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Overall Ranking: star-4star-4star-4star-4star-3

Price: Free

Owners: eBay


 VERDICT: Solid Affiliate Partner Choice 


eBay has 162 million active buyers, and 5 million sellers offering $70 billion in merchandise a year operating in 13 countries. The eBay partner network  allows you to advertise their website or listings and earn commission when someone follows that link and makes a purchase (affiliate marketing). eBay used to be all about used items, but with 80% of over 800 million listings being  listed as new, you can see where it has moved to and makes it a sound choice as a partner


If you have a website or blog you can get an account (need a website?), the prerequisites are relatively simple, i.e. you must have a valid phone number, a working website and a valid payment method whilst agreeing to the terms and conditions. All quite normal when signing up with an affiliate account, but there are no checks on the number of visitors to a site, so someone new could get an account.


They offer several tools to help make the most of the EPN, they have banners, widgets etc. But a feature I liked is you can create a custom link to items on eBay. You know your viewers, so create items they are going to be interested in. The more clicks and purchases, the more likely you are to make money. With analytics to help you to.

What I also liked is you only need to earn $25 before eBay pay you money to your account, some have a really high threshold, so you could be waiting a while to receive any money.


  • Easy to get started and use
  • Several different tools to personalise it for your site
  • Ability to share single listings on social media
  • Easy to understand Analytics including impressions
  • Minimum threshold of $25 before receiving funds


  • Commission rate fluctuates depending on type of listings (between 40%-80%)
  • Commission rate not as high as some, and does depend on whether your readers are into auction sites

EPN commission rates


They offer several training videos and descriptions on how to get started and how to use the tools available. They also offer a blog which describes different features and how to get the best out of the program.

There are a few tools to help get it exactly how you want it, you also get a ‘bookmarklet’ tool which means as you browse the site, you can create a link from there



The blog has several features to start with, and they offer customer service options in 5 languages to cover all the 13 countries they operate in.

The FAQ is quite extensive, but if you need anything else customer service is just as good as if you were a buyer having an issue on eBay.


The great thing is it doesn’t cost you a penny


I feel the eBay Partner Network is a great partner for anyone with a website hoping to make some extra money, it doesn’t cost anything to get started, they have all the tools to make appealing ads on your sites and/or social media. Being an auction site, it does depend on the listing and the commission rate as to what you will make, but still a solid choice.

If you have any experience with the eBay Partner Network, please let me know.

Any questions on this or affiliate marketing in general, please leave me a comment.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Heh John. Thanks for the great information on ebay. I didn’t know it was that easy to get affiliated. Much easier than Amazon. How did you get the pen and signature? That is so cool. Nice site. Really nice. Thank you again for sharing

  2. Thanks for the informative post about Ebay. First thing tomorrow I will be signing up. Do they really pay 40%-80% commission? Sounds good to me. It is truly a solid Affiliate Partnership.
    It is good that Ebay is trading in both new and used items.
    Good Read

    • Hi Luna, have updated the post with a screenshot describing the commission rates. yes between 40% & 80% depending on the sale price.
      glad I could help.


  3. John thank you for this review. I had no idea I could be an affiliate for ebay. This just made my day! Thats why I love looking at other people’s sites, to get more ideas for mine. Well done.

  4. Hi getting approved on eBay partner network is now instant and open to anyone. Payments are not fast if you get any at all. What happened to me with eBay partner network has also happened to some of my friends and if you do a google search you will find that what happened to me and some of my friends has also happened to many others around the world. I reckon that anyone claiming to make money with eBay partner network are paid by eBay partner network to say so. You know, a bit like those scam websites that use to state that they have made thousands in one month. This is the type of business that eBay partner network are proving to be with the more time that passes.

    Anyway, here is what happened to me with eBay partner network along with some of my friends along with the rest of the world that begins to earn good money with eBay partner network.

    The moment eBay partner network begins to sort out payments (first week of the month) for the previous month earnings,
    they either issue an AS77on your account (termination of your account due to low quality traffic) or an LS43 on your account (termination of your account plus a 100% reversal of all earnings due to non bona fide transactions).

    What is interesting to note is that after some extensive research, me, some of my friends and the rest of the world did nothing wrong. We have all had good quality traffic (BUYERS) and NOT clicked on our own content as that would be classed as non bona fide transactions.

    So what is the problem

    Now after some extensive research, it is evident that eBay partner network issue out AS77,s when earnings are low and issue out LS43’s when earnings are high.

    eBay partner network get you to join by telling you how easy it is to make money and offering double commissions for the first 3 months making the payment structure look brilliant along with eBay’s so called trusted name. This is enough to make most people think that eBay partner network is the best thing since the invention of the wheel. eBay partner network does not want you earning money. Why would they. You spend hours if not days sending traffic to eBay. Traffic turns into buyers. eBay earns money. But now they have to give it to you via the eBay partner network program. low and behold, You have just been issued an AS77 or an LS43.

    Join eBay partner network at you own risk and expect eBay partner network to legally steal your money.

    • Hi John,

      thanks for sharing your experience with the eBay Partner Network. That can be the difficulty when dealing with an auction site, and agree they need to start ensuring payments are consistent and regular. I think the proposition from amazon could be more beneficial, have a look at my review on the amazon associates platform.


  5. Ya, the same happened to my friend. EPN told him that to clear is case, he had to provide server log details. He spent a month researching how to get into and understand server logs. He got no further forward as to how to get into server logs, you need to be a pc whiz kid he said. I also tried to learn about server logs and also came to the same conclusion that my friend did. To get into server logs you need to be a computer whiz kid. So I gave EPN a whirl to see what the crack was. My opinion was that my friend was clicking on his own content and EPN does not like that. Well, can you guess what happened. Yes, they said the same to me as they did to my friend even though I clicked on NONE of my own content. I sent EPN an email asking them to explain why they say EPN is simple when clearly you need to be a pc whiz kid to get into server logs. That was 6 months ago and at the time of writing this, there has been no reply. My friend lost nearly 3K and I lost just over 1K. All this has the makings that EPN is a SCAM, SCAM, SCAM. And I also think that just like any scam on the net, EPN pay people to say how wonderful it is and emphasize all the money that you can earn. In fact EPN SCAM people from their money. Did I mention that EPN is a SCAM, SCAM, SCAM.

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