Freedom Fast Lane Scam - Is it Really a Scam?

Freedom Fast Lane Review Freedom Fast Lane Scam

Overall Ranking: 60/100

Price: The Tribe – $5k/year, The Backroom $25k/year, BBB $2,997 one-off

Owners: Ryan Daniel Moran



Freedom Fastlane is a training program with a community which offers programs to aid it starting, or scaling up a business.  Their owner, Ryan Daniel Moran, shares his experience of how he went from selling little to becoming very successful and wealthy in the process.  There are a number of positives to this program, but at a high cost.  Is it worth it?  Find out more in my review.


All their marketing is aimed at those who are new to online business or those who want to scale up a small business they already have.

They have bold promises of their strategies making you a business earning Freedom Fast Lane Scam - Is it Really a Scam?$1million dollars within a year.  All of their literature is very well written, and their strategies are based on what successful people have been doing for years.

The bit that would put most wannabe entrepreneurs off is the price. If you can afford to put an outlay of $5k at the outset of a business on techniques that are already there – then this might be for you, but to be honest the training is available at a fraction of the cost. See our Recommended Program Here.

The problem is that $5k would be better spent on your business rather than a training platform.

I believe the reason it is called Freedom Fastlane is that it is designed to get there very quickly. I get that this is designed to be earning you a million within a year, but most would not have the initial investment and it still requires you to put effort in as most programs do. they can teach you the techniques, but you need to follow them to succeed.


They have 3 core programs – the Tribe, the Backroom and the Brand Builder Bootcamp.

The Tribe – This is aimed at your first business and aims for it to be making $100k a month using  from their information page this is about joining a network of entrepreneurs who can share their ideas.

The Backroom – this is for the elite internet marketers sharing their business strategies. To become a member, you need to be worth $1million or earning $1million dollars a year. This isn’t always a guarantee, they want someone willing to contribute to the community and thinks big.  This is where you get all of the major advice via frontline access to big business opportunities

Brand Builder Bootcamp – this is aimed at taking an idea for a business to one that earns $1million a year.  This requires you to pay $2,997 upfront.

It is a legitimate business, but you will need money to be able to experience their programs and be willing to invest in something you cannot try upfront.  Most people who are searching online though are looking for something to reach their dreams but don’t have a lot of money.

Check out my No.1 recommendation Here.


  • They are an Inspiring group of entrepreneurs who offer a vast amount of knowledge
  • Beginners would benefit from their training and the community
  • There are many good concepts and insights shared within it


  • The Cost – there are definite benefits if you can afford to it to jumpstart your business, but not many people would have $2,997 for the course and an additional $5k to get it started.
  • Their claims that you will be earning a million dollars within a year does seem a bit unreal
  • There are definite better cheaper options out there for beginners out there, without risking so much investment.


When you check out the Brand Builder Training, it does sound very appealing and covers all the bases for growing a business and learning all you need, including:

  • Choosing a Market and products
  • Getting Sales to $1million per year
  • Get Customers who love to buy from you
  • Maximise Amazon for free traffic and custom
  • Automating the process
  • Making it Scalable

I think the training on offer looks fantastic, my only gripe would be that you can learn all that they offer without the high price tag.  There are even free resources describing some of the techniques.  Affiliate Marketers have been earning well out of Amazon without this course.  They rely on great content and it works great for them.

They also describe having a great community to help and support, but when you read the limited release bonuses, that initial cost only gets you in that for a year.  Presumably you would need to renew that after the year? Well, I have been doing this a for a couple of years and I still have to ask the odd question, so the support is needed constantly.


Their support page offers the usual’s, an email and a telephone number. They also have a discussion string, although the last comment was from 4 months ago with some commenting they are not getting a response from the support email.

Now, when they have someone who wants to purchase it but has questions and they cannot get a response, that would be a major turn-off and shows that they aren’t too bothered if you do want to join.

Get Support for your business from someone who really cares, like Wealthy Affiliate. Check out why I believe them to be awesome here.


The Tribe – The fees for joining the Tribe are $5,000 a year or $800 a month.

The Backroom – the first-year fees are $25,000

Brand Builder Bootcamp – the course is a one-off payment of $2,997 or 2 payments of $1,600

Freedom Fast Lane Scam

If you are a newcomer wanting to learn your trade and can afford those kind of prices, then this program maybe for you.  But most will not be able to commit to that… however, there are alternatives out there that offer training, support and all the tools required to get started and you can start for free… check out my number one recommendation at the bottom of this review.


Freedom Fastlane is a legitimate offer of training and support wanting to help people succeed online, however when you take into account the cost of their programs, there does raise a question of who has that kind of money if they are starting out in the internet marketing industry.

They play on the fact that many of us would like to be earning a million dollars and working from the side of a pool.  But it takes time and effort to even be earning the money to join any of their programs.

I would also worry about what I found about their support links, if people who want to join cannot get their questions answered, what about someone already in the program??

Now, if you have the sort of money they are after, then Freedom Fastlane may be for you.

For those that can’t justify handing over that sort of money or want to try a program before you pay anything, check out my Number 1 recommendation.

If you are looking for financial freedom and live the lifestyle you have always wanted, then I fully recommend Wealthy Affiliate.

The owners, Kyle & Carson are fully engaged with the training and the community are always there to answer any questions you may have. They all have a desire to see each other succeed.

I urge you to research Wealthy Affiliate and if you do decide they are for you, you will not regret it at all. They offer Education, Websites & Expert Support.

It’s 100% free to join and see what they are all about, with no credit card details either, here is a link to my Wealthy Affiliate Review.

I hope you take the first step towards your personal success story today! If you do decide to try them for free, find me in the community, here is my personal link.

Feel free to leave a comment or question below, I would love to hear if you have any experiences with Freedom Fastlane or want to know more about Wealthy Affiliate.



Freedom Fast Lane








Overall Quality



  • Very inspiring group
  • Tons of Information to explore
  • Beginners could benefit from the training and the community
  • Good Concepts & Insights Shared


  • Costs - Only for those that already have money
  • Support Page is worrying as no responses to questions people have
  • Better options out there

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