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Hi, I am glad you found your way here.

Many websites profess to offer ways to make money online. There are literally thousands of websites offering ways on how to make money online.

The key element for you is really “How to Find a Genuine Way to Make Money Online?”

That is Why I Set Up This Website…

Hi, I am John and I myself have fallen into a Scam online, losing money in the process.John & Gemma - Make Cash from Home

Luckily for me I didn’t lose more than I could afford – But it did lead me to the best platform I found to make money online.

Making Money Online can be Achieved…

The first hurdle many of us do need to get over is the fact that earning money online is exactly the same as a normal job or business – it doesn’t happen overnight!

I have been where you are, searching tirelessly for a magic system that promises that you will be earning thousands with a program on autopilot.

Of course, there is normally a reason behind looking for these opportunities – such as you don’t like your job, struggling to pay off debt, etc.

But This can lead us to Taking Unnecessary Risks, which Tends to Lead to Scams

Looking for Quick and Easy ways to earn money online seems realistic if you believe everything that is read online. Their marketing may be fantastic, but really it states “hand over your credit card details and this system will work wonders?

If their marketing really said that, you would run a mile…

But, they entice you by not giving enough detail, only enough to have you enthralled at this system that overnight will make you a millionaire and working by the swimming pool.

I Want to Help You Find Another Way

Now, I want to assure you that earning money online is a realistic goal. But, you just need to understand that it will take you some time and effort – Just like any job. I love watching the Apprentice with Lord Alan Sugar. He started selling as a youth and has progressed to be a very successful entrepreneur. This is an example of what time and effort can do.

If you are willing to invest an hour a day into your own online business (like I did alongside my day job).

You can definitely be successful with something you have built from the foundation up.

To Make Money Online, It Requires Time, Effort & Your Passion…

I want to show you the way I took to make money online. It wasn’t a push-button system, but it was everything I needed to earn passive income online. The Added bonus was you can start an online business based on something you love.

Imagine that, a website all round something you love doing, getting paid to talk about and write about your passion??

There are 3 things that I want to share with you on How to Make Money Online

I am truly passionate about help people earn genuine money online and not feel the pain of any scams out there. There are 3 things that helped me achieve earning money online and I want to share with you the same 3 things.

Awesome Education – Steps to Success

Education - Wealthy AffiliateAfter I got caught out with this scam, I was introduced to a platform that offered step-by-step tuition into earning money online.

So, I gave them a go (as it was free to try) and I was amazed at how much they offered.

With their free training, by the end of 10 lessons I had my own free website up and running.

They took a complete novice from knowing nothing to knowing something and a way of earning from it.

I didn’t know a thing about website design, creating content, getting indexed into the search engines and yet they taught you how to do just that.

They were completely upfront about the timescales it would take to earn, just like I have with you – the more time and effort you put in, the more likely it is to earn you money.

But the key element of the training is “How to Make Money Online” through Affiliate Marketing.

Simply put, you earn money by selling other people’s products or services and earning a commission.

Affiliate Marketing is extremely viable, it is the exact model I use, and many others use.

Free Website – Your Foundation for Success

How can a website earn you money, you may ask? People will tell you earning money online without a website is viable and better for you?

Earning money online is about building a brand, if you want to earn a real income and live off of it – you need to take it seriously.

A website gives you a foundation to your business and brand. It also allows you to target a much larger audience, surprisingly most of my traffic comes from the US.

So, the second thing on offer with this platform is 2 free websites.

Expert Help & Support from Myself & Wealthy Affiliate

Starting out on your own with a domain you can get for free online is possible, but to be successful (and that is what we are talking about) needs expert help and support and the right tools to make it succeed.

The platform I found was called Wealthy Affiliate. Imagine a community of Internet Entrepreneurs all helping each other succeed online – Wealthy Affiliate is that community! Kyle & Carson are the owners and are fully pledged to helping newcomers be successful.

Their training is awesome, the tools they give you to become successful is second to none, they offer their own advice.

Other Owners, just sit back and don’t interact with you. Kyle & Carson both get involved.

I will also be on hand to help you with any questions you have about how it works, affiliate marketing, your website or even what subject to pick for your website.

A Free Starter Membership gets you Education, Websites & Expert Help/Support

Now, I will mention again this is not a push button system, but if you can invest in an hour a day on your business, you can earn money online.

If you can start investing more time into your business, it will lead to where you no longer require your day job and can then invest more time into your business and it can lead to earning a lot more money.

What Have you Got to Lose…?

I have reviewed a lot of products out there and the majority require you to enter your credit card details before you even learn what the system is about (and then you’ve lost your money).

Kyle, Carson and the rest of us are that confident in Wealthy Affiliate – they don’t ask you to do that.

A Starter Membership is free, yes there are benefits to upgrading to the premium membership, but there is no time limit on the Starter Membership and many Starter Members have made money online and then upgraded and scaled their business.

What Next

If you are truly looking for a genuine way on How to Make Money Online, then join Wealthy Affiliate with a free starter membership, set up your profile and start learning. Let me know if you do, my Wealthy Affiliate Profile page is here, and my handle is jcross93.


Thanks for taking the time to read this post. If you have any questions about Wealthy Affiliate or anything else, please put them in the comments below.

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