Instant Affiliate Machine Review – Can I Just Put it on Auto-Pilot?

Price: $27, $37, $47

Owners: Shane Nathan, James Renouf, Chad Rego


Rating: 50/100



“Build a Niche Site & Put it on Auto Pilot” & Watch the money roll in…

But is it that simple, is this a good way to start your online business or get some money rolling in? Find out in this review of Instant Affiliate Machine Review

What is instant Affiliate Machine?

It is a plugin that you install on your WordPress website. Launched by Shane Nathan, James Renouf & Chad Rego. I checked out Shane Nathan’s website and it is very basic with hardly any information on him really.

This plugin will deal with your content, SEO, monetisation, traffic and squeeze pages. It states it will fill your site with high quality content that will draw in visitors and get you an easy return…

Now when we think about the time and effort it would normally take to do this with your own blog, this can seem really appealing to just have a plugin that does it all for you. But, if you are like me, you might have reservations as how do they achieve this… and is it ethical?

How Does Instant Affiliate Machine Work?

Once you install the plugin – you complete a few details about your given niche. Depending on the price you pay determines how many sites you can have this plugin installed. It can be installed on a brand-new website or an existing website.

Simply put, the content that it refers to is from other people’s sites. It pulls relevant content from authority sites and using a technique they call “iframe” it to put it on your site but, apparently, in a way that the search engines cannot detect.

From the looks of the video they have on their website, a short excerpt of the article is on your website. They click on read more and it takes them to the authority site the content originally came from, but a pop-up will appear that is your chance of a sale and that is what they class as easy monetisation.

The biggest issue I have with this is, it is Plagiarism.

However, they market the product it is still duplicating someone else’s content and it won’t be long before the search engines cotton on.

They claim that the technique does mask the duplicated content to protect your SEO and rankings, but Google is getting better at fishing out this type of software all the time.

SO, I believe this will possibly be a product with a short-life.

There is also the realisation that most of us have started using our mobiles more and more to search the net. Popups are normally blocked by google on mobiles since 2017, making it harder for pop-ups that blocked the screen without an easy way of clearing them to appear. So, how would you monetize your blog if the visitor doesn’t see the pop-up???

What I Liked

I can understand why a newbie or someone who hasn’t been earning any money online may be drawn to software like this, so as a basic it does get you a website and a way of monetising it. But still believe it will be short-lived.

What Don’t I Like

I cannot get away from the fact it is duplicating content someone has worked really hard to build. I put a lot of effort into my blog and would be really annoyed if my content was being used elsewhere. Sharing the original on social media is different as the base is still the same. But using it to steal traffic away from someone else is a bit naughty.

The search engines will catch up with the duplicate content at some point. The support looks like it could be better, and the website is full of hype with unrealistic claims.

Training? Tools?

My understanding is the training is about getting the plugin installed and telling it your niche and the rest should sort itself out. There are bits around the monetisation you will need to set up and the training will lend itself to doing this.

How Much Does It Cost?

This is actually not that bad and maybe lends itself to the point of, if it stops working after a few months you’ve only lost $50. There is a limit to how many sites can have the plugin active, dependant on the price you pay:

One Website Licence: $27

3 Website Licence: $37

Unlimited Websites: $47

I cannot say that this is a website, just personally think this is a short-lived money-making product, but for the sake of $50. I can understand why people would be inclined to use it. Although, Like I have mentioned I will not profit from plagiarism. (that’s, just my view).

Overall Verdict

Personal feelings aside, I can see why people would be drawn into products like this. With reflection, I would say it isn’t a scam, but it doesn’t feel right to be profiting from another people’s content. Search Engines do actively look for how people are ‘playing the system’ and this is why I have the opinion that this will be short-lived.

I would personally be worried about someone taking legal action as my site has someone else’s content on it…

Can you benefit from it, I would say you could benefit but be mindful it isn’t the best way of earning a money online? But could you say the same in 6 months’ time, I would be interested to see if it is.

Have you any experience with Instant Affiliate Machine? Share your thoughts with me.

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