Work from Home Business Opportunity

Working from home nowadays has become a reality for a whole lot of people. Fast internet is available to over 2 billion people and you don’t have to be a genius in computer code to create a website. I want to share with you a work from home business opportunity that is based on a passion you have, or something you already know a lot about. I use a system that is regularly earning me money and it taught me all the techniques I needed and gave me all the support and tools I needed for a fee that doesn’t cost the earth. Let’s start with how a passion can become a business opportunity…

How a Passion Becomes a Business Opportunity

What are you passionate about? Continue reading “Work from Home Business Opportunity”

Part Time Jobs for Retired People

Looking for a part time job, but not too sure where to start? Whether you are looking for an income to supplement your pension or a job where you are engaging with people, we have researched a number of part time jobs for retired people that might be just what you are looking for.

Retail/Seasonal Jobs

There are always a number of jobs available in the retail sector, if you have any experience in customer service than it will be relatively easy to get a job with them. Part-time roles are normally available and retailers tend to be flexible when it comes to shifts and your availability window.  Be mindful of ‘flexi’ contracts – if you don’t mind having a regular shift pattern, then it won’t affect you. But if you like the same hours every week with no changes, they might not be for you. Also, if retailers cut the overtime and you rely on it, this can also be a deal breaker.

Of course, not everyone will suit these types of roles. Whether it be the physicality, getting to the store or the hours available – they might not be suitable types of part time jobs for retired people.

So below are 3 types of role that rely on you sharing your experience from the industry you have worked in. Use that knowledge and experience to earn money. Continue reading “Part Time Jobs for Retired People”

What Should I Do if I am Bored?

What Should I Do if I am Bored?

There are always going to be times when we can feel bored or not feel like doing what we have to do. There are times when you do not know what to do with yourself and end up not doing anything. Then, later on you feel like you have wasted a day of your life

But what if there was a way you could use that time in a better way and, more importantly earning money as well. You are less likely to feel bored, if you have something to do. But not just anything, something around a subject you like… A Passion you have.

What are you passionate about? Is there something you know a lot about and enjoy the subject it is about?  Let’s say you love cooking and enjoy researching new recipes and trying them out. This is a perfect example of a subject you love, and a perfect opportunity to earn money from it.

Turn A Passion into an Opportunity to Earn Money & Beat that Boredom

Well, what If I could show you a way that turned that passion into an opportunity to earn money from it and beat that boredom…

We can get bored as we just cannot pluck up the energy to do something mundane, or haven’t got a lot of stimulus, or a change has happened in life.

A work colleague of mine has recently retired – to start with, he enjoyed the extra time he had, got a few jobs done around the house and caught up with some friends. This was great, but as his wife is still working there are days where he is just watching the TV, or struggling to find things to do.

So, I suggested he start a Blog Online about his Passion.

His passion is Wine.  He has always been a collector and knows a lot about the subject, some of his wine collection is worth thousands. He was unsure about whether this was for him – until he found that he was connecting with vast numbers of people who shared his passion, what was more when he found that he was earning some money from his venture, he found it easier to do.

A Passion is the premise to an exciting opportunity to turn something you love into a successful online business – How would you get bored about something you love, especially if you are earning money from it. I know of some bloggers earning thousands of pounds a month.

It could be about anything you know a lot about or love. I love Formula 1, Photography and helping people be successful online.  Yours could be anything.

Passion + Our No.1 Recommended Product = Online Success + No Boredom

There are 3 Key things you need to Get Started and Become Successful – Education, Websites and Expert Support. Our No.1 Recommended Product has them all and it is FREE to join

Beat that Boredom, Connect with Others and Build a Successful Online Business

Thanks for reading this, if you have any questions or comments then please leave them below.

I would love to hear your thoughts and connect.

5 Qualities for Affiliate Marketing Online

5 Qualities for Affiliate Marketing Online

Affiliate Marketing, or Internet Marketing is a great opportunity to start earning money online and the premise is very simple. The problem with that is that people then assume it is easy and they will make money straightaway with little effort.  Having this attitude can lead to you becoming disheartened and giving up, or not bothering.

However, if you keep the 5 qualities for affiliate marketing online in mind you can be very successful at affiliate marketing. But let’s start with what affiliate marketing is…

What is Affiliate Marketing?

The simple explanation for affiliate marketing is a process to sell someone else’s product or service online and earning a commission. There are many affiliate programs out there, with Amazon being one that most people will know and being the biggest marketplace online is a great partner for being successful.

You then build a niche website, writing articles and product reviews that link to these products in Amazon.  If they go on to buy the product, you have just earned a commission.

Your niche can be on any subject, but preferably a subject you will want to keep on writing about and hopefully know lots about.

For example, a photographer might have a website showing people how to use a dslr type camera, all the different functions and capturing different types of photography.  That builds trust.  He then teams it with reviews of different dslr type cameras, or lenses, etc.  His readers would follow these links as he has recommended them and he earns commission from them.

There are many factors or qualities that are needed to become successful and start earning thousands a month.  Many affiliate marketers or display these qualities are earning on a regular basis.

Let’s go through the 5 qualities for affiliate marketing online success Continue reading “5 Qualities for Affiliate Marketing Online”

How to Become an Uber Driver

How to Become an Uber Driver

Uber is becoming more popular for both passengers and drivers, but before you apply to become a driver, find out what are the factors you need to consider before you do. Read on to learn everything about it.

Who or What is Uber?

Uber Technologies Inc. offer taxi services in 33 countries, but it isn’t in the traditional way of people phoning a number and waiting (hoping) a car turns up. They have turned the way people order taxis around and made it easier.

Their headquarters are in San Francisco, USA and started in 2009.

In the UK, it is in a number of cities and is becoming more popular with both passengers and drivers. At present all of their drivers, or partners as Uber prefer to name them, are treated as self-employed. Continue reading “How to Become an Uber Driver”

How to Become a Mystery Shopper for Free

How to become a mystery shopper for free

Ever considered being a Mystery Shopper?

It seems like one of those great jobs where you get paid to go shopping or get a free meal? In essence, it is this simple, however they do expect you to be able to go in and look at specific things and write up a report at the end.

Not to mention, the deadlines. But it is totally possibly to earn some extra money being a mystery shopper.  I will be describing how to become a mystery shopper for free, with 3 reputable providers.  They have some major retailers asking for feedback including Tesco, Argos and many restaurants, etc.

Whilst it isn’t a way of earning a full-time living, it is a great way for anyone to earn some extra money and if you already go to a lot of retailers or restaurants, then this might be great for you.

Note – this information is based on living in the UK, these 3 providers are all based in the UK and act on the UK retail and food markets. Continue reading “How to Become a Mystery Shopper for Free”

What’s the Best Affiliate Marketing Course

There are courses out there to teach you the basics of Affiliate Marketing and there are courses that will lead you to a very successful career within the Affiliate Marketing industry.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing allows you to sell someone else’s product and receive commission for that sale. That’s as simple as it is, really.

People are fairly cautious about buying things that they don’t know much about, so they tend to do a bit of research rather than just buying something.  They check out reviews, if they like what they see and follow an ‘affiliate link’ and purchase it from, let’s say Amazon.  They pay for the product.  But as a thank you from both the owner and Amazon, they pay you a commission for that sale, typically 5%. So, if you have been reviewing Smart TVs, and that TV cost £499 – you’ve just made £24.95.

The benefit Amazon gets is that you have introduced them to a new buyer, or will become more loyal.  The benefit to the product owner is, especially if they are new or a small business will get more business, therefore growing their business.  Everybody wins.

There are many benefits to Affiliate Marketing and with more people online than ever, it is a great time to get started in Affiliate Marketing.

So, what do you need to know… Continue reading “What’s the Best Affiliate Marketing Course”

Learn Affiliate Marketing and Start Earning Online

There are a number of ways of earning money online with affiliate marketing, Amazon Associates, eBay Partners, Click Bank, to name a few. They all have a number of tutorials and how to guides but don’t really take you through effectively how you could earn a salary from them from start to finish.  This can lead to people not believing that it is an effective way of leaving their day job behind.

That’s where Wealthy Affiliate comes in.  Not only do they have a number of resources to get you started online – a free website, a catalogue of step by step guides to getting this website online and making money through affiliate marketing.  But they also have their own affiliate program so you can earn money through the promotion of Wealthy Affiliate as well.  With enough referrals they could be flying you out to Las Vegas, check out the bonus I mention further down…

In this post, I will be describing the basics of what Affiliate Marketing is, how Wealthy Affiliate can help you get started and believe in yourself, but also going through how Wealthy Affiliate rewards you for promoting their platform.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

In its simplest form, it is where you promote a product or service online, for an example you have a website reviewing led televisions.  You have an Amazon Associates account.  Someone visits your site, likes your review and ends up clicking on your affiliate link and buys that TV.  As a thank you for amazon getting the sale, you get a % of the sale.  So, if the % was 4% (typical of amazon) and the TV was £1000, you have just earned £40.

You could do this with any niche website with a number of affiliate programs, so you could have a number from eBay or Amazon, whilst promoting relevant adverts on your site with Click Bank, etc.

They all tend of differing degrees of commission rates.  But Wealthy Affiliate go the extra mile with their commission rates.

Why Wealthy Affiliate?

First of all, to earn from affiliate marketing you need a website.  which in some instances you have to pay for or get a free one that doesn’t really have all the abilities you need.  You also need to know how to employ these affiliate programs onto the website.

The reason I suggest Wealthy Affiliate is they have all the training materials you need to get started – this is called the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course, they give you 2 free websites as a starter member and their commission rates for promoting WA is by far the highest on the net.

Let’s break that down

Training Materials – The Online Entrepreneur Certification Course has 5 levels that take you from creating a free website, getting it up and running, and takes you through how to get it ranked online in the search engines, to then make money through affiliate programs. The outline of the first course is below, with the benefits outlined too.

Wealthy Affiliate also offers the best support networks out there with live chat with the community, help and support from the owners Kyle & Carson, weekly webinars on different subjects all aimed at making you a better affiliate marketer.

Free Websites – There is nothing worse than signing up for a subscription to find it isn’t what you thought or expected and your money is now down the drain and you cannot get out of the subscription?? Right?

Wealthy Affiliate offer all starter members 2 free websites, no catch.  They operate on WA’s own server SiteRubix. You will have full access to the WordPress back office and no time limit.  Further down the line if you want to increase the number of sites the premium membership is there, which offers 25 full domains and 25 sub domains but this is never forced on you.  It is there as a natural growth stage.

OK, at this point, we could be learning from Wealthy Affiliate and have 2 free websites.  This is when Wealthy Affiliate takes a step beyond.  Even as a free starter member of WA, you could earn commission by promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

As a Starter Member, the commission rates are as below:

If someone starts with WA, then decides to upgrade to Premium within the first 7 days, you will receive $4.  For every month after that they stay a member (which is $49/month) you will receive $11.25 every month.  If they decide to upgrade to the yearly subscription ($359/yr) You would earn $87.50 each year they stay a member.

That’s right, it is totally possible to stay a free member and earn that kind of money on a monthly basis.

As a Premium Member, the commission rates are DOUBLE:

If they set up their initial account, you earn $1 credit, if they purchase a domain $1 recurring.

If someone starts with WA, then decides to upgrade to Premium within the first 7 days, you will receive $8.  For every month after that they stay a member (which is $49/month) you will receive $23.50 every month.  If they decide to upgrade to the yearly subscription ($359/yr) You would earn $175 each year they stay a member.

Current Statistics show 1 in 8 premium members upgrade to yearly as it is more cost effective and it shows the belief they have in Wealthy Affiliate and their platform.  12% of all free members end up going premium.

These commissions are all lifetime, so the person who recommended WA to me will receive the commissions for as long as I am a member.  This could be the same for you.  They also have lifetime cookies, so if someone has a look and isn’t sure but comes back and ends up signing up with WA, you will still receive the commission and the recognition.

The Absolute Bonus – Las Vegas

Wealthy Affiliate go the extra mile to congratulate those who become promoters of WA.  If you get 300 referrals in a given year, they will fly you to Las Vegas to take part in a Super Affiliate conference.  They fly you out there, you stay in a really nice hotel and spend time with Kyle & Carson the owners of Wealthy Affiliate and they will share their knowledge with you on how to take your site to the next level.

The ultimate dream for people is to work for themselves without having a job to go to, this could be it and imagine flying out to Vegas.  Check out this post about last year’s conference.

So, there we go.  There are a number of affiliate programs out there for any type of niche, but using a platform where they teach you so much and also have a community who will help you with getting comments on your site to improve the trust factor, give you honest feedback on your website to improve and have an awesome affiliate program included is a great place to start.

If you would like to try Wealthy Affiliate for free, then follow this link and start your online business today

If you have any experience with Wealthy Affiliate or have a question that you want answered, please leave it below and I will respond shortly.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post, and hopefully catch up with you soon in the Wealthy Affiliate community.


Be The Boss Network Review

 Be the Boss Network 

Overall Ranking: 

Price: Free

Owners: Responsive Data LLC



There are plenty of opportunities for a home-based business when you start looking online. So, what is the Be the Boss Network?  It is a directory showcasing them. Whilst I wouldn’t say it is a scam, I would not recommend it, especially for newbies, in this Be the Boss Network review I will go into why.


It is a directory of opportunities and is aimed at anyone who is looking for an opportunity to earn money online. The problem is the high number of Multi-Layer Marketing (MLM) opportunities on there, the sales talk is good (they are in marketing, so it would be), so newbies might be interested in the offer and pay out a lot of a money on a model that sounds great, but is very unlikely to make you any money.  It is said only 1% of people make money from MLM opportunities.

What is Multi-Layer Marketing (MLM)?

Let’s just be clear on what is MLM is. MLM is where you earn commissions of the sales you make, and any sales from people you introduce to the selling of it. That is where the multi-layer comes into it.

Not all of them are real opportunities to earn a genuine living from them. Some of the real ones, you will have probably heard off such as Avon, Tupperware, etc. But the reason this are more realistic is because you are selling a product and not selling a platform or sales.

The big reason they are hard to earn any money from is because most of the products are high-priced. Then you have a high start-up cost and the less lucrative ones have a focus on recruiting sales people rather than the product.

Like I said before, only 1% of people are making money from an MLM opportunity.

They are very similar to pyramid schemes, where you pay to be in a higher tier with more expensive products to sell with higher commission. Which means you can end up paying a lot of money out to get the new product out, it just seems like a way to lose money, not make any.

The biggest advice I can give is that you must research any online business opportunity before handing over any money. If it is a scam, they will have you details and your credit card details.

Want a genuine home-based business opportunity, where you can try for free? Click here to learn more


You find a directory of all the opportunities on there, it gives you in one place the start-up cost, the description and detail behind the business. It also has a rating system.  It looks a very polished website and the opportunities look great.  However, if you take the first one on the list, it is ACN, it is a telecommunications MLM opportunity. It has a 5-star rating, but when you look at most of the ratings, they all only have one response. So, I wouldn’t rely on the ratings.

There are also scam products out there as well, I checked out Empower Network and I haven’t found anything good through my research to see why someone would pay $25 a month to have a blogging site, when you could have 2 free blogging sites with a starter account at Wealthy Affiliate, but then to have to pay an extra $19 a month to be able to sell their products through it is just a joke.

But, if you do find an opportunity you like, you sign up with them through the BTB website. They get a commission on you signing up and you have got yourself into the platform you were interested in.


  • Free access to their directory


  • Majority of the leads are towards Multi-Layer Marketing opportunities
  • Misleading Information about providing quality opportunities to work from home
  • Could appeal to newcomers – it is marketed well and without research handover high amount of money on an opportunity that will not yield results


As it is a directory leading you to other opportunities there are no training or tools to be reviewed.  Any training will be with the company you sign up with


Again, as it is a directory there is no support other than an FAQ, any company you sign up with will be offering the support for the platform they offer


It is a free directory, the only cost you will have is if you take one of the opportunities you find on there.


If someone who was new to online business opportunities found the website, they would find a professional looking website with a list of great looking opportunities to hand which means they could have a review of the list and see what they could find to help them earn their dream of working from home.  THAT IS THE PROBLEM. With that many MLM opportunities it can be too easy to take the Be the Boss Network at face value and use it.

I would recommend anyone who looks at the list to do some real thorough research before signing up for anything.  Really understand what you are signing up for and make sure you can afford to handover that kind of money upfront too.

If you want to learn how to start a legitimate home-based business with real training where you can get started for free, check out our No.1 recommended program Wealth Affiliate and our review here.

At a Glance…

Overall Ranking:

Price: Free

Owners: Responsive Data LLC



Verdict: Would not recommend someone to take it at face value, too many MLM opportunities with not enough ratings to differentiate those that work or not

Thanks for taking time to read this review, if you have any thoughts or questions then please leave them below.



ClixSense Review 2017

 ClixSense  Legitimate

Overall Ranking: 

Price: Free Starter Membership, $17 for Premium

Owners: Jim Grago


Clixsense is a site where you can earn money for completing surveys, watching advertisements, competing in competitions and even referring others to the site. But can you earn enough from doing it to make it worthwhile?  Could you enjoy a full-time income from this?

We will be exploring the details in this review and putting it to the test.


If you are looking for a part-time income for a little extra money, this site works well, it is legitimate and relatively easy to navigate and use. It works in a similar way to Swagbucks with regards the surveys and advertisement, albeit Swagbucks has higher rates of return.

Want a genuine way of working full-time from home? Find out More


There are a number of ways to earn money on ClixSense, and the rate you will be paid for watching the ads, or completing the surveys is shown upfront. When you first sign up you complete a questionnaire which helps the system understand your demographics so the surveys, for example, are more likely for you to be accepted. This questionnaire does take a few minutes to complete and it is supposed to help give your surveys that you will qualify with, although I still wasn’t eligible for a number and unlike with Swagbucks where you would still receive a SB point for trying, there is no compensation on ClixSense.

You also are restricted to one account per household, so if you find you are eligible for a number of the surveys and are therefore more likely to earn from this platform, you cannot get the other half to get an account.

You can access the platform from any country, but all the figures are displayed in US dollars.

Watching Advertisements

When you log in, you will see 2 types of adverts. The top ones ‘sticky ads’are ones you watch one and earn money for. I’ll be honest, the money offered to watch these adverts is nominal at best. $0.001 to watch a 5 second advert, yes you read that right.list of adverts available

There are only a select number you can watch as well. Once clicked, you cannot watch the same one again that day, so you couldn’t spend some time clicking on them continually to build up the money either. You also have to click the odd picture out to show you are paying attention. I had to pick the cat from a selection of 5, the other 4 being dogs. This is with CAPTCHA. If you don’t pick the picture, you don’t get the credit for watching the ad.captcha selection

The second section of ads are called ‘regular ads’, these ranged from $0.001 to $0.005 but the adverts tend to be onscreen for longer, 15 seconds to 30 seconds typically.your click has been registered

I also noted that with either of these adverts, if you switched programs. So, I was checking whilst typing this in a different window, the timer that is displayed at the top doesn’t count down unless the advert is displayed.  You cannot do these kinds of adverts in the background.

Whereas with the videos in Swagbucks you could leave them playing without necessarily watching them.

Paid Surveys

You get a higher return on completing the surveys, although it does depend on you qualifying for the survey. When you sign up you do a demographic setting questionnaire which will aim to give you surveys that you are more likely to be accepted with.list of surveys in clixsense

They also range in time length, from the screenshot below you can see 1 for $1.21 for 4 minutes to $1.25 for 24 minutes.  This normally is only a guide, as I completed a 3-minute survey, but had to complete a pre-questionnaire which was 3 minutes long to find I wasn’t eligible to take the survey.

Depending on your age, sex, work type it could mean the difference between you having a lot of surveys that you are eligible for to someone like me who seems to not qualify for any.  In total my earnings from surveys in 2 days is zero.

You also need to consider whether completing an 18-minute survey to earn $0.58 is really worth it. If you are eligible for 3 of these in an hour, you will have earned $1.74?!

A feature I did like is that when you have taken the survey you tell ClixSense whether you qualified or not, it aims to improve the surveys you are given the option to complete.

You can also click on Daily Survey Routers, it states you can complete this as many times as you like in a day, but they take you to another survey platform for you to sign up with. So, another opportunity for you to earn money from them.  The rates tend to be better, but again you need to be eligible.

When I first signed up, I was also sent a link for ClixSense Research, the initial survey takes a bit of time to complete to try and ascertain your demographic, the only watch out would be is, if you live outside the US, it doesn’t look like it is aimed at you.  A lot of the questions I answered N/A, as it was about stores or services in the US, which isn’t relevant even though on the first page I select I lived in the UK.


This is a chance to earn up to $10 a day if you can select the right box.  It is a grid where you have 30 chances to win up to $10, and you just select any box.  The grid is quite large, so again a bit of gamble whether your time is worth the return.  I haven’t received anything over 2 days, but that isn’t to say that if you do it daily the chances increase.the clixgrid offer


In offers, you get sent downloads or offers and you can earn for completing. I had the offers in the picture below. So if you like listening to the radio you could earn by having it on in the background, but again you need to complete CAPTCHA every 30 minutes to prove you haven’t gone out.list of offers available


The tasks are set by CrowdFlower, a crowdsourcing service. They post available jobs you can complete and earn money. So, I was given opportunity to find the email patterns of companies, 5 tasks at $0.01 for each. So I could have earned $.0.05 for doing this task.

Earn Genuine Money with Affiliate Marketing, Learn More


If you have a business or product/service the rates to advertise on ClixSense are quite reasonable. You purchase ad credits. 5000 regular ad credits cost $8.80. Then you can choose a selection of options on where you want to advertise.  If you are using PPC (Pay-Per-Click) on your website, you might want to consider it.rates for advertising

I found a number of the adverts were repetitive, the same product coming up numerous times, so if you have something that is different, it might stand out and give you a great return.

Payments go through the usual routes, PayPal, Payza, Paytoo or Neteller. Although they have just launched a service where you can transfer straight to your bank account which is a nice feature if you haven’t got one of the above accounts. You can also select it to be a cheque.

A note to US & Canada residents – You will need to confirm your postal address prior to fully accepting online payments with PayPal. You receive your first pay by cheque and us a code on it to confirm your account and from then on you can use the online methods.

Get paid to refer people. The referral program allows you to earn extra from getting people to join the platform, and then completing surveys, watching ads.

Once a new member has earned $10, you can earn $1 if you are on a standard account, or $2 on a premium member.

Then you earn depending on the type of ads, surveys, offers they complete.

There are 2 types of account. The standard account is free with normal rates of return.

You could also upgrade to Premium, the rates improve slightly and so does the affiliate rates, so as each of your referrals earns you earn, but at a better rate.premium benefits

You can also install ClicAdd-on, which is a browser extension which will prompt you when a new survey is available.

There are also ClixGames, I have played a couple, but these seem more of a pastime then an opportunity to earn money.

Minimum amount you need to earn to be able to cash out is $8 for standard or $6 for premium and it is paid on the 10th of every month.


  • Easy to get started and complete the actions required to earn the money.
  • Number of ways you can earn money.


  • Amount of time and effort to earn any real money, especially with the CAPTCHA feature every action.
  • Initial Questionnaire still doesn’t give you enough surveys you will qualify for
  • No compensation for not qualifying, even though you complete a mini-survey
  • Low Amount for each ad, you need to watch 10 to earn a penny.


Each feature is explained fully on the page, and they have an extensive FAQ section if still unsure. You can also check the forum too.  There is a helpdesk available if something hasn’t been logged correctly, if you find an issue that needs resolving. Just submit a ticket and they will get back to you within due course.


It is free to get started and doesn’t have to cost you anything else. The premium membership costs $17, and does come with some additional benefits. See graphic below. You do need to dedicate some time to this platform to earn a good rate of return, so it does depend on whether you want to pay $17.


Learn How to Make Genuine Money from the Internet Here


ClixSense is a legitimate platform with several ways to earn money online, you can get started for free and it is easy to use. The rates of return are similar to others in this field, and it just shows how this can’t lead to a full-time career doing it.

You would need to put so much time into it to even earn enough to cash out. I understand why they have the CAPTCHA feature to make sure it isn’t a bot just watching loads of adverts to earn money, but having to click them each time could get very tedious.

The surveys have a better rate of return, but it does depend on whether you qualify, I must not be the target market for surveys.

If you want a genuine way of earning a real income online, then check out our No.1 Product, Wealthy Affiliate which can teach you everything you need to know to earn real money online.

At a Glance…

Overall Ranking:

Price: Free Starter Membership, $17 for Premium

Owners: Jim Grago


 Verdict: Genuine Product, If you like watching Ads & Completing Surveys, might be for you. Low rates of return though.

If you had any experience with ClixSense then share them with me, also if you have any questions then please leave them in the comments below.


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