Want help getting some money back this Christmas?

Christmas Shopping

Christmas can be a really expensive time of year,  with the average household spending £794 in 2015, according to the Centre for Retail Research.

Have you ever thought ways to claw some of that back, you could earn cashback on your christmas shopping in a variety of ways.

Here we will explore a number of options:

Earning Cash-back on certain credit cards

Cash-back Credit Cards allow you to earn money back on your balance when you spend on them.

American Express is offering 5% cash-back up to £100 for your first 3 months, you can also benefit from 3% cash-back up to £15, if you spend on amazon.co.uk.This is with their Platinum Cash-back & Cash-back Everyday Credit Cards. You need to sign up by the end of January 2017. Be mindful the platinum cash-back card has a £25 annual fee.

Asda have their cash-back credit card which offers 1% cash-back spent at Asda, and 0.5% when spending elsewhere with no cap. It has no annual fee. Their cash-back plus credit card offers 2% cash-back at Asda, and 1% elsewhere, but does have a £3 monthly fee.

Just be mindful with credit cards.

Go Contactless

New and Existing customers can benefit from TSB’s Classic Plus Current Account. The account has 5% AER variable interest rate on balances up to £2000, with no monthly fees. But they’re also offering 5% cash-back on the first £100 of contactless payments each month with their debit card, including Android Pay and Apple Pay.

Existing customers have until December 31 2016. New Customers have until September 30 2017.

Services that track your spending and earn cash-back.

You can use sites such as quidco to monitor your spending and earn cash-Quidco Homepageback through tracked links.

From the quidco website you then visit the shopping site you want to purchase something from. Purchase it and quidco will have seen the transaction and will give you a % cash-back.

Check out Quidco in our Review here

You can also have a banner live on your browser to remind you to go through quidco before you buy it.

You could also use TopCashback too, which works in a similar way.

Get cash-back of your receipts from in-store purchases

TopCashback allows you to take pictures of your receipts and as long as its eligible you get cash-back on it.

CheckoutSmart allows you to make money from your grocery shopping receipts, how much do we all spend on our food shopping each month, that would amount to a high % of cash-back.

Loyalty points

You can also sign up for loyalty cards that gain you points as you spend to be able to use them towards purchases in the future.

Tesco have their clubcard, as you spend you gain points, typically a point per £1 you spend. You get a quarterly statement with points vouchers that you can use against purchases or towards days out or extras through clubcard boost. With this £5 worth points becomes £10 worth of boost vouchers. With some partners it could be as much as 4x the value.

There is also nectar card, which you might recognise from Sainsburys, but also covers 500+ brands.

There are a number of ways to reducing the burden the Christmas period gives us on the wallet, so make sure you check some out.

If there have been any other ways you claim cash-back that has worked for you, please let me know in the comments below.

I would also love any feedback you have




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