Email Marketing is a proven method for earning money online and is a great way of building up trust with readers as they sign up and want to receive your content. There are many training platforms out there for email marketing including our No.1 Recommended Product. But I wanted to check out Inbox Blueprint and see if it was all it was labelled to be…

What is Inbox Blueprint?

Put Simply, Inbox Blueprint is a training program designed to teach you how to build up an effective email marketing campaign, how to build up a subscriber list from scratch and offer tools to make this easy – to then utilise it and earn money from it.

Developed by a guy called Anik Singal – who has been named in the top three entrepreneurs by ‘Business Week’ andAnik Singal - Behind Inbox Blueprint twice by ‘Inc 500’. The program is a good way of showing you exactly how to create an online business.

I must add at this point – this program is not really for a beginner who is just dipping their toe into the online business model. I would suggest this is ideal for someone already with an online business that is making money and can afford the initial costs that are associated with Inbox Blueprint. However, the training looks quite effective and if you can afford the initial costs which are $1,497 then it is a good choice for learning email marketing. However, if you are new to online business but want a trusted product to learn all the skills you need and give you the tools, then check out my No.1 Recommended Product.

How Does Inbox Blueprint Work?

Now, lets look at the steps that are covered in the training.

Step One – Addiction Meter

This is where it will suggest several niches for your email marketing campaigns. Niches that are more likely to be in areas where people are interested in spending money. This is a good thing, if you are handing over that type of money – you want to start in a direction where people are buying. No point them suggesting a niche where it is short-lived. It also introduces you to a few websites and select products, so you can connect to them to earn revenue via CPA (cost per click) a fixed commission per successful referral or CPL (cost per lead) a commission for introducing a qualified lead.

This is what leads me to believe that this is aimed at someone already in the online marketing game, as if you do not know what they are – I would suggest you need to learn a bit more before signing up for them.

Step Two – Learn How to Build an Opt-In Page

If you haven’t got the right engaging opt-in page why are people going to enter their email. It needs to be engaging and offering something they would find interesting. This stage teaches you how to build such an opt-in form, what data to capture, how to add value and how to encourage them to ‘opt-in’

Step Three – TYP Method (Thank You Page Method)

This step is key to ensuring your email marketing campaign is successful, and yet it is something that some online marketers overlook and wonder why their campaigns are not working. This is where the training takes you through how to get it right.

Step 4 – Email Machine

This step is where they talk about efficiency – namely through an autoresponder. This helps with describing the program as genuine, as they recommend Aweber and GetResponse which are two great auto responders. An Autoresponder are services that allow you create an auto response to someone joining your email list, you can also create series of emails set over a number of days/weeks, so you don’t have to do it manually. Key, if your subscriber list gets to a high number like is possible.

Please note – these services are external to Inbox Blueprint and are an additional cost. Aweber offers a free trial but will incur a monthly fee. Definitely a must when your online business grows to a certain point.

Step Five – List Relationship

I have witnessed some email marketing training programs that are based on your forcing tons of emails to their lists to earn revenue – but this has the adverse effect, causing your email to end up in the junk folder or they unsubscribe. Inbox Blueprint is totally different, and they teach you how to build a proper relationship with your list to build up trust.

Think about it, you would only buy something off of someone you trust. This helps give Inbox Blueprint legitimacy and proves they understand what consumers want. A big positive when you are thinking of investing in this type of training.

Steps Six – Eight

Once they have learned the fundamentals of email marketing and know what strategy is best, you can then move onto turning it into generating traffic. Traffic = Earning Money.

How Much Does Inbox Blueprint Cost?

Like I have mentioned before, this training is not cheap, but they have included some key elements of training and additional elements that make it a worthwhile investment for someone already earning revenue online. But a newbie might find it overwhelming and not be able to afford the training.

The training used to be a total of $297 when it was the Inbox Blueprint 1.0, but with the introduction of Inbox Blueprint 2.0 there have been many improvements and additions, but with a price increase too.

The training program is available at a cost of either 3 payments of $597 or a one-off cost of $1,497.  That is also based on the standard membership. There is an elite membership, which I presume would cost more.

Additional Content

Let’s look at the additions that have been included since the update.

  • Launchpad – Build 10 businesses – 100% automation
  • Proprietary Content Engine (Provides you with content)
  • Guided Assessment Based Training (Step-by-Step Guide)
  • Complimentary Sendlane Start – Autoresponder – 30 days free
  • 12 months unlimited support
  • Bonus #1 – 12 months Lurn Master’s Club Membership
  • Bonus #2 – Traffic Academy Membership (Both free & paid traffic strategies)
  • Bonus #3 – 6 Week Fast Start Program (Helps you get 1,000 subscribers in 6 weeks)

Let’s pick out a few of those to tell you what they are:

LaunchPad is best shown with the video below, but basically it takes you through stages to get an email marketing campaign live in minutes and is a major selling point of the whole program.

Proprietary Content Engine – this does go against normal rules when running an online business as it is based on using other people’s content, so duplicate content to build content. Search Engines, such as google will penalise a website for displaying duplicate content by not ranking their websites. But as this is email marketing, this doesn’t get penalised as they do not review the emails you send. But ethical, I still question it.

The Hidden Costs

There are some costs that may not be brought to your attention straightaway and they are on top of the costs to get the training program. The first one I have already mentioned, the fee to register with an autoresponder – Aweber is well worth the money but is still an extra cost. The one they give you 14-days trial of is called Sendlane which is their recommended autoresponder but will typical be between $20-$30 a month.

To be able to build your ‘opt-in’ pages you need a website (domain) and hosting. All online businesses need this, but this is on top of Inbox Blueprints fee. This are usually an annual fee, so you are probably looking at about $30-$40 a year.

There is also an element of paid traffic. Free traffic does work, but it requires time and can be hard if you are only targeting email marketing. That is why beginners are better off starting with a platform that is designed for beginners (Check it out here) before moving onto paid traffic routes.

Paid traffic does work but can be hit and miss and takes an element of trial and error until you find a strategy that works.


  • Great Quality Training
  • 12 months unlimited support and access to the Lurn community
  • Launchpad is an awesome tool


  • It is not a great program for beginners
  • The training is not designed by Anik himself, he founded the platform but uses experts to design it
  • You cannot try it for free and there is no refund option.

What is the Support Like?

The support they offer is good, you get access to free 12 months unlimited support, coaches from the Lurn community on hand to help you out.

You also gain access to the Lurn VIP membership for 12 months, this is where you can interact with the Lurn community.

The support is definitely a positive of the program.

Is Inbox Blueprint a Scam?

Inbox Blueprint is definitely not a scam. It is a genuine program for people wanting to invest in Email Marketing.

It offers powerful tools, resources and support. The only downside is… it isn’t for newbies. It is an expensive investment and is better for those with experience.

If you have no experience in online marketing, you are probably best checking out a program with training in all aspects of internet marketing and a proven track record – read more here.

DO you have any experience with Inbox Blueprint? Let us know how you feel about the program in the comments below.

Anik actually has a book called the Circle of Profit. If you cannot afford to invest in the Inbox Blueprint just yet, check out his book and understand the process he is teaching…

Inbox Blueprint










Overall Quality



  • Quality Training
  • 12 months unlimited support
  • Launchpad is an awesome tool


  • Not a Great Program for Beginners
  • Training is designed by Anik, but from his team
  • No Free trial or Refund Option
  1. Hi there,

    Thank you for such a detailed and insightful post, it has come at a great time especially when I am compiling my email list. From what you say it seems like a great program and i know the founder and always liked him, so i guess i will try that out see how it goes even though a little expensive.

    • Hey Dave,

      glad i could help you – email marketing is still a very relevant and powerful tool to have for any online business and this training will teach you effective methods, even though it is a bit expensive. Let me know how you get on with it?


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