Looking for a part time job, but not too sure where to start? Whether you are looking for an income to supplement your pension or a job where you are engaging with people, we have researched a number of part time jobs for retired people that might be just what you are looking for.

Retail/Seasonal Jobs

There are always a number of jobs available in the retail sector, if you have any experience in customer service than it will be relatively easy to get a job with them. Part-time roles are normally available and retailers tend to be flexible when it comes to shifts and your availability window.  Be mindful of ‘flexi’ contracts – if you don’t mind having a regular shift pattern, then it won’t affect you. But if you like the same hours every week with no changes, they might not be for you. Also, if retailers cut the overtime and you rely on it, this can also be a deal breaker.

Of course, not everyone will suit these types of roles. Whether it be the physicality, getting to the store or the hours available – they might not be suitable types of part time jobs for retired people.

So below are 3 types of role that rely on you sharing your experience from the industry you have worked in. Use that knowledge and experience to earn money.

Consultancy Jobs

You have a wealth of experience in the industry you work in, why not become a consultant. A consultant is defined as ‘Someone who is an expert in a particular subject, who gives Businesses are very aware of the need for consultants, with US businesses spending over $12 billion on them.

Things to Consider with a Consultancy role –

  • 1.What certifications or special licencing will you need? Doing some research, some industries will require you to have at least a BA in the subject before being signed onto a consultancy agency. This leads to the question, are you qualified enough in the field?
  • 2.Are you organised enough to become a consultant? You will need to be highly organised to ensure you plan in your day properly to be effective
  • 3.Do you like to network? Networking is key to being successful, use contacts from the industry you have come from. You will need to build your contact list up straightaway
  • 4.Set Longterm and Short-term goals. This allows you to see if consulting is right for you and your circumstances.

Here is a list of the top consultancy industries at present – Accounting, Advertising, Auditing, Business, Business Writing, Career Counselling, Communications, Computer Programmer, Editorial Services, Executive Search (Head Hunting), Gardening, Grantsmanship, Human Resources, Insurance, Marketing, Payroll Management, Public Relations, Publishing, Taxes, Writing Services.

If you think a consultancy role might be for you, I would suggest you do some thorough research. But also have a look at to see what is available too. Might give you some inspiration.

You could also start your own consultancy business. Working for yourself will give you more flexibility to work when you want, but will require more time investment to get it off and running.

You will require a website to ensure you promote yourself to the best, but I can easily help you get a website for free – up and running in under a minute. Learn more here.

This way you can build yourself a brand and also appear very professional to clients wanting to potentially use your consultancy skills.

Subject Matter Experts – Tutoring and Content Development

Leading on from the consultancy roles, I found positions that again was based on experience. Using your knowledge in a particular subject as a tutor. This is aimed at those who are a retired academic and are willing to share their knowledge to help those at study. See what I found at These will be part time roles and the pay does look good. It also looks like it will require less of your time compared to the consultancy role.

Use Your Experience to Earn Money from Home

Consultancy might not be for you, especially if you aren’t able to get certified in the field you are an expert in. But why let that stop you earning money from that knowledge and experience.


By helping people online. There over 3 billion active users on the internet and we are all using it on how to do something or researching a subject or a product.

How does it work?

  • You start your own blog on your own free website
  • You write relevant content on the subject matter you are an expert about
  • People visit and find your information useful
  • The opportunity to earn money comes from adverts and affiliate marketing

This is a very viable way for you to earn money from home with your computer.

Getting Started Online is relatively simple, but making it successful requires 3 key things:

Education, Websites and Expert Support

Getting a website is really easy nowadays, but making it a success is another thing. You need these 3 key things to make it a realistic and start earning.

Education – Our No.1 Recommended Product is free to get started and has an online entrepreneur certification course which takes you through a easy to follow step-by-step program to getting your website up and running. It includes easy to follow videos and is task based, so is easy to follow the steps at your own pace.

Websites – Our No.1 Recommended Product offers 2 free websites and you can have a website up and running in just a few minutes.

Expert Support –  I would love to help you get started with an online opportunity which has limitless possibilities, but what if you also joined a community of thousands that are also there to help… Our No.1 Recommended Product offers all 3 in abundance and everyone is there to connect and support, so you never feel like you are alone. Read my Wealthy Affiliate Review here to learn more.


Why work for someone else when you could work for yourself. You can get started for free and get to connect with a vast number of other likeminded individuals. If you have the right mind-set, you could be earning £1000’s on a monthly basis and really enjoy your retirement properly.

If you want to know a little more then please leave me a question or comment below and I will get back to you. But it is totally free to get started and you might find that it is the right opportunity for you. You do not need great computer skills, as the education element takes you step-by-step through everything. If you still need help, I will be there to help from day one.

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions or comments, then please leave them below

  1. Thanks for this awesome post. I believe working from home and earning passive income online is the best option for retirees.

    However, the main concern for most retirees are the technical know-how required. Many are too scared and not confident to venture into this kind of online business. Is there any way you can convince these kind of people to join and help them gain confidence?

    • Great Point Jerry,
      I can totally understand apprehension when wanting to try something that might be outside of someones comfort zone. Learning new skills can be quite daunting. However, if you have the support of a community that has easy to follow training including videos that you can watch as many times as you like to learn the technique. A community that will answer any question or questions that you may have in minutes via the live chat function. Literally, there is a training video or how-to guide for anything.
      I did not know anything about websites, affiliate marketing, keyword research when I first signed up. The training is totally aimed at the right level for those who want to learn a new skill.
      It is never too late to start learning a new skill – with the right support from myself and everyone in the WA community you can achieve anything you set out to.
      I appreciate it may be scary, but the only way you will know if you capable (which I am sure you are) is to try it free. You can try all the features for free for 7 days and that way you can try the training and see how easy it is to follow. Then you can ask me any questions, if after this time you decide it is not for you, then that is ok, at least you will know.
      If you have any specific questions, then please ask them or drop me an e-mail at
      There will always be concerns about an endeavour into the unknown – know that many who started at Wealthy Affiliate didn’t know anything when they started, young or old and they have all started the same journey you are pondering. They followed the blueprint that Kyle & Carson set out and are enjoying successes.
      Thanks again for the question Jerry.

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