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There are a whole load of opportunities for stay at home moms to earn money.  Whether that be through social media, auction sites such as eBay or your very own website either selling your own product or a blogging site.

You could even start it part time whilst your children are young then take it to a full-time gig when they go to school where you can start earning the money and achieving the rewards that it can bring.

My wife is quite artistic and starting doing a number of crafting ideas and is at a point where she will be launching a website shortly as the demand is increasing.  She made a bespoke WordArt when our son was born, posted a picture on Facebook and she had quite a bit of interest and took it from there, Making Christmas decorations, Making Cakes.  Check out her Facebook page Words, Cakes & More to see how Gemma got started. It just shows that you one of the ways you can earn money online.

Be mindful when researching for ways to make money online you find genuine ways to earn money and if it sounds like it is too good to be true, it probably is.  There are a number of scams out there, but we are here to help and below are a list of genuine ways for stay at home moms to earn money online.

Making a Product and Selling it

If you are already quite handy with your hands and already make something, like in the example with my wife then it could be the start of a business.

If you are unsure of what people are buying, check out local craft markets, or Pinterest is a great place to research ideas.

The children’s market is big business and the number of ideas that come out are endless.  Think about it, Lego frames are relatively new, but if you have the right characters then the demand is great and not just from parents for kids. Make a Star Wars one and you may start having a bidding war. Baby blankets, teddy bears, baby toys. I could go on.

Starting out, you might begin with local craft markets to sell your products. If you are ready to sell that product online, but aren’t ready to get your own website then a Facebook page is a great way of online marketing your product to a bigger audience. You can advertise your wares on it and set it as a local audience, so your postage and packing costs don’t go too high.

Ultimately you may get at a point where you are ready to hit a bigger market, a platform where the order process can start to become automated to a point.  You will need a website that can have the ability to have an e-store, it will need an ssl certificate. This way they order the product with a click, the payment is handled online, so you can concentrate on making the products, and correspondence with your customer.

Learn Everything There is to Know about Launching a Website  & Making Money Online with our No.1 Product

There is a lot to learn about launching a website and ensuring it gets noticed by the search engines, keeping it relevant and making sure it gets a sale. But a website is also a funnel to earning money in other ways as well as your product, such as affiliate marketing.

Completing Surveys & Watching Ads

There are opportunities with certain websites to earn money from watching adverts and completing online surveys. Whilst they do not have a high rate of return, if you want to learn a bit more, check out my reviews of the following sites to learn a bit about them and more important could you benefit from them?  SwagBucks, iPoll, ClixSense & DealSpotr.

You could save some money from voucher codes or offers, so it might be beneficial to sign up to one of them in case there is an offer you can benefit from when buying online.

Blogging, Writing Content & Making Money

The ultimate content on a website is engaging, relevant and more importantly help the person reading it to find out the answer they are looking for. Some people are awesome at it, whereas others need some support.

If you can write content naturally and want to earn some money from it you could sign up with a site like fiverr or freelancer.

You can advertise yourself for people to hire you to write content for their website.

Of course, if you can write content well, you would most definitely benefit from your own website. You don’t need a product to be able to benefit from a website.

You could become a reviewer of products in a particular niche and earn money from becoming an Amazon Associate through affiliate marketing.

Imagine you have an interest in coffee, and you had a website reviewing the best coffee machines to use at home. You review the products, and have an amazon associates account, thereby linking the products with a link to the amazon website.  If someone reads your review, likes what they read and clicks that link and buys the coffee machine… you have just made commission on that sale.

If you want to get started with a free website and learn how to become a successful website owner with the ability to earn money with it, we suggest our No.1 Platform to teach you everything you need to know to get that website up and running and it being successful.

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It is entirely possible for a stay at home mom to excel online and make money, whether it be through your own product or writing your own blog. Anytime someone types a question into a search engine, they are looking for an answer.  You may know the answer, and what is more write it in a way that they relate to you and trust you, there is the opportunity to earn money from it through advertising on your website or through affiliate links.

If you have any questions, or comments. Maybe you are successful at it already and want to share your success story, then please connect in the comments below





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