Product Name: Home Income Package
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Price: $97 upfront

Owner: Ethan Anderson


Verdict: I would advise against using this service as i believe it to not be genuine, find out why below…

There are a number of reasons, why i believe this program to be a scam, read on for more information.

There are a number of products or services out there that can make you genuine money online, finding the genuine ones is sometimes more of a battle then finding a product that promises to be the diamond of a product. They know how to promote it to the audience.  If you are searching for a way to work from home or make money online, thousands of products come up, but scammers are also out there trying to target those who will believe these false promises and end up out of pocket.

We at Ways to Make Money from Home are dedicated to finding out which services are true and valid and those that are not genuine and we will endeavour to ensure we always point you in the right direction.

With these products we use a simple premise to determine whether they are genuine or not.  Does it seem like it is too good to be true and are they honest??  Because if the answer is no, then steer well clear of it.

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An Introduction to Home Income Package

It looks very appealing when you arrive at their home page, with it advertising you can earn $379 a day.  it appears to show some big brand news so it seems like they endorse this product.  it tries to entice you into believing that figure is realistic for a newbie to achieve only with this product.  However, it doesn’t tell you what you will be doing, how you will be doing it or anything other than convince you handing over $97 is a great thing?  How do you know if it is something you want or will enjoy doing and there is no guarantee with anything, let alone this program that it will work.  It goes through a number of things that the program isn’t, but doesn’t tell you what it is.

Simply put, it is talking about affiliate marketing, although they describe it as link posting with connections to google.

Affiliate Marketing in its own right is a very genuine way of making money, but Home Income package does not tell you this straightaway, using jargon and fancy words to get you to think their product is the only way of achieving it and you can only achieve it after you hand over your money.

With Affiliate Marketing, there is a very realistic opportunity to earn that kind of money and more, but you are better off with a product that tells you everything up front and our No.1 Recommended Product does this for free, no catch.

Who is it for?

It is entirely marketed around getting complete newbies with very little knowledge around opportunities to make money online, or those who may seek a ‘Get Rich Quick” scheme.  I was naive enough in the past to try such a scheme, luckily for me I did not invest a stupid amount of money and there was no risk for me and my circumstances.  but there are people who will be enticed by such a proposition.  That is why I endeavour to help others avoid these types of schemes and lead to only genuine ways.


  • 60 day money back guarantee – however this isn’t always as easy as it seems

Really Struggling here for any more, from what i can gather some of the techniques are viable, but i just cannot recommend someone handing over that type of money to find out – some of these you pay money to get into the program and it just leads to further costs to unlock the features that are actually required to do anything.


  • The only ones making any money are the owners of the program
  • No real information shared. Pay now and find out later, but this isn’t always the case
  • Affiliate Marketing is a genuine way of making money, but no one will start earning from day one.  How do they promise this?
  • No free trial, you cant even try it for free to see if it is for you??
  • What i believe to be bogus testimonials

Training & Support

They offer an automated system, but these don’t end up working.  The search engines are all geared up to detect duplicate content and it looks like this system will just copy other peoples content and allow you to publish this.  The problem is the search engines will see this and your content will not be ranked.  If you cannot get ranked, no one will see your content, therefore you make no money.

They say they offer 1 on 1 coaching and video tutorials but am not convinced these will be up to date and ideal for their target audience.


$97 upfront payment before you understand anything about how it works, no free trial and a lot of empty promises. The only way to try it would be to pay up and see if their refund promise is as true as their word…


Like I said before, I have been naive enough to try a method which ended up with me losing out and the money and ended up with an email address just bombarded with every type of junk mail you can think of.  So i now try to ensure i thorough research anything prior to trying it.  My main aim is to ensure anyone who checks out my page and recommendations only gets genuine advice and genuine products.  I cannot say that about this product.  Anything that has a website with promises that sound to good to be true, a system that can make you money from day one is a lie.  After thorough investigation, i believe this product to be false and end up costing you a lot of money to do something that you could try for free.

Affiliate Marketing is a genuine way of making money, but it does require work and dedication, same as any career.

How to become a Wealthy Affiliate Marketer

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Final Verdict: I would avoid this system, if they aren’t forthcoming with information and look too good to be true… it usually is.

Thanks for taking the time to read this review, if you have any questions please leave them below, as I am here to help.


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