If you are just starting out with a website and want to understand how to find keywords for a website that are going to make your site stand out from the crowd and make sure you are at the top of the google searches, then there are a few things you need to learn about keywords and their relevance to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

It is also one of the first things you need to start with prior to writing a load of content.

Writing content without researching the right keyword to get your post noticed will lead to a frustrating end of a great website, with no traffic.

So below, I have used Jaaxy(see my review here), the ultimate keyword research tool to find some relevant keywords on a website idea to show you how to come up with ideal keywords to write your content around, then you can use the same techniques whatever your website is based on.

Finding Keywords with Jaaxy

Say your website is based on ‘ways to reduce weight’Keyword research into ways to reduce weight

So what you can see above is a screenshot of a search into that keyword ‘ways to reduce weight’ and you can see that even though that keyword has an average search of 118 a month, the keyword quality indicator is red suggesting that you do not use it.

Why? There are a number of factors to consider in keyword research.

QSR – The number of competing websites on that particular keyword

KQI – Keyword Quality Indicator. Green is great, Red is not

SEO – score from 0-100. The higher the score the more likely you are to be on the first page of a search engine.

So from going through the headings this keyword has a lot of competition (to get noticed you want keywords below 300 ideally). The KQI is red indicating it isn’t the best choice, and with a score of 18 on the SEO you will be nowhere near the top of the search engines with this keyword.

Without this research, we wouldn’t know to avoid that keyword and we had best try an alternative.

This way, looking down the list, the better choices would be:

best ways to reduce weight, ways to reduce weight naturally, natural ways to reduce weight.

A key tip to remember is make sure the keyword makes sense, when you look down the list you will see ones with a missing word, i.e. fastest way reduce weight, but what you can do is do a new search but with the missing word, so fastest way to reduce weight and see what comes up.

From this research you can write an article on the ‘best ways to reduce weight’ and know that it has a better chance of ranking higher up.

On the right hand side you can also see other alternatives to try.

Jaaxy makes it easy, and it also is the only keyword research tool with the competition score.

Check out a Keyword below:


Want to know where your keyword related post is ranked?

Another tool Jaaxy has is a tool called ‘Site Rank’. you can see where on the google rankings your website is, or where an individual page or post is ranked too.

With an Enterprise account, you can also use Jaaxy to find domain names that will ensure your website ranks high enough to get consistent traffic.

If you want to know more about keyword research, look at my Jaaxy review.


This tool is great for finding keywords for your website

Thanks for taking the time to read my post, if you have any comments or questions please leave them below, I am here to help you get started.

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