How to Make Money Selling Clothes Online

Did you realise the used clothes selling business is worth $16 billion?? Selling Clothes OnlineNeither did I, but after doing some research there are plenty of ways to make money selling clothes online.

There are the obvious choices people will try, but there maybe better alternatives out there for you to try and make more than you think.

It does depend on what you are trying to sell, but the used designer clothes, shoes, accessories market is huge.

Also do not forget about the kids clothes market too. My four year old has a number of clothes that he was given at Christmas, that he never ended up wearing, so it is as good as new.

Brand Conscious?

The Realreal are all about the designer labels. Make sure your items are in their Designer Directory, and then their team take the photos, price it up and sell them for you. Depending on the price you get, you will earn about 70% of the sale.

Or you could try Tradesy. They have a high number of brands, but also cover more affordable brand names too. They do not charge you to list the items, and take only 9% commission on sales.  Also looking at their website, they deal with International sales.  They have also branched out into bridal section covering wedding dresses and accessories.

Social Shopper?


If you are a social shopper you may want to try Vinted (UK)  or Poshmark (US only).

Sellers put up a photo and description of their item, and interact with potential buyers, answering questions, or maybe a different angle of the items.

Poshmark does offer some other features such as Posh Parties and a PoshmarkConcierge service. Although they are only available in the US, they are looking at becoming international.

They both only charge if you sell and their fees aren’t bad.

Vinted – 15% or £1 of total amount. The buyer pays the P&P

Poshmark – 20%. The buyer pays $5.95 shipping.

Don’t Have Time?

If you live the US, you could use Thredup. They send out customers a ‘clean-out kit’ where you can put 30 items of clothes into it and they sell them for you.

It is great if parents when your kids are probably growing out of the clothes before they have had chance to wear it. Depending on the price it goes for you could earn 10%-80%.

In the UK, you could try ReturntoEarn.  Register for an account and they send you a return to earn bag where you put all your clothes in. Then they collect from your house. The bag will take about 30kg of clothes. You will be paid £0.50p per kilo of clothes that they accept. I would advise you check what they accept prior to trying it though.

Can I Turn it into a Business?

For anyone thinking that this might be an opportunity to turn it into a business. Then look into eBay. Their website is trusted, and has high numbers of people looking for quality items at a reasonable price.

eBay Homepage

eBay is relatively easy to use, and easy to get set up. Also if you find that your listings are going well, you can start an eBay store up from your account and start selling more frequently and building up your brand.

Remember the second hand clothes industry is worth $16 billion, so go get some of it for yourself.

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