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Price: $1 for two weeks, $47 a month (+ other costs)

Owners: Russell Brunson   



Dotcom Secrets X is a program designed to help new marketers make money online. It is made by its owner Russell Brunson. The techniques it describes can help make you money online, but not before it drains your money on hidden upsells, that are required to continue the program.


It is designed for people with no experience of internet marketing, and promises to teach you all the techniques you will need. (There are better options, see here).


During the 14-day trial there are activities set out for each day, step by step training guide. Be mindful, there are stages here you apply for additional features, for example an autoresponder. This is an important feature, but you end up buying their package ‘Pure Leverage’, it isn’t included and can cost an additional $54.40 a month. You also do not end up with guarantee sales out of it.

 You get access to the system for getting your website on day 14, but this is Russell Brunsonanother upsell with their GVO hosting program. Which is not part of the program, but is still owned by Russell Brunson. This ends up being an additional $9.97 a month.

 Meaning you must sign up for the remaining program to do anything with the website.

 You also cannot cover the rest of the training at your own pace. You cover a module a month, it is called the ‘Monthly Immersive Coaching’. So you are paying $47 for each module. Which you will probably cover in a couple of hours, then wait a month to do the next module.

 Hardly very supportive. You will also find that Russell disappears from the modules after a few, which doesn’t make you feel valued as a customer. There are also some lessons with YouTube video. Which you could otherwise get for free! So you pay $47 dollars to then watch free videos.


  • Step by Step Guide
  • Lessons on relevant subjects


  • Cost, this package doesn’t warrant the costs
  • You cannot follow the training at your own pace.
  • Free videos, you are paying for
  • No guarantee of success
  • Russell Brunson isn’t apparent after you start paying for the service.


During the trial 14-day period, you have daily training and steps to follow. Once you have upgraded after this period, you move onto monthly training and steps to follow. But like I said before, once you have completed that step, what are you going to do until the next month?



I am not sure about the support offered, as I clicked the ‘customer help-desk’ link and it told me the page doesn’t exist, which doesn’t fill me with confidence. You also cannot contact the owner or use a live chat function for any questions, etc.


They offer the 14-day trial period for $1, after this period you will need to fork out $47 a month just to follow the training.

They suggest their own Pure Leverage Autoresponder, but this will equate to $54.40 a month. If you go with their suggested website builder, GVO, that is another $9.97 a month.

So $47 + $54.40 + $9.97 = $111.97.

That doesn’t include the money you spend, following their instructions on Solo Ads. Which isn’t guaranteed success.


My suggestion is you stay away from this product. There are too many concerns Scam Alertraised over their program to even suggest you try the 14-day period. There are ways of learning these techniques without forking out the costs mentioned in this review.

On the website, you can order a guide that gives you instruction on these Dotcom Secretstechniques which suggests you only pay shipping costs, I haven’t tried, but if you do only pay shipping it might be worth you try that instead.

 Alternatively, see what we thing about the number one recommend product by us here, which is totally legitimate and you can get 2 free websites with a free starter membership.

See the comparison below:

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