The Coffee Shop MillionairePRODUCT_NAME
 The Coffee Shop Millionaire Scam Alert

Overall Ranking: 58 out of 100

Price: $37/month + Upsells

Owners: Anthony Trister


Verdict: Hidden Costs, too many Upsells, Outdated Training and Support that is lacking. There are better products. (See our no.1 Product Review here)


The Coffee Shop Millionaire program (CSM) intends to teach you all the basics you need to get started in Internet Marketing. It has a number of training modules and lessons. However, by adding Millionaire into the title, it does set people up with high expectations of sitting in a coffee shop watching the money roll in.


The training modules lend it to all levels of ability in the Internet Marketing field. Although throughout the training there is an assumption you know something about Internet Marketing (not great for beginners), so even though prior to it, it looks like a system that can leave it to do the work, it isn’t and a lot of time and effort will be required to achieve anything.


  • Relatively low monthly initial investment
  • Site is upfront about earning potential and work required to achieve it


  • Positive review online is a result of a GURU launch
  • There are a number of unforeseen costs to be paid once you hand over the initial $37
  • Name leads to an expectation of becoming a millionaire which is unrealistic, even for its most successful users
  • Lots of complaints from other buyers online
  • The training is not up-to-date
  • Number of ‘Upsells’


There are twelve modules that cover the different activities to get started. With a selection of videos covering additional information.

There is also a community forum for specific questions.

The initial claim from this product is you will get a ‘cheat sheet’ that will outline a system to make $21k in just a couple of weeks without a product of your own and without a list. That is just an outrageous claim, even experienced Internet Marketers couldn’t agree to someone just starting out achieving that.

There are a number of modules on topics such as email marketing, video marketing, article submission and the local economy. All are valid and very effective ways of marketing, but the training is very vague, with outdated information, or lacking key elements


There are the usual phone/email routes, and claims of an active community that is supportive and informative.

However, there are a number of questions that go unanswered within the community, and feedback isn’t great about responses to Email.


So the initial cost is $37/month for entry into the Coffee Shop Millionaire Club, membership gives you the training and support (albeit limited). But as soon as you sign up, you are asked to upgrade to another product called ‘Six Figure Success Club’. For another $297!! So they entice you in with a low monthly figure, then hit you with an additional cost straight away.

But for the program to be successful you may end up paying more! The program doesn’t cover website creation, domain acquisition or hosting it.

So you have a training program for doing these things, but will need to fork out additional costs to get it up and running, otherwise the cost really does become a waste.

It is ‘upsell’ after ‘upsell’ in CSM


When you do some research into this product you will find a number of positive reviews of this product, but they tend to come from a group of people promoting each other’s services to make them money, not necessarily you to make money.

The website has a long video, which will probably bore you (if you manage to sit through it) and not give you the relevant information, meaning you are intended to sign up. But you will only get half the product by doing this, and end up very much out of pocket without the even getting started.

 I would say this product is OK, but with ruthless
marketing techniques and a high number of Scam Alertcomplaints.

 If you do want an online training program, that will teach you in-depth techniques the right way then why not join me here.

If you have questions, then please let me know how I can help.



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