If you have ever considered earning some money online using the skills you already have or outsourcing some of the work you have on an online business, there are many freelancer platforms out there to help you. Today, I wanted to review one of the easier platforms to get started with. I will be showing you how it works, and more importantly can you trust it or is Fiverr a Scam?

Name: FiverrFiverr Review - Is Fiverr a Scam?

Website: www.fiverr.com

Price: Free to Join

Owners: Micha Kaufman CEO

Overall Rating: 75 out of 100

Fiverr, Product Overview

Fiverr started out in 2009 and is a platform where freelancers can offer their services for a number of different categories. It started out that all ‘gigs’ were sold for $5 or a fiver and that is where the name comes from. Since then though there have been changes towards the pricing, as a number of sellers were complaining that certain tasks deserved a higher reward/cost.

In 2014, this was addressed and now there are a number of ways sellers can earn more money for certain gigs, for example through the use of gig extras or additions to gigs.

There are a number of different categories that Fiverr sellers offer gigs in, from writing, logo design to SEO and traffic generation. See the full list below:

  • Graphic & Design
    • Logo Design, Business card & stationary, Illustration, Cartoons & Caricatures, Flyers/Brochures, Book & Album Covers, Packaging Design, Web & Mobile Design, Social Media Design, Banner Ads, Photoshop editing, 3D & 2D models, T-shirts & Merchandise, Presentation Design, Infographics, Vector Tracing, Invitations, Other
  • Digital Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing, SEO, Content Marketing, Video Marketing, Email Marketing, Search & Display Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Web Analytics, Influencer Marketing, Local Listings, Domain Research, E-Commerce Marketing, Mobile Advertising, Music Promotion, Web Traffic, Other
  • Writing & Translation
    • Resumes & Cover Letters, Proof-reading and editing, Translation, Creative Writing, Business Copywriting, Research & Summaries, Articles & Blog Posts, Press Releases, Transcription, Legal Writing, Other
  • Video & Animation
    • Whiteboard & Animated Explainers, Intros & Animated Logos, Promo Videos, Editing & Post Production, Lyric & Music Videos, Spokesperson Videos, Animated Characters & Modelling, Short Video Ads, Live Action Explainers, Other

Fiverr - Video & Animation

  • Music & Audio
    • Voice Overs, Mixing & Mastering, Producers & Composers, Singer-Songwriters, Session Musicians & Singers, Jingles & Drops, Sound Effects, Other

Fiverr - Music & Audio Gigs

  • Programming & Tech
    • WordPress, Website Builders & CMS, Web Programming, Ecommerce, Mobile Apps & Web, Desktop Applications, Support & IT, Chatbots, Data Analysis & Reports, Convert Files, Databases, User Testing, QA, Other
  • Business
    • Virtual Assistant, Market Research, Business Plans, Branding Services, Legal Consulting, Financial Consulting, Business Tips, Presentations, Career Advice, Flyer Distribution, Other
  • Fun & Lifestyle
    • Online Lessons, Arts & Crafts, Relationship Advice, Health, Nutrition & Fitness, Astrology & Readings, Spiritual & Healing, Family & Genealogy, Gaming, Greeting Cards & Videos, Your Message on…, Viral Videos, Pranks & Stunts, Celebrity Impersonators, Collectibles, Global Culture, Other

Fiverr - Fun & Lifestyle Gigs

Some are great, especially if you are looking at outsourcing some tasks, others are quite quirky and may be for some out there.

But there is a category for both if you are looking at investing in a service or looking to earn some money from selling your services.

Fiverr keeps it simple by having the same account type for both a buyer or seller or both. There is no vetting process for either other than confirming your email address.

Payments tend to go through PayPal, giving you extra peace of mind over the money side of things. Something to note, is the commission rate is 20%. So as most buy the basic gig of $5, you will hand over $1 for each transaction.

One thing, I do find interesting is the lack of a vetting process for a seller, unless they choose to go for a Fiverr Pro account. To get this status has many positives including having extra trust for buyers added to it, but this is optional.

So, my concern is that anyone could say they can do any of these tasks, you only have the star ratings system to go off. In most cases, this is fine as they are genuine sellers with experience.

But, how do you weed out the scammers that are ever more prevalent on this platform??

Compared to some other higher end platforms for Freelancers, Fiverr does appear to be a bit crowded and there are some concerns over the lack of vetting due to certain scams on there.

For a Buyer

The website is nicely set out and is easy to navigate for a potential buyer, just select the category you are interested in exploring and you will find a selection of gigs available for you to review. I would highly recommend you thoroughly read what they are offering and make sure it is exactly what you want.

The reason I say this is, it can be too easy to just pick a gig based on their star rating and what they offer, but it turns out the seller is unable to complete the task as you are asking for something that isn’t being offered.

If I give you an example, I could look into someone writing me an article – the sellers feedback is awesome, and they deliver a quick turnaround – but I want an article written on a subject that they don’t list – So they specify they specialise in finance articles, but I didn’t read that bit and want an article on coffee makers.  See what I mean?

If you are looking for a specific task, check all the gigs and what the seller is offering.

There is also a new feature called Business Tools – it is designed to help you manage and keep track of your purchases, especially if you have a team of people working in your business.

Fiverr - Business Tools


For a Freelancer (Seller)

Unless you go for a Fiverr Pro account, you just create an account and you are good to set up your own profile and gigs. Like I said for a buyer, you need to be as specific as you can.

Tell them about your experience, timelines for completion, revisions, etc.

It might be worth checking out what others are offering, to ensure you are both competitive and offering a unique gig.

There are different levels for a seller, which I go through later in the review, but this is based on feedback from previous gigs – so if you are new you won’t have a star rating, that is why you need to be unique and show a good brief so that someone decides to use you.

Once you start receiving work and receiving feedback, you can climb up the rankings and possibly consider a Fiverr Pro account.  There is a level of vetting to get this status but is a great thing for a potential buyer to see.

One thing to consider with selling on Fiverr is the sheer competition on there from really established players on there – that is why you need to be different or even a bit quirky to get noticed.

The Good & The Bad

There are always good points and bad points to any product or service, let’s explore them with Fiverr:

The Good

  • There are no restrictions on who can join or from where with worldwide support
  • Buyers can hire freelancers for as little as $5
  • Easy way for freelancers to earn money online

The Bad

  • The Website is a little crowded. Anyone can join, which includes a high number of scammers with little way of knowing if they are one
  • No guarantee of quality, there is no vetting of sellers unless they go for Fiverr Pro
  • Fiverr does currently hold a negative BBB rating, which at the time of writing this an F with 42 complaints, compared to 3 positive reviews
  • Fiverr’s emphasis for customer care tends to favour buyers, Sellers in some cases have had a raw deal in complaint circumstances

How Does Fiverr Work?

As the same account works for both a buyer and seller, I have broken this section down into Buyers and Sellers just to show you the different aspects to consider when deciding whether to use Fiverr or not.


Sometimes, you are looking at ways of outsourcing some of the work you need done for your business, for example help with a logo. Fiverr provides a platform that offers many different types of gig you may want to look into. But there are some advantages and some disadvantages to using Fiverr

Advantages to a Buyer

  • If you don’t have a large budget, you can hire freelancers for as little as $5
  • If you aren’t satisfied with the work, you have only lost $5
  • The number of different types of gig available

Disadvantages to a Buyer

  • Only see a profile and rank before you buy the gig – in some cases this is fine, but if you take some of the SEO gigs you do need to mindful as there are scammers in the mix and you could end up doing more harm than good to your website and you don’t want to get penalised by Google due to incorrect ways of getting traffic, etc.
  • Easier to get Freelance experience/work due to the low fee ($5)
  • Don’t need to have much technical experience to set up your profile and sell gigs
  • Can make more money doing something you love
  • Buyers search by gig rather than seller, meaning it is easier to get exposure
  • External marketing, such as social media is permitted to get more exposure


Selling on Fiverr is a great way of earning money from freelancing and utilising the skills you have, but there are again pros and cons to selling on Fiverr too

Fiverr - Become a Seller

Advantages to a Freelancer/Seller


  • You have no control over the gigs that are accepted automatically on your behalf, this may mean a gig is taken but it isn’t actually relevant to what you are offering
  • The rating system is questionable and can be affected by the gigs that are accepted but are not relevant. If you have a lot of people who buy your gig for the wrong reasons, this can seriously impact your star ratings if you are unable to complete the gig
  • It will be harder to sell if you are targeting a highly competitive gig area, as these will be up against established sellers
  • It is a high commission rate (20%), considering most only buy the basic gig.
  • Can only withdrawal earnings 14 days after receiving payment. Fiverr says this is down to safety reasons, and in case a buyer has an issue.
  • Fiverr can ban you without reason if they feel you have violated t’s and c’s.
  • Fiverr service tends to favour the buyer in most cases

Seller Levels

As you start out selling gigs on Fiverr, there are certain levels you can achieve. These levels show potential buyers how experienced you are, and the star ratings allow them to see how good a seller you have been. A seller level is a good indicator for trust level, but not always a true reflection as it is hard to see whether someone has used fake reviews to climb up the ranks. But either way, not everyone on there is a scammer so is still a good indicator.

You start out as a New Seller:

This gives you the ability to have 7 active gigs, 2 gig extras and 5 gig multiples

Level One Seller:

Criteria:           30 days active, completed at least 10 individual orders, you maintain a 4-star rating or above and have a low cancellation rate.

Benefits:         15 active gigs, 4 gig extras and 10 gig multiples

Level Two Seller:

Criteria:           You have completed 50 individual orders in 2 consecutive months, maintain a 4.5-star rating or above and have a low cancellation rate.

Benefits:         20 active gigs, 5 gig extras, 15 gig multiples and priority customer support

Top Rated Seller:

Criteria:           Maintain a 4.7 to 5-star rating, offer exceptional customer care, have a low cancellation rate, show community leadership and is based on volume of sales.

Benefits:         20 active gigs, 5 gig extras, 15 gig extras and priority customer support.

How to Improve Your Chances of Getting Hired

  • Embrace the basic gig of $5, get your name out there before exploring additional gig extras, etc.
  • Be honest in your profile, if you haven’t got qualifications but years of experience – share this and be able to back up your claims
  • Be unique and stand out. Be highly specific in what you offer
  • Advertise your services on Fiverr elsewhere, as in your social media profiles
  • Make your profile fun, people buy because of the person selling
  • If you are serious, look into using a Fiverr Pro account – pass the vetting stage and see your profile stand out from the crowd.

Fiverr Support

Fiverr do have a support team contactable via the in-built messaging service, but a lot of the problems do tend to stem from this point.  Support are great for buyers, as they are putting the money into the system. Support are not that great for sellers.

I have seen a few examples in my research that shows there is a blatant bias towards the buyers. It seems Fiverr do not want you to really be issuing refunds due to Fiverr losing money from it.

I thought, these might be isolated cases, but when you check the BBB rating, they only rank an F and have 42 complaints on there all around the support side from the perspective of the seller.

There are always going to be times where a seller or a buyer are not holding up their end of the contract, but Fiverr should remain neutral and support from a neutral position.

This does affect Fiverr’s overall rating, not only with BBB but with reviews in general too.

Fiverr Price

It is free to join Fiverr and they use the same dashboard for either a buyer or seller. I can understand this as a buyer, but I would have thought there would be a few extra hoops for a seller to go through to register. The reason I say this is, anyone can register and tell you they are selling a certain gig and that’s it. I know this make it easier for freelancers to get some experience before they try a platform where they will need to provide a few more details like Upwork. But still find it difficult that it is so easy for a scammer to get money out of people.

My Final Opinion of Fiverr

Fiverr has great opportunities for people wanting help with their online businesses at reasonable prices. Basic gigs do start at $5, sometimes the extras add additional costs to this, but no more than you would spend elsewhere. I would still say be mindful of the gigs you invest in, I personally would avoid the SEO & traffic seeking ones, as they are typically fake traffic and can affect your websites in a bad way.

But Fiverr can be a great place to ask writers to write content for you, as when you receive it you can always check it over and reword it if necessary to ensure it is unique.

It can also be a great platform for freelancers who want to get started and some experience with freelancing before exploring a better platform, like Upwork where you can earn a lot more money or get hired as a regular writer, etc.

The advice I would give any potential freelancer offering their services on Fiverr to be careful though, my research and experience shows me Fiverr are more inclined to agree with buyers and not sellers, as this would involve a refund. But anyone can buy your gig and then try and change the goal-posts, then you end up looking like the bad guy.

Can you Make Money with Fiverr?


You can make a very good income out of Fiverr, if you can ensure you are unique, good at what you offer, stand out from the crowd and advertise your gigs regular on social media, etc.

Is Fiverr a Scam…?

Whilst there are definitely gigs out there that end up being there from an unreliable source or scam, there are also a high number of genuine sellers on there and after using their services, I would go back and use them again.

I would say Fiver is a great resource if you are struggling with a logo, or want help writing some articles. But do your research thoroughly, check the ratings and feedback. But at the end of the day, if they end up not giving you what you wanted, it is a $5 investment and that is it.

I do feel like, Fiverr could do more to support Sellers, when buyers are expecting more than the gig offers and I think they could do more to prevent scammers.

Why do only Fiverr Pro’s go through the vetting process. Most of these platforms can also tell if accounts have a load of fake reviews, so I think they could improve that part.

Overall, I think Fiverr is a good platform for those wanting some freelance experience. Both buyers and sellers know what the deal is upfront, and it is very easy to use. There could be some improvements, but as long as you do some thorough research before buying or selling, then you can use Fiverr to progress your ambitions.

Fiverr At a Glance…

Name: FiverrFiverr Review - Is Fiverr a Scam?

Website: www.fiverr.com

Owners: Micha Kaufman CEO

Price: Free to Join

Overall Ranking: 75 out of 100

Verdict: There could be some improvements, but good platform for buyers and potential freelancers

Fiverr offers a chance for freelancers to get some experience and earn some money and will be a chance to experience a variety of different tasks, but if you would prefer to start your own online business with full support, then I suggest you check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review. Get started with a full-time income now



Ease of Use






Overall Quality



  • There are no restrictions on who can join or from where with worldwide support
  • Buyers can hire freelancers for as little as $5
  • Easy way for freelancers to earn money online


  • The Website is a little crowded. Anyone can join, which includes a high number of scammers with little way of knowing if they are one
  • No guarantee of quality, there is no vetting of sellers unless they go for Fiverr Pro
  • Fiverr does currently hold a negative BBB rating, which at the time of writing this an F with 42 complaints, compared to 3 positive reviews
  • Fiverr’s emphasis for customer care tends to favour buyers, Sellers in some cases have had a raw deal in complaint circumstances
  1. Thanks for this review able fiver. While I’ve never used it, I have heard great thing about it both from a buyers per perspective and a sellers per perspective.

    I think if I were to go in there I would hire someone for graphics since I can’t draw that well.

    Have you used it before?

    • HI Michael,

      thanks for your comments – I know what you mean about the graphics side, I have used it for a logo on another site, really happy with the results.

      thanks again 


  2. Hey John,

    Thanks for the Fiverr review you created. I was thinking to get my gigs on their as well and thanks to your well informed review now I know it’s worth so.

    Looking forward to your other reviews.

    Have a nice day John

  3. Hey really good article, i actually like fivver and i have been using it for some gigs. I have posted one of my own gigs but nothing has happened with that yet. I learned about fivver because of pewdiepie and some things are cheap but everything is not 5 dollars like it advertises. But i will continue to use fivver to grow my websites!

    • Thanks Justin,

      It may be hard for you to get anything with your gig, depending on which area you are targeting due to it being too competitive and you will not have any rankings yet.

      But there are some great opportunities to outsource certain elements on there.  I think it has its uses, just warn people to be mindful – but would give the same advice for most products, do your own research and go from there.

      Thanks again


  4. Hi John:

    Fiverr sounds like a fascinating platform but do people really offer the kinds of services you are talking about for only $5?

    Do you have to be the one providing the services to make money through Fiverr or do you make a commission off the transaction?

    To me it sounds pretty legitimate and straight forward. I am an artist and perhaps this is a way to start making money for my efforts.

    Thank you for bringing Fiverr to our attention!

    • HI Christopher,

      thanks for the questions. I have found there are many ‘gigs’ out there that are $5, but this would be their basic gig. Once people get more established and have a higher rating they may charge more with add ons or different tiers of gig. For example, 1 written article is $5, 3 articles is a $10, etc.

      You would only really make money if you are providing the services, but they do have an affiliate program where you can earn a commission on a first time purchase from a referral. 

      Some bloggers are quite content with their writing, but struggle when it comes to their artwork, logos, images, etc.  So you could find it very useful being an artist.  

      Thanks again for your comments, all the best


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