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Overall Ranking: 

Price: $97 upfront

Owner: Sean Donahoe

Website: http://rcwlightning.com 

RCW Lighting Edition or Rapid Content Wizard is tagged as software that can write articles for you with a keyword search. Sounds like a dream to anyone who writes content for a website and knows how time consuming it can be, right?  But is it all it is cracked up to be? In this Rapid Content Wizard review we will be going through the features and see if this Article-Spinning Software is.


It has a great sales pitch and video showcasing how easy the software works and how quickly it can generate articles for you.  It is aimed at those who are looking for solutions and aren’t that confident with their own writing or struggle for time and wonder if there is an easier, quicker way to get content. This program fits the bill; the only issue might be compromising quality content for a quick-win??


So, once you have typed in the keyword you want an article about into the software, it pulls content relevant to that keyword from the internet and displays it in paragraph chunks for you to put your own article together.  Noticed the problem? As it has pulled content from other websites, it will be next to useless to you.  Search engines such as Google have several algorithms and filters to see whether content is duplicate, if it finds that the article you design with this is duplicate it will affect your rankings, if it gets ranked at all.

Also, if you are putting paragraphs together from a few articles, it means that it won’t make sense to the reader and consequently they will be turned off from your website, another bad sign.

The key to making money is from quality content, so by using this software to generate an article you cannot use, you would need to spend more time rewriting it into something you can use, meaning you might as well have done the research in the first place and save yourself $97.

I cannot stress the importance of quality content being king and the key to success. Posting poor quality content regularly will not make a difference to your opportunities to earn money, but if you have high quality content, albeit posted less frequently, it will have more long term benefits to you.


  • Pulls content together into a software where you can put an article together very quickly


  • As the content is pulled from articles already on the search engines, could be classed as duplicate and harm rankings or website
  • Doesn’t guarantee quality content, and different sections from different articles would make no sense to the reader
  • Seems like a waste of money, which could be spent on genuine freelance writers to write articles for you.


The software seems relatively simple to use, type in a keyword and watch the different articles generate on the screen, and select which sections you want.

RCW features

You have sliders for number of words, paragraphs to select how long an article you want to write.  It also comes with a word processor which is based on Microsoft Word.


$97 upfront cost for the software, but in my opinion, due to the amount of work you would need to do after the article was generated, like a plagiarism check and rewriting it, why wouldn’t you just write an article yourself.

Need help learning how to write content that converts?

I have been looking at a few options to help with content, but when I have tried a few, freelancer for example, I found that my identity wasn’t coming out in the writing and went back to writing my own, why is this important? Well any visitor/reader on your website needs to believe the content and that you are genuine if you want them to try out any product you recommend or suggest they try.


On the face of it, the sales pitch is strong and it looks like it could tick all the boxes of a software that can generate 100’s of articles for you in a relatively short length of time, but as it is pulling this content from the internet, where do you think it is coming from?  That’s right, other people’s websites – so if you do post an article straight from this onto your website, it would get highlighted as duplicate content and it either wouldn’t rank or be negatively affected.

Otherwise you would be spending a lot of time rewriting it so it wouldn’t be duplicate, personally I would rather spend time writing my own, learn as I go and if I need to update it I can at a later date.

Rapid Content Wizard Lightning Edition At a Glance…

Overall Ranking: 

Price: $97 upfront

Owners: Sean Donahoe

Website: http://rcwlightning.com 

 Verdict: Wouldn’t Recommend an Article-Spinning Software when all it would do is duplicate someone else’s content. It would harm your websites legitimacy and hurt your content ranking.

If you do struggle to write content naturally you could outsource but this would become expensive, if you would like to learn how to write content with intent check out our No.1 product for getting a business up and running and writing content naturally that will rank well, writing for a website doesn’t have to be difficult and shouldn’t cost $97.

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