Best Keywords Tool

Best Keywords Tool

Do you want to find high quality keywords, that are right for your marketing campaign?

Try a search online below and start your research now

What determines a quality keyword?

Below I will describe the key metrics to getting a keyword that will help get your website higher up the pecking order

  1. Monthly Searches – How many searches a month are done on that particular keyword. This shows you the traffic on that search. Any traffic is good, it shows people are showing an interest in that field.
  2. Keyword Quality Indicator (KQI) – a quick way of showing you the quality of your keyword for your marketing campaign for either PPC or SEO.
  3. Quoted Search Results (QSR) – this determines your competition! The QSR is the number of competing pages against that exact keyword search. Your ultimate goal should be QSR’s of under 300. Without this figure, you will not be sure whether the keyword is a good one, or a great one to get your page noticed.
  4. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)Power – This will show you how good the keyword is for getting SEO rankings. If you can get your pages/posts ranked in SEO, this leads to traffic. With traffic, you can start making money online.

So to get started, the key is research. And the research tool you require is here, and it is free to get started.

Want to know more about the importance of Keyword Research, then watch the video below:

Master the Keyword Research Process

If you haven’t started your website yet, you can also use this tool to help find a domain name that can stand out too.

Any questions you may have, or if you want help, please leave a comment below.



What is SEO?

Trying to get your website noticed?

So you have spent a lot of time designing the website that demonstrates clearly what you’re your business is about, and radiates your personality with passion!!

But your website isn’t getting noticed on google?google homepage

This could mean your business doesn’t take off, no one is visiting your site, Is there any help?

We can offer help; you need to understand the importance of a search engine optimisation package (SEO) combined with understanding Keywords

So what exactly is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It helps your website become search engine friendly, with a view to getting you indexed with a search engine, the package I use links with google where 2/3 of the online traffic go through. It means your posts and pages will get indexed and ranked correctly.

The package I use; it comes with a free all in one SEO plug-in and it is really easy to set up

Using the plug-in is great, but the key to SEO is understanding the importance of keywords.


SEO on its own won’t make your website go higher up the rankings.

If you are doing a page on selling books online, there could be thousands of pages on that subject. But when people are searching for what they specifically want on a search engine. If your page has the right keyword, it can mean your page is likely to get higher up the search page.

That way if your use the right keywords, the higher you can be in the search engine.

SEO + Right Keyword = Website success

Sounds simple? There is a little more to it than that, as the content of your website also needs to be able to draw your visitor in. If you focus solely on keywords without thinking about your content, you can hurt your rankings too.

But it also doesn’t make sense in spending hours on content without an SEO plug-in and the right keyword to get it seen.

Where can I get an SEO + Keyword tool

If you want help and support with a website, that comes complete with a WordPress backed website, complete with an all-in-one SEO plugin for free try this link.

You can also try a keyword tool here free, with 30 free searches, you can upgrade if you find it is the right tool for you.jaaxy keyword tool

With a free website, and the right keyword you can get your website noticed.

Hope you found the article interesting, and any comments/questions leave them in the comments.



Experts Academy Review

 Experts Academy Legitimate

Overall Ranking: star-4star-4star-2star-0star-0

Price: $1,997 upfront

Owners: Brendan Buchard



Brendan Buchard is very well known in the field of Internet Marketing. He has made millions of dollars online. He appears quite honest, and offers courses to help people with techniques that have worked for him.

His video on the website is quite motivational, and he describes how he can teach you how to build an online business based on a personal interest.


Someone with long term goals, wanting to create a media business.


When you arrive on the website there is a video with Brendan explaining how the course works. It is then a step by step course on how to launch your business. Brendan teaches you how to create your own information products. He then explains how you can promote them. DVDs, seminars, downloads, webinars, pdf guides and the like.


  • You get Brendan’s experience
  • Learn how to start an online business


  • Very Expensive
  • Support is limited (email only)
  • The teachings are not easy to implement
  • Some of the techniques require the ability to speak in public

 TRAINING/TOOLS OVERVIEWExperts Academy courses

Details of Brendan’s courses available from his website

  • The 10 Human Drives – $49
  • The Influence Course – $297
  • The Business Accelerator – $297
  • The Success Accelerator – $29 per month
  • Secrets of the Top 2% – $497
  • The Confidence Course – $97
  • The Achievement Accelerator – 3 monthly payments of $197
  • High Performance Academy – 3 monthly payments of $369

 As you can see the courses are expensive, and can become a very expensive way to learn these skills.


Limited, it will only be by correspondence through email.


$1,997 upfront, or 3 payments of $66. There are better and cheaper alternatives out there.


As Brendan is a very good public speaker, and very motivational you could watch Legit Productthe video on the website and believe this is going to be the greatest product online, and is worth the money upfront.

However, when you break down what this course will teach you, (Building a website, creating content, Search Engine Optimisation) you could learn all this with other formats without the high cost.

This seems to be focused on email marketing, which is very hit and miss, and will take a lot of time.

 I cannot recommend this product to anyone who wants to take this path. There is another alternative which offers all this help and advice, and you can try it for free.

If you have any experience with Experts Academy, would love to here your views. Any comments please leave them below

Thanks for taking the time to read this


Understand the Basics of Affiliate Marketing

The idea of Affiliate Marketing or Internet Marketing can be quite daunting, but actually it can be quite easy.  The main thing to realise is there is help and I can be there every step of the way…

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing or Internet Marketing is advertising someone else’s product and/or service on your website, and in return receiving commission on those sales.  There is no need to have your own product.

For example, if I have a website with a blog on it about cameras.  I do a number of articles about photography which in turn engages the audience, I then also include reviews on certain cameras.  If someone reads my review and likes the product enough they click on the product link and go to a retailer (amazon, for example).  If they purchase the camera after using that link, Amazon rewards me for this sale by giving me a percentage of the sale.

In short, any interest can be turned into an opportunity to earn money online with affiliate marketing.

What can Affiliate Marketing be used for?

It is used by companies to reach a wider audience to invite them to visit their website and use their product/services but without the high marketing cost. If you are a small business trying to get business off of the ground, having to fork out a high marketing budget could mean the business struggles to take off or even folds.

By making a small commission available to others to market your products for you, you only pay out if you sell something. Meaning it’s beneficial for both the affiliate and the company.

Big companies do it too, Amazon is one example, eBay has an affiliate program.  The platform with the highest commission rates is Wealthy Affiliate, learn more here.

There are also companies that you can connect to, such as Click Bank that advertise on the space you have available on your website.  Back to the photography website, people could be interested in cameras, but also, they may be interested in photography courses, camera bags, accessories, etc.  the list is endless and you do not have to stick to one affiliate partner, having a number of them is totally realistic.  As long as it is relevant to the content of your website.

Why Affiliate Marketing is profitable for E-Business

  1. The start-up costs are relatively low. You will need a website (free with Wealthy Affiliate). But signing up with the affiliate partners are usually free too.
  2. Secondary expenses are linked to your access to the internet, but if you already have a laptop/pc and broadband this is already there, and the ongoing costs of hosting a website (free with WA)
  3. There are so many opportunities to earn money through Affiliate Marketing regardless of your niche or (passion) website.

Does it Work?

Yes. Both for companies trying to promote their products and services, but also for people who want to make some extra money online.

But the main reason for failure is people become down heartened as it isn’t a quick way.  You will need to build up the trust of the consumer and of the search engines before the sales roll in.  this could take a month or even 6 months. But then slowly and surely they will start to come in as you build up a reputation, and start building up your content.

We all had to start somewhere…

Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate, they have put a training video together to help anyone understand the basics of affiliate marketing.


I want to help anyone who wants to get started online. I didn’t know much about creating a website or affiliate marketing, how to choose an affiliate program or get ranked in the search engines, and yet I found out how easy it was

Please check out my next post in the series Avoiding Affiliate Marketing Mistakes.

If you have questions about this post or Wealthy Affiliate, then please comment below.


Is iPoll a Scam?

 iPoll (formerly SurveyHead) Legitimate

Overall Ranking: star-4star-4star-4star-0star-0

Price: Free



iPoll, formerly known as Surveyhead, offers you money for completing surveys. It also has an app for your smartphone, so you can complete surveys on the go. It is a legitimate site, I have been trying it to see whether it is worth a try?


You have to be 17 years of age to be eligible, and it is open to the majority of countries.  Some sites suggest there is a $5 bonus for joining, but this wasn’t available for me. There was a 50p bonus for completing the opening questionnaire.


In essence, you complete surveys and receive money for completing them.

It tells you how long the survey will take and how much you will receive for completing it beforehand. So I would suggest you look at the time it will take and for how much, rather than just looking at the amount you will receive.

A pre-survey determines whether you qualify for any surveys and these are shown for you to complete.

Some surveys also trigger your entry into a prize draw. See example below:

Prize Draw

You can select to receive the rewards via a verified PayPal account, Amazon gift-cards, or iTunes gift-cards. The minimum amount you can select to receive is £25 or $50.


  • Legitimate company
  • Has a mobile app
  • Make money from answering questions
  • Easy to use
  • The right surveys will pay more


  • It could take a while for you to reach the threshold of £25 to receive funds, or a lot of surveys.
  • It can take a month for the money to appear in your PayPal account.


It is free to join, and as there is a mobile app, you could be earning money whilst on the commute.


I found some aspects of iPoll good and some aspects not so good. Let me explain. I signed up and completed an 11minute survey, answering a multitude of questions from what car I drive, to what is my industry, job, number of people at my employer, etc. Which earned me £0.50.survey

A number of the questions were effectively the same question. I.e. How old is your child was asked twice, but with different ranges? 0-1, 2-3, 3-4 and then 0-2, 3-5. But if you don’t mind a bit of repetition, you can earn some money doing surveys.

Also another point to consider is that you have a pre-survey to complete to determine what surveys you qualify for. So if you aren’t fitting the range they want, you won’t get a survey to complete.

 It is a way to make money, and is relatively easy, so I would recommend you try it, and spend some time completing surveys. 

If you want to earn money from completing you surveys, you may need to invest some time in it, or use more than one survey site.

Have you had an experience with iPoll, I would love your feedback.

Any quesitons or comments, please leave them below



How to Make Money Online Selling Pictures

Did you know you could make money online selling pictures online?


Nowadays you see everyone is taking pictures.With the costs of dslr cameras coming down, and the improvement of the quality of the cameras on smartphones means anyone can take a good quality picture.

But if you are getting great feedback about your pictures, or you are a student doing a photography course, then it might be worth trying to make money.

There are a number of ways to sell your pictures online

Some require a lot of experience with photography, and/or a large portfolio of pictures. For example, selling your pictures to a merchandise company for t-shirts, cups, etc. There is also an opportunity to put your pictures on a gallery website, where you can sell your pictures and also make money from selling advertising space on the website.

If you are starting out, there is another option and that is to take advantage of stock photography websites.

How it works? You upload a number of pictures and await approval. If they are accepted, or at least some of them are, and someone wants to use the picture. You get a % of the sales value from the stock photography website.

There are loads of different websites to sell your pictures this way. I have included the links to four popular websites below:

It is free to register with these sites. I highly recommend you do some research on their terms of use to ensure you fully understand the rules and guidelines around what you can submit. Also understanding the ownership and copyright policies within them.

How much will I make, selling the pictures?

It Depends…

Payment for pictures may not be much individually. Having said that, if your batch is what people are looking for, the money can soon stack up.  The larger they want it, will mean more.  If one of your pictures is more popular than others, that one may start giving more back.

Another way to make more money is to give your pictures exclusively to one of the sites. If you are accepted onto their exclusive programme, they will give you a better rate.

For example, iStock Photo pay upto 3 times the commission to their exclusive photographers. Which also means you get more per download of your pictures.

By having your photos accepted onto the site/s, you could continue earning for years to come, from your pictures.

You might not be able to give up the day job, but as long as the pictures are what is wanted, you can earn money without working particularly hard at it.

These sites usually have a minimum amount before they will deposit your commission into your account. (Check each site for details). But sites usually work with PayPal, bank accounts or cheques, depending on your needs.

What Pictures will Sell?

Be mindful, you may need to live with the fact there will be some rejection in this business.  The stock photography website companies will know what type of pictures will sell well, and if yours do not fit the bill, they will be rejected.

The key is to keep them simple. People are looking for photos they can easily republish.  They are looking for a photo to use on marketing publications, or more than likely websites. Images on white backgrounds work too, it makes it easier for them to photoshop the image onto what they want to.

Pictures of cats, dogs work great too.

Research what is on the stock photo websites, and how you could capture similar. You want yours to be unique, so better not to copy exactly.

How can I get mine noticed?

There is a lot of competition, so getting your pictures will Longleat House, Longleattake a bit of work, but they are things you can do.

  • Research the stock photography websites for ideas on what is being offered, as well as finding the right one for you.
  • Learn from rejections, they usually give you a reason for the rejection, which gives you a way to improve going forward.
  • Try not to upload a lot of similar looking images
  • Getting the right keyword on images, to help get it higher up the search.
  • Use social media, or if you have you’re own website to promote your portfolio
  • Touch up your photo to make it look right
  • Depending on what you are trying to achieve, use PhotoShop to remove the background of certain images.
  • The stock photography website will have a forum, get involved. It will help you with ideas. Be sure to contribute to the forum, its a 2 way street.
  • If you find the right website for you, go exclusive.
  • Make some of your pictures ‘free download’. This will invite people into your portfolio, so they may go straight to you in the future, and pick some of your paid pictures.

I’m not that great at Photography??

Affordable Photography Courses are available online. Everyone has to start somewhere. I actually did a friends wedding, due to their photographer letting them down. That led to me doing wedding photography. So don’t be afraid to try experimenting, and you can use a course to validate your pictures prior to trying the stock photograph website.

Any thoughts, or comments please leave them below.


How to Make Money Online

Making money online can be achieved…

There are thousands of websites offering ways on How to Make Money Online, the key is to find a genuine one that can help you succeed.

We at Ways to Make Money Online are here to help!

If we are truly honest with ourselves when we search the internet for ways to make money online we are looking for a quick and easy way to achieve it, normally because we don’t enjoy our job anymore or we wish for a different lifestyle…

That leads us into trying risky strategies or “Get Rich Quick” schemes that end up leaving us out of pocket.  The best advice I can give to anyone who wants to make money online is:

Do not rush into these types of schemes, the way to making money online is being patient. Understand it will take time and effort, if you want a consistent way of making money you need to treat it like a business. Build the right foundation, get the right support and the money will follow.

SO What Should You Do?

There are a few things to understand about making money online.

First and foremost, it is possible to earn money from the internet. Affiliate Marketing is a highly viable solution for people to earn money from your computer.

People are constantly chasing fast success online, but you do need to be realistic with your targets – your mindset needs to be about building a business and not how quickly you can earn money.  If you want a way of making money that is consistent and means you can leave the day job behind, then you need start the foundations right.

You may not make money straight away, it will take time to build trust in your site prior to them taking action on what you are promoting or advertising. Don’t be downhearted if you do not make any money within the first 3 months, the difference will be staying positive that you will and then the revenue will come.

Thorough research & relevant engaging content will become the basis of your successful business, so it only goes with making sure your fully research any product before handing over any money.  If the sales video sounds too good to be true… it probably is.  If they are asking for money before showing you any features, I wouldn’t trust it.

Try before you buy.  If there is an option to try it for free, its a good way of checking it. If it is a money-back guarantee, again might not be worth it, so research it.

I found a way of earning money online, that is actually relatively easy.

So, after doing some research on different ways to make money, I stumbled on the video that is below. It talks about a way of making money through affiliate marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate_How_to_make_money_onlineWhat is Affiliate Marketing?

With the support of Wealthy Affiliate, You can put a website together in any niche. They will also teach you how to ensure it is engaging and relevant for the audience/reader.

Why must it be relevant and engaging? If your website is about cats but you are doing a post on dog toys, how relevant is that?  It is more likely to tell the reader you aren’t trying and will probably just leave your website.

Remember the audience/reader needs to like your website and engage with it to have any chance of the audience growing, the bigger the audience the more likely it is to give you revenue. But if it isn’t relevant, you won’t have an audience.

You need to post solutions to their problems, understand the reasons they are searching in that given field to start earning money.

So focus on the content and the audience and the revenue will follow!

Then you can join affiliate programs, such as Amazon, they allow you to put links to products from their catalogue onto your website.  Every time a visitor to your website clicks a link and purchases the product, you gain commission.


It can be relatively easy to earn money online, as long as you keep in mind it will take some time and effort with the audience experience always the focus.

If you want training and support to start earning money online, then we fully recommend Wealthy Affiliate, it is our No.1 Ranked product for a reason.

Read our review here.

Here are some of the features you can benefit from with Wealthy Affiliate.

  • The starter membership is free, this includes 2 free websites
  • Access to the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course – a step by step guide to building a website and monetising it
  • Free WordPress Express Website Builder
  • Keyword Tools
  • Training Classrooms, Videos and Tutorials
  • Live Chat with thousands of like minded entrepreneurs all offering help and support including myself, I will be there to help you whenever you need it
  • Kyle & Carson, the co-owners are actively involved in the forums, and if you get stuck you can even PM them and they will get back to you… Where can you find that anywhere?
  • Weekly Live Webinars on different aspects of making your business grow

I had been looking at a number of ways to make money online, to no avail, then I found Wealthy Affiliate and understood my mindset needed to change, everyone seems to believe the internet unlocks money making opportunities, which it does, but I thought it would be quicker and it isn’t.

Having the mindset that it is a business and following the training step-by-step and gaining knowledge and asking questions when I needed it is key – That is why I am so thankful I found Wealthy Affiliate.

Thanks for the taking the time to read this post, if you have any experience with Wealthy Affiliate or have any questions about it please leave them below



Swagbucks Review

 Swagbucks Legitimate

Overall Ranking: star-4star-4star-4star-0star-0 60/100

Price: Free

Owners: Swag bucks, based in California



Swagbucks is a website that rewards user for completing certain task with virtual currency. (Surveys, watching videos and giving feedback, and using their search bar). This virtual currency can be used against gift-cards or goods.


Anyone who has access to the internet and is above 13 years old can use the Swagbucks system. As it uses a number of things most internet users do naturally daily, it can work for anyone (internet searches, watch videos, shop online), although it will take time to accumulate SB credits.

It is probably best for someone who casually uses it rather than someone who wants to rely on it as a source of income.

Check out our No. 1 Recommended way for you to earn genuine money online


It’s a free sign up, you just go to the homepage. You can also use your Facebook profile to sign in. There are a number of different ways to earn credits:

  • Shopping with certain retailers and getting cash back
  • Using their Search bar instead of your usual search bar
  • Watching Videosscreen-shot-2016-09-20-at-20-26-57
  • Playing Games
  • Answer Surveys
  • Referring friends to join up gives you 10% of what they earn
  • Printing coupons off them to use in stores

One thing I found with the surveys is the pre questions that decide whether you qualify for the actual survey. Depending on the demographic, you might not qualify but have already answered a couple of questions.

They also have an app called Swagbucks Answers.

Payouts vary across the different formats. A $5 gift card would require 450 SB credits.

You can then redeem your SB credits in a number of ways:

  • Gift-cards, you can choose from a number of retailers
  • PayPal, you can get it paid into your PayPal account
  • Sweepstakes, you can spend your SB credits on entries to win electronics and gift-cards at the Swags Stakes
  • Donate your credits to charity


  • Free Sign up
  • Easy to use
  • Number of different ways to earn the credits
  • Earn credits just by searching the internet
  • It is legitimate and not a scam


  • It will take a lot of time to accumulate points
  • Wouldn’t suggest it as a source of income.


screen-shot-2016-09-20-at-20-56-16The How It Works section explains it nice and simply. Sign up, Earn Points and Get the free gift cards. The page also describes the different ways you can earn the points.


They have a ‘How can we help?’ page with a number of FAQs displayed explaining various subjects. I.e. Search, how do I set my search engine as Swagbucks, etc. You can also ask questions on their Facebook page.


It is free to join, and they are offering a £3 bonus for signing up (although the small print does say you need to earn 2,500 SB credits within the first 60 days of membership).


Swagbucks is an easy way to make some money online, but as a past-time rather than a real opportunity to leave the day job behind.

By using the search bar as an example, you use that instead of google, you are earning points and it will help towards Christmas.

It is legitimate and is definitely not a scam. But it does require a lot of work for the other features to pay out any substantial credits. Hence why my score is only 3 stars.

Have you had any experience with Swagbucks, I would love to hear your thoughts, any feedback please leave them in the comments below.

If you are looking for a genuine way to earn money online, with help and support, then check out our No.1 Recommended Product.






Ways to Work from Home


Wealthy Affiliate Review

Wealthy Affiliate Wealthy Affiliate Review

Overall Ranking:  99/100

Price: $0 for Starter Membership (No credit card entry required),

$49/a month $359/a year for Premium Membership

Owners: Kyle & Carson


Verdict: Our number 1 Product for Helping People Get Started Online

With over 3 billion people who have access to the internet, one of the biggest searches online is ‘How to Make Money Online’.

There are a high number of scams out there and it can be difficult to ascertain whether a product is legitimate enough and has real options when it comes to making that money.

At Ways to Make Money Online we endeavour to only promote products that are 100% legitimate and genuine has the ability to make you money.

In this Wealthy Affiliate Review, I will be sharing my personal opinion of the platform and why I believe it is the No.1 Product to help you learn all the skills and techniques you need to start making money online and all the tools to make it successful and continue to grow.  As an active user of Wealthy Affiliate I believe in this product and have learned so much from using them – that is why I recommend them.  Read on to learn more… Continue reading “Wealthy Affiliate Review”