How to Make Money from your Passion

Ever wondered How to Make Money from your Passion?

You have a topic that you are really passionate about, you could talk about it all day. You could explain how it works to a complete novice with very little difficulty.

You love taking part in this passion. Or, you are making a little money with a passion and wonder how can I start making more money, scale it up to a full-time gig.

My wife started out by making small Christmas decorations, just starting out by selling them to friends via Facebook, all of a sudden more and more people were buying them, so it was time to scale up the business. But How?

So, You Wonder How Do I Make Money from my Passion?

Any passion, or subject you know a lot about, can be turned into an opportunity to earn money online. With close to 3 billion people online nowadays, there will always be others interested in the same passion or niche, as you.

Be it, photography, motoring, gardening, cooking, parenting – this passion or subject is an avenue to earning money whilst engaging with others who have the same passion as you.

Let me explain, you start a blog about your passion, this can also be called a niche website. You write a number of articles helping others, writing about your passion – then you also start including reviews about products in that particular niche.  The key is relevance to that niche.

Turn a Passion into a Full Time Career

You then become an affiliate with Amazon, for example, if a reader clicks on your product review and then follows your link and buys that product –

Bingo, you have just earned some money.

For example, my passion is photography. I have done wedding photography for 10 years, so I know a lot about DSLR cameras and taking pictures.  My site would be about that, with plenty of ‘how to’ guides on a number of subjects that potential readers would be searching for. This builds trust in the readers.

Then I also include reviews about DSLR cameras, lenses, etc.  If someone reads my review and thinks it’s a good buy, and follow my link, I earn a % of that sale from Amazon.

That is the basis of a Niche Website that Earns You Money with Affiliate Marketing

The premise is very simple, but there are 3 things that you need if you are to become successful – Education, Websites & Expert Support.

That is the fundamental basis any successful online business needs to get started.

Our No.1 Recommended Product has all 3 and it is FREE to Get Started.

Check out my review for more information. I am an active member of this product and have totally benefited from their training, free websites and expert support.

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Turn that passion into a real money-making opportunity or learn how to scale your current business up to. Some of their users are earning over £10,000 a month.

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  1. It is so amazing how we can turn our passion into a successful business that can cause us to live the kind of life that we always wanted. The internet is so powerful that we can actually accomplish that through the building of a website. Thanks for sharing this wonderful article that will help so many, all the best to you.

  2. Most of us have passions in life but some people either have no idea on how to turn them into an income or don’t even realize it’s a possibility.

    With the internet, there’s now so many incredible opportunities for folks to earn an income from what they love.

    Affiliate Marketing seems like a phenomenal concept and I can certainly see the huge potential for becoming financially free with a digital business.

    Thank You, I’ll check out Wealthy Affiliate.


    • Hi Neil, there is a great opportunity to take hold of your future through this venture.

      Thanks for the comment, anything i can do to help, let me know.


  3. Hi John,
    Affiliate Marketing is the way to go. You have linked this post nicely with other posts on your site. Wealthy Affiliate offers a good program. Anyone can start a new business from scratch. All the tools and support one needs is provided in the Premium Membership.
    Good read

  4. Awesome post on how to make money from your passion!
    This I believe is the BEST reason for starting a business online.
    You can do what you are passionate about and profit at the same time!
    Great article 🙂

  5. I’ve been wondering about this just recently. I have a bog passion for video gaming but I don’t really want to go the common YouTube route.
    Do you feel that gaming is a good choice for a start up niche for a blog?
    I feel that I could write about that subject all day long with plenty of passion!

    • Hi Chris,

      Gaming is a great choice, but the term might too broad, you might want to narrow down your niche into a smaller category to help get get started, i.e. strategy gaming, gaming accessories, etc.. Do not discount the youtube route, as in conjunction with your website it can lead to more traffic, therefore more opportunities to earn money. I have learned that videos are a great way to convince people you are genuine, and know your stuff. I am about to embark on that venture.

      Any help you need, please get in touch


  6. Passion is the key to success in whatever you do. All you really need is one passion to spread to others.
    Wealthy Affiliate teaches you just how to build a website built on your passion.
    The training leaves nothing out as you build a website and get traffic to it. This is the way to online success. All you have to do is join and it’s free.
    You will make money if you put in the work and never give up. The members are there to help. All 800,000 of them. You can’t go wrong with numbers like that!

    • Hi Rob,

      thanks for your thoughts. It is a great to have a likeminded community behind you when starting up a business, and even more enjoyable when it’s something your passionate about.

      thanks again


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