How to Make Money Online

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Making money online can be achieved…

There are thousands of websites offering ways on How to Make Money Online, the key is to find a genuine one that can help you succeed.

We at Ways to Make Money Online are here to help!

If we are truly honest with ourselves when we search the internet for ways to make money online we are looking for a quick and easy way to achieve it, normally because we don’t enjoy our job anymore or we wish for a different lifestyle…

That leads us into trying risky strategies or “Get Rich Quick” schemes that end up leaving us out of pocket.  The best advice I can give to anyone who wants to make money online is:

Do not rush into these types of schemes, the way to making money online is being patient. Understand it will take time and effort, if you want a consistent way of making money you need to treat it like a business. Build the right foundation, get the right support and the money will follow.

SO What Should You Do?

There are a few things to understand about making money online.

First and foremost, it is possible to earn money from the internet. Affiliate Marketing is a highly viable solution for people to earn money from your computer.

People are constantly chasing fast success online, but you do need to be realistic with your targets – your mindset needs to be about building a business and not how quickly you can earn money.  If you want a way of making money that is consistent and means you can leave the day job behind, then you need start the foundations right.

You may not make money straight away, it will take time to build trust in your site prior to them taking action on what you are promoting or advertising. Don’t be downhearted if you do not make any money within the first 3 months, the difference will be staying positive that you will and then the revenue will come.

Thorough research & relevant engaging content will become the basis of your successful business, so it only goes with making sure your fully research any product before handing over any money.  If the sales video sounds too good to be true… it probably is.  If they are asking for money before showing you any features, I wouldn’t trust it.

Try before you buy.  If there is an option to try it for free, its a good way of checking it. If it is a money-back guarantee, again might not be worth it, so research it.

I found a way of earning money online, that is actually relatively easy.

So, after doing some research on different ways to make money, I stumbled on the video that is below. It talks about a way of making money through affiliate marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate_How_to_make_money_onlineWhat is Affiliate Marketing?

With the support of Wealthy Affiliate, You can put a website together in any niche. They will also teach you how to ensure it is engaging and relevant for the audience/reader.

Why must it be relevant and engaging? If your website is about cats but you are doing a post on dog toys, how relevant is that?  It is more likely to tell the reader you aren’t trying and will probably just leave your website.

Remember the audience/reader needs to like your website and engage with it to have any chance of the audience growing, the bigger the audience the more likely it is to give you revenue. But if it isn’t relevant, you won’t have an audience.

You need to post solutions to their problems, understand the reasons they are searching in that given field to start earning money.

So focus on the content and the audience and the revenue will follow!

Then you can join affiliate programs, such as Amazon, they allow you to put links to products from their catalogue onto your website.  Every time a visitor to your website clicks a link and purchases the product, you gain commission.


It can be relatively easy to earn money online, as long as you keep in mind it will take some time and effort with the audience experience always the focus.

If you want training and support to start earning money online, then we fully recommend Wealthy Affiliate, it is our No.1 Ranked product for a reason.

Read our review here.

Here are some of the features you can benefit from with Wealthy Affiliate.

  • The starter membership is free, this includes 2 free websites
  • Access to the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course – a step by step guide to building a website and monetising it
  • Free WordPress Express Website Builder
  • Keyword Tools
  • Training Classrooms, Videos and Tutorials
  • Live Chat with thousands of like minded entrepreneurs all offering help and support including myself, I will be there to help you whenever you need it
  • Kyle & Carson, the co-owners are actively involved in the forums, and if you get stuck you can even PM them and they will get back to you… Where can you find that anywhere?
  • Weekly Live Webinars on different aspects of making your business grow

I had been looking at a number of ways to make money online, to no avail, then I found Wealthy Affiliate and understood my mindset needed to change, everyone seems to believe the internet unlocks money making opportunities, which it does, but I thought it would be quicker and it isn’t.

Having the mindset that it is a business and following the training step-by-step and gaining knowledge and asking questions when I needed it is key – That is why I am so thankful I found Wealthy Affiliate.

Thanks for the taking the time to read this post, if you have any experience with Wealthy Affiliate or have any questions about it please leave them below



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