Make money from writing content for others

There is a real opportunity out there if you want to learn how to make money from content writing.

There are a lot of websites out there with information to answer people’s questions online.

The owners of these sites do not write all the content you find, they outsource and that is where someone with the ability to write great content can start to earn money by writing great content for them.

So, the real question is…

Are you any good at writing? and do you want to earn money whilst doing it?

There are some things to consider before starting writing content, and one of them is learning about ‘content that has impact’.

Content on a website is aimed at getting the viewer to do something, whether it be like/share it on social media, sign up to an email list, etc.

So any article you write would need to do what the buyer intends with the article and its ‘call to action’.

So, when you do get someone to hire you to write an article, they will be looking for content that has the viewer engaged straightaway and wants to read on, and follow the ‘call to action’.

This doesn’t have to cover just written articles, you can get jobs for creating logos, websites, ebooks, articles, article rewrites, blog posts, kindle books.

There are sites out there that offer content for as low as $5, to others that you can pay hundreds. Some websites are for those just starting out like fiverr.

When you get more established you can sign up with more or all. Most have free accounts, unless you want to pay more and get more benefits.

There are also opportunities where you can proof read articles for spelling or grammar mistakes, as mistakes can turn readers off, so they pay people to proof read them.

Below you will find the top websites out there for you signing up with and earning money from content writing.


Fiverr – as the name suggests, the basic ‘gig’ is $5 (4.10) but you can add additional things to the gig to earn additional money, i.e. double the word count $10.

fiverr homepage

Freelancer – the basic gig $10-$20, but there are gigs on there for £250 ($311) at present, so real opportunity to take earnings higher.

iWriter – you get paid by the word count and whether it is a standard, premium, elite, elite plus article, a 1000-word article ranges from $7.50 – $64.75.

iWriter Homepage

Upwork – Offers individual work or that part of a team, would say it is aimed at bigger websites for buyers, but that means you could get hired for long term projects or continuous writing for them?


Guru – Again another site you can sign up with to get writing jobs.

Guru homepage

The one thing you do need to consider is what briefs you take on, making sure the subject is something you know well, or understand how to research the subject matter enough as you will be rated on your content, and people will use this as to hire you.

Have you thought about writing content on your own website, but aren’t sure how to get started? Check out how you can here

If you have any questions please leave them in the comments below, I would love to be able to help you getting started

Thanks for taking the time to read, any comments would be appreciated


  1. That’s a great list of sites where you can earn a good amount of money depending on your writing skills of course. Like you said you don’t have necessarily to be a writer to earn from these sites, on Freelancer. com for example there are a lot of categories with many different jobs. Although if someone is good at blogging he/she should consider starting a website.

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