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Market Research is key to many companies and their strategies to get people to buy new stuff. But how do they find out what people are buying?

That is a key reason why market research companies will pay for that information through either survey sites or this clever little app that is easy to use and rewards you too.

Their reasoning is very apt, you already purchase groceries, toiletries, etc. and what they want to know is what brands you are buying so they can share their results with these companies. As you already fork out money on them, why not get a little reward by sharing that information.  It is really easy to use, legitimate and is recommended by Martin Lewis’s

Who Is It For?

Anyone who has a smartphone can benefit from Receipt Hog, the only thing you need is receipts from purchases. As most of us will be buying groceries, fuel, etc. than anyone can use these receipts to gain coins on Receipt Hog. There doesnt seem to be any age restrictions either as you can get Amazon giftcards if you havent got a PayPal account.

How It Works?

Receipt Hog is an app for your phone with 3 easy steps to get rewarded.

  1. Shop at any retailer, big or small
  2. Snap a Picture of the receipt
  3. Get Paid*

Considering you have already spent the money on whatever you bought, it does stand to reason ‘why not benefit from something you have already bought?’

They offer 2 types of rewards – Coins or Spins.


Spin rewards are chances using the Hog Slot Machine, these give you chances to earn coins.


The coins are what you redeem to receive either cash via PayPal or Amazon Gift cards. The amount of coins you get does depend on how much you spent on the receipt.

<$10 – 5 coins        $10-$50 – 10 coins        $50-$100 – 15 coins        $100+ – 20 coins

The amount of coins you need to withdrawal your rewards is below:

1000 coins – $5 (minimum withdrawal)

1800 – $10

3200 – $20

4500 – $30

There are additional opportunities to reduce the amount of time to withdrawal your rewards.

I have already mentioned the Hog Slot Machine, which offers you chances to win coins. There is also a Monthly Sweepstake which gives you more chances of earning coins, with 5 winners of 5000 coins.

The higher the level you are, the more chances you have in the Sweepstake. There are 25 levels, which is attained by being active – scanning a receipt at least once a week. There are rumours that if you become inactive for 3 months they will deactivate your account, mainly down to the demand of people wanting to join.

Your Homepage gives you details of how many participants are in the monthly sweepstake and how many times you are entered.


  • Easy $5 threshold for withdrawal – although you get better rates if you wait
  • Active users get rewarded with short surveys, barcode scans and more spins on Hog Slot
  • You have challenges to earn more spins. Scan a receipt every week for 4 weeks.
  • Long receipts are not a problem, as you just scroll down the receipt with the app
  • You can also link your amazon account to receipt hog and earn on some purchases.
  • UK Referral Program
  • Recommended by, you’ve already made the purchase, might as well get rewarded by it.


  • Can only scan 20 receipts a week.
  • Will not make you rich.
  • It does take away an element of your privacy, as they become aware of what you are buying. However, if this isn’t an issue, no problem.
  • You only have 14 days to upload the receipts.
  • If you do not stay active they will deactivate your account, no definite answer but 3 months seems to be the trigger. This will be down to demand, there are warnings that they are running out of spaces.
  • US Referral Program has been taken down due to the demand, as it stands UK one is still active.
  • Using Receipt Hog has a requirement that you allow receipt hog to access your location at all times. This has 2 factors, they know where you are at all times and it also has an impact on your battery life.
  • Connecting your email gains you 100 coins.

Training/Tools Overview

Receipt Hog is really easy to use with a simple app for your smartphone which captures the pictures of the receipts and rewards you. So no real training is required. Their FAQ does cover any questions that you may have


They have a Support Centre that you can access via the app or logging in online.


Receipt Hog is free from the Apple Store or the Andriod Store.

Tips to Get The Best From Receipt Hog

If you want to get the best out of using Receipt Hog, here are some hints and tips to do just that.

  1. Make sure the pictures of your receipts are clear and you understand how to focus the picture.  (typical pressing your finger on the screen gives it something to focus on.  you want the text to be clear).
  2. If you bought something personal on a receipt with other items, then use a black marker to hide the personal item. that way you earn for the receipt without sharing the personal item.
  3. If you have reached 100 coins in a week, I would save any other receipts until next week. as you will only receive an additional 5 coins regardless of the value of the receipt.
  4. In the app, under the receipt tab you can scroll down and see which receipts qualified for coins or spins. Helps you understand which retailers reward you with what.
  5. Don’t be afraid to share you receipts with more than one app, check out my Dealspotr review. I have never heard of it being rejected.
  6. Link your Amazon account to Receipt Hog to earn extra rewards from them including them accepting your e-receipts.  They reward you with 36 coins for linking the accounts and as long as you stay linked, you will get additional sweepstake entries each month.

Final Opinion/Verdict

There are real benefits to using the Receipt Hog app, whilst it won’t make you enough to give up the day job, it is a great way of earning a little extra with Christmas coming up. It is easy to use and can take most receipts (it won’t take hand written receipts, etc.) but the app says it will take all retailers receipts.

The number of coins required to trigger the withdrawal is quite high, but it does depend on what your weekly spend is. There is an element of your privacy being taken away, both with the location settings on your phone and what your actual purchases are. However, the majority of people probably won’t mind as there is nothing on there identifying you.

Other than scanning your receipts, you can earn more by referring your friends to use the service, monthly sweepstakes and completing short surveys – typically 1 or 2 questions.

The only thing you will need to remember is, when the cashier asks do you want your receipt? Remember to take it and scan it using the app on your phone. Depending on how much you have scanned in a week, you may want to save that big purchase receipt until the following week, but that is easy enough to do.

Overall, Receipt Hog is genuine way of earning a little extra money from purchases you have already bought. It won’t become a full-time wage earner, but combined with a few different receipt scanning apps can make a little extra money for christmas.

Thanks for reading my review, if you have any experience with Receipt Hog or any other receipt scanning apps, please let me know what you think about them. If you are also interested in finding out a way of earning a real wage from the internet, then check out my No.1 Recommended Product Review.



Receipt Hog


Ease of Use




Earning Money Potential


Overall Quality



  • Low $5 threshold for withdrawal
  • Extra Rewards such as Sweepstakes
  • Long Receipts are not a problem
  • Connecting your Amazon account adds extra rewards
  • Recommended by Money Saving Experts


  • Only 20 receipts a week
  • Won't be able to give up day job
  • A level of privacy is taken away - location settings on phone
  • You only have 14 days to upload a receipt

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