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Playing Video Games and making a living from it seems like the perfect dream for anyone who currently plays them, but is it possible to turn it into a living?

The gaming industry is growing at an exponential rate with more people joining in and the ease of doing it with consoles and the smartphones making it easier for people to play games, think about Mario Run just launching. I remember it back when it was on a Nintendo, now you can play it on your smartphone.

We will be going through several ways of making money from playing video games, and see if any can become successful at it.

Become a Games Tester

This seems like an ideal fit for anyone who likes to play video games, getting paid by big game making firms to play??  However, there are a few drawbacks that bring back the reality that is game testing.

The pay isn’t normally great, and it does come with poor job security. You might end up playing a game genre that you aren’t really interested in, and it is aimed more at finding bugs than the gameplay or story side. This means you may end up playing a section of the game repetitively to document any anomalies or ‘bugs’ you find.

You would be required to complete a ‘Non-Disclosure-Agreement’ too, so you couldn’t even talk to your mates about it either. Due to this, there aren’t many sources of information from a games tester point of view, but then I found this article on IGN, click here to read it.

Is a real option with regards to making money, but might be lacking on the enjoyment factor?

Compete at eSports Tournaments

Are you good at playing games? I mean absolutely awesome??

If you are someone who masters games really easily, and can compete with the best at online play against other users, then you might consider joining an eSports league and working up towards an eSports Tournament.

Some Professional Gamers are earning a lot of money through playing video games at these tournaments.  The prize at the DOTA 2 2014 competition was $6million, Hearthstone Championship had $250k as a prize fund.

It does require a lot of work and practice, so you need to make sure you earn enough from it to be able to stay at home and play, although you could utilise some of the other ways in this article to earn additional revenue from playing video games.

Although due to a lot of the competitors starting young, they can earn this straight from school or college, without the need to get a normal job

Share your Knowledge – Walkthroughs, Guides

A lot of casual gamers will search online for guides that show them how to complete certain sections of games, or how to find secret sections of the game and this is where you could find another avenue to making money from paying video games.  I searched on amazon for guides for Final Fantasy XV, it has recently come out and already the 2nd and 3rd on the list are unofficial guides for this game. Both available to buy, either as a paperback or kindle book.

Amazon Listings for Final Fantasy Guides

So, you could create an eBook guide for a game and sell it on amazon or eBay and earn money from doing it.

You will need to consider how you are going to make yours unique and appealing, so they choose yours.

Think about screen-captures and ensuring the guides/walkthroughs are right, easy to follow and cover all aspects that a potential buyer wants.

Utilising Video Streaming

Staying on the theme of guides and walkthroughs, there is a real opportunity when it comes to video streaming sites.

  1. YouTube – being the 2nd biggest search engine after Google, people search YouTube to find out whether a game is any good, a video review on it and the other route of checking out how to do certain sections of the game, or how to defeat that difficult end Boss. For example, in SWTOR, how to find the datacrons that gave your attributes a boost.

Well, if you have screen-captures of you completing these aspects, then you can turn your videos into a money opportunity.  A successful YouTube channel can add advertising on it, and that is where the money is.  Learn more here

  1. Twitch – Using Twitch to showcase you playing video games and sharing your knowledge with others, is another way you can earn money from videos. Learn more here.

By utilising either of these is a viable way of earning money from playing video games.

Become a Game Reviewer with your Own Website

Of course, you could utilise several of these and create your own website and have multiple ways of making money from playing video games.

85% of people online will check out a review prior to buying a product, the easiest way is to search online for a review and check it out.

Well, you could have a website, where you have written an honest review of the game, have videos showcasing the gameplay for them. Have eBook guides available to purchase from your site.

Then you are on a real path to making money from playing video games.

If you would like to know more about creating a free website, and how you can monetise it with affiliate marketing and with training and get started for free, check out this.

Any niche can become successful, and you could do it from playing video games.

Imagine a website earning money, a YouTube channel or Twitch account earning money, earn money from guides on Amazon.

It does sound simple, but you need support to get it started correctly, that is what is what is on offer with Wealthy Affiliate Training.

Have you any experience with Earning Money from Playing Video Games? Please let me know how you got started.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below

  1. There are many successful gamers especially in YouTube who make a lot of money offering reviews. Although i think it’s a pretty tough market gaming is certainly one of the most popular markets. There is something for everybody in the online world.

    • Hi Nikos, it can be very competitive, but that doesn’t mean you cannot become successful with it, in my post about how to make money from Twitch, I discuss a strategy where you aim for games that have small amount of viewers, and building up a reputation there and then going for more competitive games. It is the same as the strategy for an online niche website, trying to compete with the big guns too soon can mean you burnout and crash, whereas targeting low competition can lead to success. If you have any further questions let me know.

      Thanks for the great comment, all the best


  2. Hey John,
    This is a really thorough guide for any player who wants to turn their passion into something that can make them money.

    Honestly, I don’t play any games. But your points really make sense to me. I am an affiliate marketer as well. I would really recommend your last point about building a website to all the players. It’s the long term strategy to build a constant passive income for your future and still enjoy whatever you want to do.

    Thanks for this great post. Keep it up!


    • Thanks Jerry,
      it just shows that any niche can become an online business that can earn you money with, with the added benefit of having it as something you have an interest in, it means that you can enjoy it too, rather than it feeling too much like work.

      Thanks for the comment, all the best


  3. Man that is cool and crazy at the same time, you ever though that you could make that much money playing games. Now I know that this is a good job or line of work to get into. I have being trying to get my son involved in this line of work, hopefully when I tell him about the big prize cash money. That should get his attention hopefully.

    • Hi Norman,
      thanks for the comment. it would take a lot of dedication to get to the level of competing in the esports tournaments, but am sure he will get there. All the best to him and you, also check out my post on using Twitch & YouTube, its a way of showcasing your gaming to help others.


  4. I was just talking to my wife about my son and her brothers should figure out how to make money from playing video games! I’m going to start learning how to record video from my screen so I can show my son how to record himself playing video games and post it to Facebook. I’ve never heard of Twitch so I’ll have to check it out.

    Thanks for the info,


    • Hi Ed,
      thanks for the comment. Who wouldn’t want to make money when they are already a gamer. If you want to know more about Twitch, check out my post on it here.
      There are a number of products out there to record screen-capture. Some paid and others have a free trial. I am about to go on the video trail and got recommended OBS. it is a free program to record video and use it to outsource to YouTube or the like. Good Luck with your endeavour!


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