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Creating a WordPress Blog is a great way of expressing yourself online with a view to sharing experiences, some knowledge and possibly with a view to turning it into a revenue stream.  Earning money from your passion is always an incentive.

With over 2 billion people online searching for ways to do something (how to guides) or a way of connecting with people. It is totally able to do this and earn some money from it too.

This guide is all about starting a WordPress website and getting your first post published onto it, thus getting your blog started.

The first thing you need to think about and get right is choosing a hosting platform that is easy to use, has all the relevant tools to get your website online and get it ranked in the search engines to ensure people can find your blog. It also would be great if it was free to get started and wasn’t a limited time offer?

The hosting platform that we recommend is SiteRubix… they provide you with 2 free WordPress websites with a starter account.  In this guide, we will describe how you can get started for free with SiteRubix, why we recommend them and also how you can get your website up and running in minutes and also how you can get a blog posted onto the website.

SiteRubix has all the tools you need to get your blog up and running

Our preferred platform, SiteRubix, gives you 2 free WordPress websites. It is powered by Wealthy Affiliate and the benefits they offer their members is endless.  If you are starting out with an online blog, there is nothing worse than having to pay for something to see if it’s any good and whether it is right for you, SiteRubix is free with no time limit.  See if its right for you.  They provide the full version of WordPress for you to get your website looking the way you want.

That is why SiteRubix is Free to Starter Members.

What are the benefits of Wealthy Affiliate? The hosting is second to none, with a number of great features for their members for the website, but the best features of Wealthy Affiliate are the community you join and the sheer number of training materials they provide to getting your website successful and how you could make money from them with affiliate marketing.

There are a number of features restricted to their premium membership, but there is no pressure to upgrade and your website will still be great with a starter membership.

Check out this post on SiteRubix Hosting and my Wealthy Affiliate review.

Once signed up you could have a free website up and running in minutes.

It takes 4 steps to Launch your Website

Once signed up with SiteRubix and you are in your account from the left-hand menu you will notice a blue button labelled SiteRubix. Select it and choose Site Builder.

Wealthy Affiliate Site Manager1. Domain Type– As a starter member, you only have the choice of selecting a free domain. This is a subdomain which will have – so an example would be  this doesn’t put it at a disadvantage with regards to ranking.  But if you would prefer a full domain the premium membership can accommodate this.  The premium account gives you 25 full domains and they will all benefit from having free ssl certificates on them. (Understand the benefits of this here).

Pick a Domain Type and Name2. It’s All in the Name – This is a chance to give your website a bit of personality with its own domain name, it needs to be easy for people to search for and is fully relevant to the topic or content. It ultimately depends on what you wish to achieve with the blog. My only advice is if you are planning on it being a niche website, try and make it relevant.  When you type in the name it will tell you whether it is available and can be changed at any time.

3. Give it a Great Look – Choose a theme that will suit your blog. As a starter member, you have a select number to choose from, select the one you want. But again, you could gain access to the full library of themes with the premium membership.

Choose a Theme to Match your Blog

4. Build Your Site – The final step is to click on the blue button that builds your website.

Build Your WordPress Website

That’s it, your website will be created and you will shortly be able to sign in and personalise your website, create your first post and start your blog.

So, the next stage is to sign into your WordPress website and learn how to post on your website.

From your SiteRubix menu, you will have Site Manager as an option. Your list of websites will be here and the ability to log into your site from here too.

Site Health of your website

You will also notice some of the benefits you will get from Wealthy Affiliate with a site health detail, daily back-ups, etc.

It also tells you whether you have been indexed in Google, which is important if you want your blog to be found, learn about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) here.  See the screen shot of mine above.  This could take a few days to show as your website is new.

Your next step is to click log on. It will give you the ability to log on to your WordPress dashboard from here.

From your side menu in your WordPress Dashboard, you can select ‘Post’ and ‘Add New’. Then you are ready to start writing and sharing your story with the world.

Your WordPress Dashboard

From here you can select a Title, and write the blog you want in the space provided.

You have the ability to save it as a draft to actually publishing it live on your website.

There is quite a bit to learn about WordPress, including plugins, getting it ranked in the search engines (SEO), adding pictures, etc, Which I will be adding posts regularly about and I can offer you any help and support you require, just leave any questions in the comments below.

If you do sign up with SiteRubix you will also benefit from all the training materials, support of the community and everything there is to know about WordPress, SEO, getting your site ranked on search engines, monetising your blog, all about plugins on WordPress.

Don’t be afraid to explore the community to learn more or ask me any questions and I will be here to help you in any way I can.





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  1. Nice, simple and sweet explanation of how to get into the blogging game the right way. You can do everything on your own, but why spend all that time trying to fix the mechanics that you don’t understand anyway. Let SiteRubix and Wealthy Affiliate take care of all that back office stuff for you so you can do what you do best – write!

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