Passive Paychecks Review

In your research for ways to work from home you may have come across a system called the Passive Paychecks System. With their promises of earning easy money with little work, it can seem like a dream when you want the freedom to work from home and earn passive income. But are their promises too good to be true???

That is what I wanted to find out and as you read on, you will see where my experience has led me with this Passive Paychecks Review.

What is the Passive Paychecks System

Before I get into what they actually are, let’s start with what their promise…

They claim that someone with no prior experience or special skills can take control of their financial future and become their own boss and earn money from passive income. The problem I find is that you do not actually learn how you are going to do this before you sign up.

Basically, hand over $47 and hope it is a system you can benefit from?

The video that greet you as you sign up promises high returns and the ability to let the system run and earn you money without telling you how and say it is a privilege to only pay $47 for a $5k system. There also have the old “there are only 200 places” game where it creates a false scarcity. Both of these are usual spots for a scam.

But fundamentally, what the Passive Paychecks System is a sales funnel – it gets you into the door of some high-ticket business opportunities. So, you have paid $47 to find business opportunities that you could have found with a little more research online.

Is Passive Paychecks a Scam?

That depends, they do offer some legitimate high-ticket business opportunities with refund guarantees on them. The problem we have with them is that they are not upfront about it. Tell the customer what it is you are offering before handing over their money and avoid the fake videos scenario.

Earning money online is entirely possible, but it takes time and effort – giving people the opinion they can sit back and do nothing but earn a full-time income is what I believe makes them a bit of a scam.

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How Does the Passive Paycheck System Work?

Basically, it is a MOBE system where you invite others to join the system and that is where you earn commission as an affiliate. It is possible to earn money, but you cannot promote systems unless you pay for them, so you will need to upgrade to programs before you can promote them to earn higher commissions and get into the realms of it being a realistic passive income system. So basically, the three steps to succeed are below:

  1. Pay $47 for the Passive Paycheck System
  2. Spend $10k or more to qualify for higher level commissions
  3. Learn how to promote this system as an affiliate to get others to join.

So, you will need to spend money to qualify for higher commissions, meaning this system is a pay to play system. For example, the Diamond Consultant membership is almost $30k.

But do I need to upgrade from the basic membership?

You do if you want to make any money as you will need to invest in advertising to get people to join, so you want the higher commissions to make it a profitable business.

That is the problem, you hand over the initial $47 without really understanding the way the business works based on a promise of it being easy. You then find you need to invest that much money that you end up giving up and losing that money, unless you have the money in the first place to do it.

That causes too many red flags for me – I would not go so much as to say it’s a scam, I would just recommend caution to someone new to these systems. Don’t get taken in by false promises.

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I would label this as a typical ‘Get-Rich-Scheme”. False promises and a great marketing video can lure newbies into handing over money thinking that the system will do all the work. That is not possible with a new business venture. It is entirely possible in a business that has been up and running a while and has proven that it has conversions – but that requires you to understand that you will need to invest time and effort to do this.

It is also entirely possible for you to do this without spending $1000’s on a fake system…

Tired of Scams?

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There are many genuine ways to earn money online, what you need is help and support to ensure you don’t fall into the traps of any scams out there. That is why i created this site to help people find genuine ways whilst flagging up any scams out there. If you have been scammed, let me know in the comments below. Together we can help others avoid these traps.

If you have had any experience with Passive Paychecks please share.

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