How to become a mystery shopper for free

Ever considered being a Mystery Shopper?

It seems like one of those great jobs where you get paid to go shopping or get a free meal? In essence, it is this simple, however they do expect you to be able to go in and look at specific things and write up a report at the end.

Not to mention, the deadlines. But it is totally possibly to earn some extra money being a mystery shopper.  I will be describing how to become a mystery shopper for free, with 3 reputable providers.  They have some major retailers asking for feedback including Tesco, Argos and many restaurants, etc.

Whilst it isn’t a way of earning a full-time living, it is a great way for anyone to earn some extra money and if you already go to a lot of retailers or restaurants, then this might be great for you.

Note – this information is based on living in the UK, these 3 providers are all based in the UK and act on the UK retail and food markets.


How to become a mystery shopper for free

Founded in 2005, Market Force Information (Marketforce) provide location-level customer experience management solutions – all in aid to support company’s brand image, customer service, etc. They offer an opportunity to become a mystery shopper.

Once you have registered you get access to their free app, Eyes:On™.  This lists all of the potential assignments you can complete. These could include assessing staff performance, customer service levels to store tidiness or cleanliness.

There are other tasks such as checking merchandise or even completing an audit on a store.

This all depends on the needs of the clients who register and set the assignments.

Once you select the relevant assignment, you then complete what it asks, complete and send in a report, they then credit your account.  If you purchased an item, they will reimburse you the expenses.

There may be a need to complete a test assignment as a training exercise, depending on the assignment and the client.

Sounds simple, however it isn’t something that you can just play at.  Before being accepted they state you must be committed, have good memory and excellent observational and report writing skills. You will also be required to complete a simple spelling, punctuation and grammar test.

It is also very clear that they will set defined deadlines for getting the assignments completed, so only accept an assignment you can see through.

Once registered, they will get to know your interests and hobbies, so that they can recommend assignments that you will be suited to.

Most assignments will pay around £5-£10 depending on what it is, plus they will also reimburse you any expenses.  Could be a great opportunity to go for a free meal or earn money where you already shop.

Check out their FAQ. It covers all the questions I could think of to answer.

If you think Marketforce might be for you, here is the link to getting signed up.

Grass Roots

How to become a mystery shopper for free

Grass Roots has been doing mystery shopping for 35 years and covers sectors like high street retail, restaurants/fast food, hotel and leisure, automotive and even banking and financial services. The main difference between Grass Roots and Marketforce are the way assignments are assigned.  Grass Roots send you them based on your profile.  You then choose to accept them or not.

They say that their assignments could be telephone calls, going to a location, visiting a website and giving feedback to using home delivery services.

Their deadlines are the report needs to be back in 24 hours from the assignment being given, which is pretty normal. Same as Marketforce you need to be good at writing a full report dependant on what the brief is.

The pay-out depends on the assignment and the length of time required, which they state tends to be about 30 minutes, and then the time to write the report up. The price will always be shown prior to you accepting the assignment.

I found their FAQ is pretty in-depth and worth a read prior to applying to become a mystery shopper with Grass Roots.

To go to their sign-up page, visit the link below

Red Wigwam

How to become a mystery shopper for free

Red Wigwam is a slightly different offering, they still offer mystery shopping opportunities but they also offer flexible or temporary jobs too. Their market pitch is around helping students get work experience or help with parents getting back into the work.

They have categories that you select, so they have:

Professional – those who want to add skills to their cv.

Students – opportunities to get work experience or flexible jobs for around their studies.

Retired – Their pitch is about keeping the mind active and filling those spare hours with something productive.

Parents – I like this bit, it is split into moms and dads, they will be different opportunities for moms and dads, I like that it has kept up with the fact that it isn’t only moms who are at home with the kids.

Other – not everyone will fit into one of the categories above.

Selecting Other allows you to see what the basics types of role would be, which are Data Admin/Entry, becoming a mystery shopper or Paralegal.

Whereas the other 2 are mainly Mystery Shopper opportunities, it is part of the offer here.  I looked at the professional category and there was an opportunity to work in a butchers for a fully qualified butcher, so even though it does offer it, you may want to stick with the other 2.  But, as it is free to sign up, there is nothing to lose to see what type of opportunity is there in your local area and for your skill set.

Companies that want to put jobs on the site are called Hirers.  Hirers put a job into the site, Red Wigwam match you to a job.  When you complete your timesheet, you will get paid 24 hours after.

If you interested in having a look and seeing if it is right for you, the link is below:


Looking at all 3 providers, they are all very reputable companies specialising in part-time flexible work. Whilst Marketforce and Grass Roots specialise in market research and therefore mystery shopping, Red Wigwam offers a different angle allowing people to develop work skills or getting back into the work style.

Mystery Shopping isn’t as easy as some may feel it is, but it is big opportunity to gain some extra money.

All companies know how important it is to gather feedback and act on it to keep their customer base happy and grow.  So, they will pay for it in the form of mystery shopping and completing surveys.

If you want to try them, the links are below.  Depending on the time available you may be able to sign up to all of them, but just remember they will expect a good report to ensure you keep getting assignments given to you.

If you have any experience with any of them, or mystery shopping in general, please leave a comment below.  I would love to hear what you think.

If you have any questions, please leave them below.

Thanks for Reading.


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