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Overall Ranking: star-4star-4star-4star-4star-1

Price: $4.95 first week, $37/month from then on,

$997 Mentor Me

Owners: Chris Farrell



The Chris Farrell Membership program is actually one of the more credible programs out there, despite the website starting with a video sales page. Normally this would be a warning of a scam, but this isn’t the case with this. It is a step by step guide to getting started in affiliate marketing.

It doesn’t quite stack up to my number one product, but Chris Farrell stands behind this product


The program is advertised as the perfect program for beginners to get started, with a step by step template to building a website. They focus on a number of elements to getting up and running like getting your domain, hosting and autoresponders, etc.


  • A low cost to getting started
  • Templates for building a website with no experience
  • The program is broken down into bitesize lessons, daily video lessons with additional manuals/blueprints
  • Pretty good support available
  • Owner stands behind his product and is trustworthy


  • The amount of time you will need to invest isn’t clearly explained
  • A number of hidden extras that are not included in the monthly fee aren’t described upfront
  • No free trial
  • Community Support could be better, don’t feel connected to the owner in all instances


Once in the members’ area you are given access to a 21-day daily video lesson training tutorial. Some of the lessons cover:

  • Creating your own eBook
  • WordPress Wealth
  • Monetise Mondays
  • Creating your own products
  • Killer Copywriting

The videos are supported by blueprint style guides that tell you what to do and when to do it. The program has a number of manuals to follow too.

The resources are updated, but maybe not as regularly as one might hope.


There is a member driven discussion forum which answers most questions other users have. It also lists a phone number Chris Farrell urges users to call if you require questions or support. It does seem like there is a reliance of other users to support you, as Chris is rarely there personally.

 There are a number of threads to aid new users with getting started with the basics, although if you have a specific question you may struggle unless another user knows the answer.

 One thing you might not like is the Mentor Me program, it is $997. It is an upsell that starts as soon as you sign up. That is why the support can be lacking, as it aims to get you to sign up for this mentoring program to make sure you have constant support for your questions.

But as it isn’t upfront, can be quite misleading.


The membership is quite upfront, $4.95 for the first week, and then $37 a month from then on. It isn’t upfront about some of the other costs, a domain for example. You will need to pay for a domain to have a website, typically $15 a month, but this isn’t described straightaway.

As mentioned before, the Mentor Me program is $997!


The Chris Farrell Membership is one of the better products out there, Chris is very honest about the time and effort required to start an online business, which pushes this site a long way away from the usual ‘get rich guru’ style websites you usually see.

The videos are easy to understand and are a reasonable length, so you don’t feel like you are trying to learn too much all at once. They do seem a bit basic, and the frequency of them being updated is lacking.

The price is comparable to other products, although the Mentor Me Program is a little high.

Overall, one of the better products for newbies getting started, although you may outgrow the program if you are more experienced.

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