How Can University Students Earn Extra Money

Hey everyone, University fees are through the roof and it is only natural that University students will look for ways to earn extra money. There are the normal routes and we will explore them, but there also some that we will discuss that you may not have thought about and are actually a great way earning extra money – but there are some that could actually turn into a route to pay off your fees and possibly give you a full-time income.

Let’s start with the traditional routes…

Get a Part-time Job

This is one that most will consider, getting a part time job in a local retailer, etc. helping to earn some money. Many do it and it is effective – the problem is with the demands of your study at university, it might not be the best option due to the time it takes away from it. You need to find a job, go through all the training and then do shifts in and around your lectures.

I would also suggest you are looking for an alternative to that, otherwise you wouldn’t be searching for ways to earn extra money.

Complete Online Surveys

Completing online surveys is a great way to supplement a wage, the premise is simple – you sign up with a site like Swagbucks ReviewSwagbucks or Prolific Surveys. Complete surveys and receive money for completing it. I have tried both. Swagbucks offers a reward for completing surveys, watching videos including news, movie trailers etc. you can also earn SB points for using their search bar to search the internet. There are positives points to Swagbucks, but you would need to complete/watch a high number of surveys/videos to earn enough SB points to cash-out. Learn more in my Swagbucks review.

I actually prefer Prolific Surveys, it is a site that includes you in surveys completed by Study groups, universities, etc. and they offer you a decent amount for your time. With a low threshold to cash out, this is the one I use regularly to top up my income. Check out my review here.

Of course, we are not talking about a great amount of income from them, but it is something you could do in-between things and if you search the internet regularly, do it through a platform like Swagbucks to earn a little whilst you do it.

Become a Freelancer

Being a University Student, you should know how to structure an essay to ensure it is received well – Why not write content for others and earn some decent money. Copywriting is a great way to earn a living if you are a great writer. The beauty of this option is you don’t need to leave the house to work.

Fiverr AdvertsServices like Fiverr or Upwork allow you to sign up as a freelancer. I would suggest Fiverr to start with. The reason I say that is due to it being a great platform to get started. You offer your services for a ‘fiver’ at a time. The list of tasks that people are after are quite diverse, write an article, design a logo, record a video on a subject (review, advertisement for a platform, Voiceovers, WordPress & Website services, Virtual Assistant tasks, Graphic Design.

The list is limitless. When people hire you and give you great feedback, you are more likely to earn more work and then offer better packages with different prices structures. I.e. 5 articles for £30, etc.

Dependant on your skills, this could lead to a great way of earning money without the restrictions a normal job would have – all you need is a laptop and some time. You only post activities you are willing to do and give timelines to when it will be completed.

Upwork is for more established freelancers and with it the commissions you can earn are a lot higher, but the quality is expected to be higher and is more about forming relationships that mean you can get regular income for regular work. It works in a similar way to Fiverr.

Ratings are very important in this field, freelancers rely on their ratings to ensure they continue getting business so ensure that you only advertise tasks that you are good at and know you have the time to complete. Don’t set unachievable goals like a 24hr return rate, when you know it is more likely to be a 48hr return.

Of Course, Writing for Someone Else Can Only Achieve So Much Success…

Freelancing is a great and viable way of earning extra money and it could even lead to a full-time income – but it depends on people hiring you and it can also mean you could be writing about anything, including subjects that you don’t particularly enjoy, and this can affect the writing. Everyone has their own voice, even in writing and if you don’t believe in what you are writing it can show.

That is Why My Final Suggestion is… Start Your Own Blog

Can you afford an hour a day to build a blog based on a subject you are passionate about and turn it into a way of paying off your student debts and a full-time income???

Think about it, what are you passionate about – what could you talk or write about until the cows come home? I have two passions – photography and helping people find legitimate ways of earning money online.

Take my photography one – I launch a blog based on DSLR cameras, helping people learn how to use them correctly, what all the functions are for, what accessories are available for them. I also include reviews of DSLR cameras and accessories. By building up trust with my readers, they follow affiliate links to those products and if they buy one – I earn a commission. I have turned a blog into a way of earning passive income, all I need to do is keep writing and engaging with my readers.

So, Your Passion Can Be Turned into Earnings… Do You Want to Earn £100/a Day?

I am serious, with the right support you could be earning a living from a subject you love. So where is this support I am talking about. Well there is 3 things you need – the Right Education, a Website & Expert Support.

Now, I know you are at university and you have lectures, studies, etc. to complete but can you really not afford an hour a day?  When I started I had a full-time job, a five-year-old to entertain and I was (and still am) supporting my Wife’s Wedding Business and yet I have turned this very opportunity into an income.

Get Started

Getting started with your own blog and monetising it requires 3 things. Education, Websites & Expert Support. Education comes in the form of a step-by-step guide to getting your website (blog) up and running. Expert Support comes from myself and a community of like-minded individuals all there to help you get started.

If you would like to read more on our No.1 Recommended Product, check it out here. If you would like to see how I got started, click here.

PLEASE NOTE – this is not an overnight income generating system. You need to put time and effort into it. BUT, if you can invest time and effort into it – You will easily earn your targets.

There you have it, 4 ways to answer the question “How Can University Students Earn Extra Money?” Surveys can earn you a little extra money, Freelancing can earn you decent money, building your own business via a blog can earn you great money and has the added benefit being it can be based on a subject you enjoy and want to write about? My passion is photography, what is yours?

Thanks for reading this article, if you have any questions or comments please put them below and I will respond back. I would also love to know what you think of this article.

Many Thanks

  1. Thanks for this post.
    I’m trying to get my son motivated to do some work on the side whilst he is studying. He thinks it’s going to be too hard to juggle studying with work.

    I quite like the idea of Freelancing as he doesn’t need to leave the campus and can work in the comfort of his dorm.

    His major is in Economics however, he loves to write.

    If he were to join Fiverr or Upwork, as a writer, will he have to submit his qualifications?


    • Hi Jacqueline,

      thanks for your comment. freelancing is a great way to earn some money and is really flexible as you only accept jobs as and when you have time. 

      To answer your question, no he wouldn’t need to submit his qualifications – just a brief description about himself and what he has to offer. People tend to hire based on this (as the profile shows you to be a genuine person) rather than qualifications. But if his major is Economics, stating his qualifications in the summary would help getting work as it proves he knows the subject. Being a subject matter expert has it’s advantages as those looking to hire will know your son knows what he is talking about. But there is no formal submission of qualifications.



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