Have you got a Bookcase full of Books, you’ve Stack of Booksnever read?

We all can probably look around and see a number of books we haven’t read, or don’t plan on reading. But have you thought about making money online selling books?


Ebay tends to come to mind when selling online, they allow you to sell 10 Ebay Homepageitems a month though, with fees (typically 10%). However, if you put 10 on sale, and only 8 sell. you could then list an alternative 2 books.

The only thing when it comes to ebay is the price you may get may not be representative to what you want.


I found a number of sites where it is easier to get a value of your books, depending on condition, and if you are happy with that valuation can post the books off, and wait for the payment.

Scouting Sites

First of all, you could try a scouting site like BookScouter or BookFinderBookFinder (US only). Go on one of the sites and type in the ISBN (barcode number), then you will have bookstores give you a value.

You can compare the different bookstores and accept you value you want. BookScouter has 42 vendors to choose from.

You also do not have to pay for shipping, as once you accept the value, you get a free shipping label.


If you are interested in using Amazon, you can set up a selling account. The first month is free, but then it is £25 ($40) a month. So it is really for someone who is interested into taking this into another level.

You could also try it for a month, and see if it is for you. Just remember to end your subscription in time, otherwise you will be charged for the second month.


MusicMagpie take books as well as CDs, DVDs, Games and electronics. They also guarantee they pay you the same day they receive the goods. They also offer a free courier service and collect from your house. Saves taking it to the local ParcelShop, but this is still an option. You can also download an app on your smartphone and scan the barcodes making it even easier.


AbeBooks is available in the UK, US, Canada & Germany. They are working AbeBookswith Textbookrush.com and it works in a similar way to the scouting sites. except for the variety in vendors looking to buy.  Type in the ISBN. If you like the price, accept it and they send you a free shipping label.

Checks & PayPal are the payment methods.


If you have your textbooks from a college or university course, you may find Textbooks very useful.Works in the same way, payments are either check or PayPal. Quote stays good for 30 days, if you want to compare to other quotes.

There are a number of ways to find out the real value of your books.

Be mindful that the value given is an indication of the value, but this may change once they receive the book. If the condition of the book isn’t quite the same as they expected, i.e. the spine is damaged, the value might decrease slightly.


You may think it is easier to go down a car boot and out your books on sale, hoping to get the price you want… But this doesn’t end up being the case (I know).

I hadn’t used my selling account on Ebay for a while, and thought about getting rid of some books, but the suggested starting price was 99p. A couple of them sold, and the postage and package was £3, as suggested by ebay. It cost me £3.50 to post it second class (UK). so I made 49p on Ebay.

So my advice is research, have a look around.

Get an idea of the price of your books, or anything you wish to sell online.

If you know any alternatives you think I should look at and add to my website, please leave them in the comments.

Also let me know what you think of the post.





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