hog Review

Receipt HogReceipt Hog Review

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Price: Free

Owners: InfoScout



Market Research is key to many companies and their strategies to get people to buy new stuff. But how do they find out what people are buying?

That is a key reason why market research companies will pay for that information through either survey sites or this clever little app that is easy to use and rewards you too.

Their reasoning is very apt, you already purchase groceries, toiletries, etc. and what they want to know is what brands you are buying so they can share their results with these companies. As you already fork out money on them, why not get a little reward by sharing that information.  It is really easy to use, legitimate and is recommended by Martin Lewis’s Continue reading “Receipt Hog Review”

TopCashBack Review


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Price: Free


 Verdict: Great site to earn cash-back from a high number of retailers. They even offer cash-back on ebay purchases



There are several cash-back sites available today, in this topcashback review we will be going through the details into why it is a great site to join.


If you purchase anything online, which nowadays is most people then it is worth seeing whether you can earn cash-back on any of those purchases. They state they have the highest rates of cash-back, and with over 4,400 retailers they will cover a retailer/Insurance broker you shop with.


Before buying the product you want, check the site to see if that retailer is offering cash-back. If they are go through the topcashback website to ensure your transaction is tracked. This way you get the cash-back assigned to it, and then it will go to your account. It covers products, services, insurance products, mobile phone contracts.

3 step process for topcashback


Another feature which I liked was the opportunity to earn cash-back without actually buying anything.  You can complete surveys, enter competitions for free cash bonuses.  You can also earn money for referring a friend, the site states £15. But at present the banner is offering £20 if you get your friends and family to join.

Another option I had was I could check my Experian credit score and receive £2.07 cash-back just for checking it.

It is worth being mindful when buying insurance products, etc. make sure it is the right product for you, and not just buy it for the cash-back benefits.


  • They guarantee they have the highest cash-back rates
  • Opportunities to earn cash-back without spending any money – surveys, competitions, free trials, etc.
  • Refer a Friend scheme pays out £15 each time a friend signs up
  • 99.84% Customer Satisfaction


  • Cash-back can take a while to get assigned, due to how retailers pay the site – typical with these types of site
  • Tracking problems can occur with cash-back sites


The FAQ section is detailed and covers all aspects of the site, you also have the option to log a ticket with customer service if you have a specific question.


It is free to sign up with topcashback, you then earn cash-back on items you find from the deals displayed and buy from the retailer.

cashback on surveys



Topcashback is a great site with a high number of retailers assigned, so you are sure to find cash-back on something you are planning to buy. They guarantee their rates will be higher than Quidco, and they have ebay as an exclusive partner offering 1% cash-back.


There can be the occasional tracking issue, where the transaction hasn’t processed, but this is true of all cash-back sites. There are opportunities to earn cash-back without buying anything, which is another great feature.

The refer a friend deal is a good way of earning additional money, especially if your friends all join and use your link.

If you have been thinking of joining a cash-back site, and wanted to see which offers the best cash-back deals, they guarantee them, so really worth a try.

Thanks for reading this review, if you have any comments or questions please leave them below.


Quidco Review


Overall Ranking:  star-4star-4star-4star-4star-0

Price: Free

Owners: Paul & Jenn Nikkel, Maple Syrup Media



Quidco is a site where you can claim back cash-back on purchases made Some offers available on the siteonline. In this Quidco review we will go through what they have to offer.  Founded in 2005 by Paul & Jenn Nikkel, Maple Syrup Media built its reputation as cash-back pioneers with this site. They currently have 7 million active users, over 4,300 retailers and claim to be the number 1 site in the UK.


If you shop online a lot, then you can benefit from this site as you can get cash-back on the purchases you make through the Quidco site.

You can also claim cash-back at particular retailers in-store by registering a debit/credit card.


For the online purchases, the best way is to activate the Quidco banner Types of Offerswhich stays at the top of your browser then go and find what you want to buy. Prior to actually purchasing it, visit Quidco and see if there is a cash-back offer for that brand then visit the website through the Quidco website and then purchase it. That way it can track that you made the purchase and action the cash-back to your account.

In-store there are options to register your debit/credit card for cash-back at participating stores.

Be mindful, that you could fall into the trap of scouring Quidco for offers, and then making purchases you might not have made had you not been looking.

They have also added Quidco opinions which allows you to earn money for completing surveys and Quidco compare which allows you to compare tariffs on Insurance, Broadband, Finance and Energy companies and then claim cash-back if you go through their site.

You can then take the money straight to your bank account, PayPal or an Amazon giftcard


  • Going through the Quidco website to the product tracks the purchase quite quickly
  • High number of well-known retailers to choose from for cash-back offers
  • No limit on what you can earn


  • As the company needs to confirm the purchase the item, the cash-back could take up to 3 months
  • Live chat & call back are only available to premium customers


There is a FAQ section called All Help and it details all the usual questions, but it is quite a simple premise to follow. You can also complete a contact form to request assistance.

The live chat and request call is only available for premium users which is a bit annoying if you have an issue that needs resolving and you have a basic account.


The Quidco basic account is free and displays ads from the retailers.

Whilst the Quidco Premium account works by retaining £5 a year, so rather than paying up front they just retain it. It also removes the advertising from the basic, they offer faster paying retailers, premium support, no advertising, bespoke promotions & Loyalty bonuses. It also has a 2% payout if you take your earnings as Gift cards.

FINAL OPINION/VERDICT – Good Way to Claim Cash-back

Quidco has a range of opportunities to claim cash-back and is easy to sign up and use. All the major retailers are on the site with some others you may not have seen before.

The cash-back offers are good, although the payout times might frustrate at times with the length of time sometimes being 3 months depending on the retailer.

 If you want to try Quidco, then I can offer you a £5 bonus for joining Quidco, just click here

If you have anything to add, or have questions then please leave them in the comments below.

Thanks for reading, and any feedback would be appreciated.





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