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Price: $1,997 upfront

Owners: Brendan Buchard



Brendan Buchard is very well known in the field of Internet Marketing. He has made millions of dollars online. He appears quite honest, and offers courses to help people with techniques that have worked for him.

His video on the website is quite motivational, and he describes how he can teach you how to build an online business based on a personal interest.


Someone with long term goals, wanting to create a media business.


When you arrive on the website there is a video with Brendan explaining how the course works. It is then a step by step course on how to launch your business. Brendan teaches you how to create your own information products. He then explains how you can promote them. DVDs, seminars, downloads, webinars, pdf guides and the like.


  • You get Brendan’s experience
  • Learn how to start an online business


  • Very Expensive
  • Support is limited (email only)
  • The teachings are not easy to implement
  • Some of the techniques require the ability to speak in public

 TRAINING/TOOLS OVERVIEWExperts Academy courses

Details of Brendan’s courses available from his website

  • The 10 Human Drives – $49
  • The Influence Course – $297
  • The Business Accelerator – $297
  • The Success Accelerator – $29 per month
  • Secrets of the Top 2% – $497
  • The Confidence Course – $97
  • The Achievement Accelerator – 3 monthly payments of $197
  • High Performance Academy – 3 monthly payments of $369

 As you can see the courses are expensive, and can become a very expensive way to learn these skills.


Limited, it will only be by correspondence through email.


$1,997 upfront, or 3 payments of $66. There are better and cheaper alternatives out there.


As Brendan is a very good public speaker, and very motivational you could watch Legit Productthe video on the website and believe this is going to be the greatest product online, and is worth the money upfront.

However, when you break down what this course will teach you, (Building a website, creating content, Search Engine Optimisation) you could learn all this with other formats without the high cost.

This seems to be focused on email marketing, which is very hit and miss, and will take a lot of time.

 I cannot recommend this product to anyone who wants to take this path. There is another alternative which offers all this help and advice, and you can try it for free.

If you have any experience with Experts Academy, would love to here your views. Any comments please leave them below

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