What is Keyword Research in SEO – How Vital is it?

Hey, Keyword research is a key step for anyone in the online world and it is imperative if you actually want people to find your content online. Search Engine Optimisation is really important, but I would say Keyword research is just as important. It is so vital to getting your business started!!

Ok, so let’s get into what keyword research is, by starting with answering the question “What is a Keyword?”

What is a Keyword?

Simply put, anything you type into a search engine, like google for example, is a keyword. It is what the search engine uses to generate the list of relevant search results for what you are searching for. Continue reading “What is Keyword Research in SEO – How Vital is it?”

How to Make Money with Youtube

Youtube is the biggest platform for videos online, and there is an opportunity to turn this to your advantage and starting earning money from them. I will say it isn’t as easy as you might think, but don’t let that put you off too much. it just takes time and effort to become successful

With written content on the web, it needs to be engaging, relevant and answering a question or need that the reader is looking for.  Guess what, the same is really important with video.

The advantage you have with video is, that if you are confident with it, it is an easier and quicker way to add content, as we tend to talk quicker than we write.

You need to Concentrate on Building your Audience before the Income

With youtube the way to earn income is through advertising, so you need an audience to see those adverts to start earning money from them.  So you will need to concentrate on building content that gets people interested and that way in turn build the numbers of viewers.

Videos do get better rankings in SEO, as long as you do relevant Keyword Research to get your video seen in search engines.

It is also really key to keep your videos High-Quality, Short, Relevant and to the point.  Think about how many videos you may have seen that you have got bored due to it not getting to the point.  Typically you want to aim for less than 5 minutes.

Youtube actually states shorter videos are more likely to get more views than longer ones.  Remember it is the number of views that makes the difference, not the length.

So How do You Make Money from Youtube?

You join their Youtube Partner Program, Set up an approved Google Adsense account and then choose videos you want to monetise. Sounds simple, there is a little more to it then that.

There are certain restrictions to videos you can advertise on, for example movie clips, live sports, etc. anything that is copyrighted. But they have educational material to help you avoid anything that might impact you.

Advertising is where the money comes from

So you then allow Youtube to advertise on your videos, and your channel and if your viewers click on the advert, that is where you get paid. You do need to get a high amount of views before you start to make any real money.

You also need to get approved with Google Adsense, which isn’t as easy as it sounds. But no real problem if your channel is offering High Quality Content that is highly relevant.

There are 2 ways, general advertising and revenue from Youtube Red. This is a subscription service that people can pay for and they don’t see any advertising.  So if someone views your video and they are a youtube red subscriber, you get a % anyway.

Some helpful tips to be successful with Youtube

  • Upload Short High-Quality Videos Regularly
  • Share your Videos on Social Media to build up that audience
  • Allow Youtube to place advertising in your videos
  • Set up Google Adsense and link to your channel
  • Keep it relevant

The Help Centre is really helpful and the tools available to creators help you get started.

If you have a website you could use Youtube to drive traffic to your website and make more money through affilate links

It makes sense to use your videos to promote your website and get visitors and make additional revenue through affiliate marketing.

Thanks for reading, if you have any experience with Youtube please share your views.  Also any questions or comments leave them below

How to Find Keywords for a Website

If you are just starting out with a website and want to understand how to find keywords for a website that are going to make your site stand out from the crowd and make sure you are at the top of the google searches, then there are a few things you need to learn about keywords and their relevance to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

It is also one of the first things you need to start with prior to writing a load of content.

Writing content without researching the right keyword to get your post noticed will lead to a frustrating end of a great website, with no traffic.

So below, I have used Jaaxy(see my review here), the ultimate keyword research tool to find some relevant keywords on a website idea to show you how to come up with ideal keywords to write your content around, then you can use the same techniques whatever your website is based on.

Finding Keywords with Jaaxy

Say your website is based on ‘ways to reduce weight’Keyword research into ways to reduce weight

So what you can see above is a screenshot of a search into that keyword ‘ways to reduce weight’ and you can see that even though that keyword has an average search of 118 a month, the keyword quality indicator is red suggesting that you do not use it.

Why? There are a number of factors to consider in keyword research.

QSR – The number of competing websites on that particular keyword

KQI – Keyword Quality Indicator. Green is great, Red is not

SEO – score from 0-100. The higher the score the more likely you are to be on the first page of a search engine.

So from going through the headings this keyword has a lot of competition (to get noticed you want keywords below 300 ideally). The KQI is red indicating it isn’t the best choice, and with a score of 18 on the SEO you will be nowhere near the top of the search engines with this keyword.

Without this research, we wouldn’t know to avoid that keyword and we had best try an alternative.

This way, looking down the list, the better choices would be:

best ways to reduce weight, ways to reduce weight naturally, natural ways to reduce weight.

A key tip to remember is make sure the keyword makes sense, when you look down the list you will see ones with a missing word, i.e. fastest way reduce weight, but what you can do is do a new search but with the missing word, so fastest way to reduce weight and see what comes up.

From this research you can write an article on the ‘best ways to reduce weight’ and know that it has a better chance of ranking higher up.

On the right hand side you can also see other alternatives to try.

Jaaxy makes it easy, and it also is the only keyword research tool with the competition score.

Check out a Keyword below:


Want to know where your keyword related post is ranked?

Another tool Jaaxy has is a tool called ‘Site Rank’. you can see where on the google rankings your website is, or where an individual page or post is ranked too.

With an Enterprise account, you can also use Jaaxy to find domain names that will ensure your website ranks high enough to get consistent traffic.

If you want to know more about keyword research, look at my Jaaxy review.


This tool is great for finding keywords for your website

Thanks for taking the time to read my post, if you have any comments or questions please leave them below, I am here to help you get started.

Jaaxy Review – Great Keyword Tool

Keyword Research is so important if you want to get your website ranking. Publishing content is all well and good but if you aren’t found in the search engines there is no real point.  Whether you are just starting out in the online world or are an established player – keyword research is vital to your business. In this Jaaxy review, I will show you why I think it is a great keyword tool.

But first – What is a Keyword?

Any word or sentence typed into a search engine is a keyword. Let me give you an example, I type into google – how to make money online. That is the keyword, but it also targets the ‘make money’ and ‘make money online’ keywords too.

But how do you find out whether people are searching for a specific term on a monthly basis, how many others are competing for that keyword. What is the quality score of that keyword?

There are many different factors to consider when it comes to a great keyword to get onto the first page of a search engine.

So How Can Jaaxy Help?

Keyword research is so vital – but why opt for a complicated program. Jaaxy is so easy to use. See what your results will show for any keyword search:

The results it gives on a search are:

  • Average – The average number of searches on the keyword a month. This gives you an idea of whether people are searching for that keyword, or whether you need to try a different variation.
  • Traffic – The number of visits to a post targeting that keyword. A great indication for if there is a call for a post on this subject.
  • QSR – Quoted Search Results. The number of competing websites for that exact keyword in google.  This is by far one of the key outcomes from this platform, how much competition do you have for this keyword. It can help lead you to a technique aiming for ‘low hanging fruit‘.
  • KQI – Keyword Quality Indicator. Green is good, Amber is ok and Red is poor.  An easy to follow colour coding as to whether it is a good keyword or not.
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimisation.  A score based on traffic and competition, the higher the score the more likely you are to rank on the first page of google. (1-100).
  • Domains – Availability of domains related to that keyword. It also becomes a great tool for finding a website for your idea, and whether the wording of the website name is an ok one, or a great one.

This information is vital to getting visitors to read your content – thus leading to conversions. Without knowing how competitive the keyword you are using is can lead to a great website getting no visitors as you are getting outfoxed by someone who is using keyword research.

If you are starting out, it is really important to do keyword research. But there is an easy technique to help. It’s called ‘low hanging fruit’ keywords. When you search for a term in Jaaxy you will get a lot of alternative keywords which are closely associated with your search term – see below a keyword search for ‘learn how to play guitar’.

Jaaxy Review - Great Keyword Tool

Now that keyword is good from a search term – it gets an average search of 2880 and 490 traffic. But you would be competing against 260 other posts.  When starting out, it is better to search for a keyword that gets a better competition score like learning how to play guitar online. The SEO score is a lot better, ok there are less searches a month but you are more likely to get ranked on page one and more likely to convert them as they are more likely to visit your website. That is the essence of a low hanging fruit – some visits is better than no visits at all.

That is the power of great keyword research.

There also offer the following benefits:

Site Rankings

Site Rankings tells you where you are ranking in google. Just type in the keyword you are trying to rank under and it will tell you where you are ranked.

 Affiliate Program

Jaaxy is powered by the guys behind Wealthy Affiliate which has an awesome affiliate program of its own.  They also offer a generous referral program with Jaaxy, offering the following for inviting others to use Jaaxy.

Jaaxy Affiliate Program Rewards

 Who is it For?

Anyone trying to get content ranked will benefit from Jaaxy. So, anyone can benefit from using it.

Beginners and Experienced Users will find the benefits of using their Keyword Research Platform totally out-weigh the price. If you feel like you would like to know more on Keyword research, check out this useful post.

How Much Does It Cost?

 -Free Account

They offer a free starter account, this is for anyone who wants to see what Jaaxy is all about.  You do not even need to enter credit card details, which isn’t usually the case with most premium keyword research tools.

You get 30 free searches so you can see if they are what you are after, click here to get a free account.

 -Pro($19/month) & Enterprise Account ($49/month)

Both get unlimited searches on both keyword searches and site rankings. The enterprise account comes into its own with instant results on all features. But the ability to sort the searches makes it ideal for any seasoned Internet Marketers, or those with a number of websites.

Final Word

Keyword Research used to be a manual process, which meant a lot of time trawling through search results on a search engine to find the information you want.  Jaaxy gives you the ability to see results in seconds and even help you get ranked quicker and better by picking the right keyword.

Keyword Research used to be a manual process trawling through a ton of search results to find the information you want.

Jaaxy will give you all the tools you need to Start Effective Keyword Research.

It is an awesome keyword research tool, brought to you by the same team behind Wealthy Affiliate.

They are all about offering great education, websites and expert advice and support. Learn more about their awesome training here.

If you want to try Jaaxy for free, with 30 free searches then start by searching for a keyword in the box below.

If you would like to know more on keyword research, check out this post here.

If you have any questions or comments about Jaaxy or keyword research, please leave them below and I will ensure to get you an answer.



Best Keywords Tool

Best Keywords Tool

Do you want to find high quality keywords, that are right for your marketing campaign?

Try a search online below and start your research now

What determines a quality keyword?

Below I will describe the key metrics to getting a keyword that will help get your website higher up the pecking order

  1. Monthly Searches – How many searches a month are done on that particular keyword. This shows you the traffic on that search. Any traffic is good, it shows people are showing an interest in that field.
  2. Keyword Quality Indicator (KQI) – a quick way of showing you the quality of your keyword for your marketing campaign for either PPC or SEO.
  3. Quoted Search Results (QSR) – this determines your competition! The QSR is the number of competing pages against that exact keyword search. Your ultimate goal should be QSR’s of under 300. Without this figure, you will not be sure whether the keyword is a good one, or a great one to get your page noticed.
  4. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)Power – This will show you how good the keyword is for getting SEO rankings. If you can get your pages/posts ranked in SEO, this leads to traffic. With traffic, you can start making money online.

So to get started, the key is research. And the research tool you require is here, and it is free to get started.

Want to know more about the importance of Keyword Research, then watch the video below:

Master the Keyword Research Process

If you haven’t started your website yet, you can also use this tool to help find a domain name that can stand out too.

Any questions you may have, or if you want help, please leave a comment below.