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Overall Ranking: star-4star-4star-4star-4star-1

Price: Starts from £5.99 a month, with a free month’s trial

Owners: Blake Irving (CEO)


Verdict: Competent service for someone after a personal page, there are better options for someone looking for an outstanding website for a business


Go Daddy is a very recognisable brand, featuring heavily on television adverts, and they even advertised their brand at the Super bowl. Their advertising campaign has been very successful at getting people to start up their first domain, without checking out the competition.

It is relatively easy to get set up, but it does help if you know what you need as they offer a number of different options.


There are a number of different packages for newbies, to advanced users.

It is designed to be easy to set up, hence why they are the no.1 hosting company in the US.

A lot of the functions are based on drag and drop and what you see is what you get, with the design of your website. Although for more advanced features it will take getting used to the controls.


Go Daddy uses cPanel, which is easy to use. The file manager, domain manager and database manager are great. Be mindful some things to do take time to set up, for example database set up could take 24 hours.

The absence of some advanced features on the basic packages does bring Go Daddy’s ranking down. Whilst you have a free domain for a year, it will cost you to migrate one.


  • Established Name in the field, so they are trustworthy
  • SSL on offer, and at great prices
  • Wide choice of packages available to suit all budgets and needs, and can grow as your business grows
  • Easy to use, with professional looking themes
  • Sales are quite common on the prices, and coupons can be available to bring it down going forward
  • Can try free for a month
  • Can cancel at any time (and anytime not used will be reimbursed)
  • 24/7/365 Support available, as you would expect from a company this site
  • Security features such as SSL are available to purchase, or are included in certain packages. Prices are reasonable too.


  • Entry level packages aren’t really enough to get someone started online (not without upsells)
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is key to getting your website noticed on search engines, but is only included in the higher end packages.
  • Limit on disk space, means you will need to purchase more at some point
  • You cannot change your theme once you have chosen one. SO if you decide to change the look of your website to keep up with the visitors to your site, you can’t
  • No e-commerce tools
  • Mobile sites aren’t available on all packages, but I wouldn’t say they look great on it anyway. Just means you will need to do additional configuration on your mobile site to get it looking like you would want it.
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Go Daddy offer a number of features depending on whether you are new or experienced.

  • A number of features around Domains, from registering, transferring, or buying a domain
  • Web Hosting, Managed WordPress Hosting, Dedicated Servers, VPS
  • Security features such as SSL
  • Website Builder
  • Business & Marketing solutions
  • Reseller plans and affiliate program


According to Go Daddy careers they have 500 in-house developers. They also offer 24/7-hour support 365 days a year available on the phone with a free customer support line. Varying reports show that how long you will be on hold for does depend.

You also have access to video tutorials, to help you understand the different features. With a comprehensive library of helpful tips and guides too.

They also actively urge users to engage in their forums, which in their own way help with technical support.


There are a number of different packages, which can make this a bit complicated. Also costs do not include VAT, which catches some people out

Website Builder

  • Personal Website – £5.99/month. 50 personal themes, unlimited pages, 1GB disk screen-shot-2016-10-08-at-15-45-26space, 150GB bandwidth
  • Business – £9.99/month. 300 business/personal themes, unlimited pages, 10GB disk space, 500GB bandwidth, mobile site
  • Business Plus – £12.99/month. 300 business/personal themes, unlimited pages, 50GB disk space, 1,000GB bandwidth, mobile site, SEO, 1-click social media manager (connects to your social media to mirror your website)

WordPress Hosted Sites – offers on first month

  • Basic – £4.99/month. 1 website, 10GB SSD storage, 25,000 monthly visitors, SFTP screen-shot-2016-10-08-at-16-02-46access, Free domain (1st year)
  • Deluxe – £6.99/month. 1 website, 15GB SSD, 100,000 monthly visitors, Free domain (1st year), 1-click staging site, SEO plugin
  • Ultimate – £10.99/month. 2 websites, 30GB SSD, 400,000 monthly users, SSH/SFTP, Free domain (1st year), 1-click staging site, SEO for both sites, 1 SSL certificate (1st year – renewal is £48.99), Malware scan for both sites
  • Developer – £16.99/month. 5 websites, 50GB SSD, 800,000 monthly visitors, SSH/SFTP, Free domain (1st year), 1-click staging site, 1 SSL certificate (1st year – renewal £48.99)

Email is offered through MS Office 365, but is only free for the first year.


Go Daddy is easy to use, and seems like a bargain, I would just advise that the Legit Productlower end packages will not give you what you want to get a business up and running effectively without paying for some features. If you take the personal website, you will need to pay extra for features like SEO, etc. Which is really helpful in getting your website noticed.

On the domain registration side, I think Go Daddy are great, you can get a domain relatively cheaply.

But on the Hosting side, I think there are better options.

You can try them for free for a month and actually see what they offer.

 (See our number 1 review, they include SEO for free, and 2 free websites)

Competent service for someone after a personal page, there are better options for someone looking for an outstanding website for a business

If you are new, and looking for an easy website set-up, then Go Daddy does tick many boxes, but it will not be the best experience you could have.

Thanks for reading, any comments or questions please leave them below


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