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  • Wondough Review – Easy Pocket Money or Scam?

    Wondough Review - Easy Pocket Money or Scam?

    Product Name: Wondough  Type of Site: Survey Site Price: Free to Join Website: Rating:  60/100 Completing surveys online and watching videos for a reward is not a new concept, Swagbucks has been doing it for a while and have a great model. I was recently contacted by the Marketing Manager at Wondough to do […]

  • OnePoll Surveys Review

 One Poll Overall Ranking: 6.2 out of 10 Price: Free Sign-up Owners: Part of SWNS (South West News Service) Website: INTRODUCTION One Poll is a UK based market research organisation.  It is part of the SWNS, South West News Service, which in turn is the UK’s largest independent Press Agency.  The specialise in PR […]

  • Prolific Surveys Review

    Prolific Academic (Surveys)
 Overall Ranking: 7.5 out of 10 Price: Free Owners: Oxford University Innovation Website: INTRODUCTION Online Surveys are a great way of earning a little extra money from your computer or phone. Having said that, actually earning enough to hit the threshold for payment isn’t always as easy as it seems, in […]

  • Swagbucks Review

    Swagbucks Review

    *Updated April 2018* Does earning money whilst sitting on the sofa sound interesting? That is what Swagbucks offers you the chance to do. But does Swagbucks offer a great deal for your money? How easy is it to earn some extra cash using it? Is it even worth your time? These are all prudent questions […]


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