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In this Clickbank review I’ll tell you about the company and what they offer.  Starting out in 1998, Clickbank has grown from a small start-up to one of the biggest Internet Retailers & Digital E-commerce sites. Taking $3 billion a year with 26k transactions a day. They tend to specialise in e-books and software products with some of the highest commission rates out there. Check out our full review below.


Clickbanks can work for either someone who has a product or service they want promoting (Vendors) or if you have a website and wish to promote a product to your readers (Affiliates).


Sign up is really easy, and doesn’t have a pre-approval process unlike some meaning anyone can sign up.

If you are selling a product/service, you set up the price and the commission rate, Clickbank Marketplacebetween 10% and 75% for your affiliates. Remember higher rates will mean they are more likely to choose your product to showcase on their websites meaning more sales for you. A lower rate will put them off, so be fair in your rate.

If you have a site and wish to promote others, again you sign up and choose the products you think will interest your visitors and if they buy that product through your site you get the commission rate they have set for that product/service.

Want to learn how Clickbank works, try this training.


  • High Commission, they pay probably one of the highest commission among affiliate marketing networks, as high as 75%
  • Easy to Sign up, with no pre-approval. The sign up process is quite simple, and unlike some there is no pre-approval before joining for the affiliate side. Also merchants cannot choose who they allow to promote their product. This allows newbies to get started easier.
  • Promote products in 4 languages. They allow multi-lingual support, a great feature considering clickbank’s reach is worldwide.
  • Choose your payment schedule. Unlike some that only pay monthly, clickbank allows you to select weekly, or bi-weekly. More frequent payments really do help someone starting out.
  • Ability to set payment threshold. Another great feature is the ability to select a smaller payment threshold. Some have really high thresholds meaning you could be waiting a while to receive payments if you do not reach that threshold, clickbank allows thresholds as small as $10.


  • Email support can be lacking. Some users can find their email support response time a bit lacking. They do seem slow to respond to some queries.


Their knowledge base covers all the different aspects of the vendor or affiliate side, and I found it most useful. They also have what is called the Clickbanks University once signed up which you can use to understand more. The interface is relatively simple, and they use a HopLink referral tracking ID that both links to a vendor site, and links the click to your affiliate link.

Once signed up they take you to a video promoting the Clickbank University 2.0. Clickbank University 2.0They offer to take you hand in hand to share their knowledge to get you earning money through clickbank. The video is a bit salesy, but the information available seems quite thorough and useful, although the $47 a month might put some people off. They also offer a qualification out of it for those who sign up. It features a video step by step guide to earning money, with interaction from Justin & Adam to have been successful on Clickbank and want to share their knowledge

You don’t have to sign up to it to use Clickbank.  But if you find you want to try it, let me know how you got on with it in the comments below.


They have a customer support phone-line available Monday to Friday 7am to 6pm MST, they have a support page with links to check your order status, or submit a ticket. Also their knowledge base is really comprehensive.


Clickbank is a great choice to use for both a vendor or an affiliate offering some Legit Productof the highest commission rates out there, with no pre-approval and thousands of product/services to choose from. Their payment thresholds are really flexible and ensures even those with smaller sales will still get paid regularly.

Whatever your website is about, there is sure to be something for you to promote.

Have you any experience with Clickbank? Please let me know your thoughts below. Any questions, I will be happy to help you with any. Just leave them in the comments below.



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