Wealthy Affiliate Wealthy Affiliate Review

Overall Ranking:  99/100

Price: $0 for Starter Membership (No credit card entry required),

$49/a month $359/a year for Premium Membership

Owners: Kyle & Carson

Website: www.wealthyaffilate.com

Verdict: Our number 1 Product for Helping People Get Started Online

With over 3 billion people who have access to the internet, one of the biggest searches online is ‘How to Make Money Online’.

There are a high number of scams out there and it can be difficult to ascertain whether a product is legitimate enough and has real options when it comes to making that money.

At Ways to Make Money Online we endeavour to only promote products that are 100% legitimate and genuine has the ability to make you money.

In this Wealthy Affiliate Review, I will be sharing my personal opinion of the platform and why I believe it is the No.1 Product to help you learn all the skills and techniques you need to start making money online and all the tools to make it successful and continue to grow.  As an active user of Wealthy Affiliate I believe in this product and have learned so much from using them – that is why I recommend them.  Read on to learn more…


Wealthy Affiliate offers everything you need to start an online business in Affiliate Marketing. Why would you want to start in this? It is hands down the one sure way of making money online.

They have a number of features all aimed at supporting you to get started, including keyword research tools, an online entrepreneur certification course which takes you step-by-step through launching a free website and making it ready to make money to posts answering every question you could think of to do with building a business online.

It introduces you to Affiliate Marketing, and how you can earn $$$ with simple techniques

They offer Hosting for websites, 2 free subdomains on the starter membership, 25 full domains on the premium membership and 25 free subdomains too.

WordPress Express Editor makes building your website easy.

But hands down the best bit is the community you join, all there to help with any questions you may have with support from the owners of the platform, Kyle & Carson, regularly getting involved. Kyle just did a live webinar (Jan ’17) on what can help get a business up and running.

They help you in all sorts of ways including helping you with comments on your posts, which helps it get ranked. Answering any questions you may have. Get opinions on how to improve your site for the user.



All levels of user would benefit from Wealthy Affiliate, from beginners to advanced. Due to the nature of the community, even advanced users would benefit in reaching their goals and WA Hosting is excellent with regular updates, they have also just launched free SSL for all premium members.

New users will also get the most out of training sessions designed to take people through step by step guides on getting their niche website set up, help picking a niche with  your passion in mind and staying with you through to a successful business.

It can benefit anyone whether they want to do this part time, or full time. With a view to leaving your day job in the future.

Experienced Internet Marketers can benefit from Wealthy Affiliates Hosting, with the ability to transfer domains over to their hosting. They can also benefit from the features that come with the program, free keyword tools, I also believe it doesn’t matter how experienced someone is they might benefit from some of the training.

Wealthy Affiliate has just launched FREE SSL for all Premium Members

Wealthy Affiliate has just launched FREE SSL for all premium members, that is how dedicated Kyle & Carson are to helping people get started with an online business. You need SSL if you want an E-Commerce site, but it also helps with search engine rankings and trust with people visiting your site. It can cost $100 a year with other providers, and it is free. So, you could potential have 25 sites with free ssl, instead of paying $2500 you would only pay your WA subscription.

If you need help finding a niche, they have ways of helping you do this, alternatively if you still are not sure they offer a training program to promote Wealthy Affiliate as part of their affiliate program. This is one of the best affiliate programs out there with high rates of return.


  •  It is free to get started with Wealthy Affiliate, you don’t even have to enter your credit card details
  • You can get a website up and running in 30 secs
  • Training that is easy to follow step by step guides. Designed with newbies in mind. Everything is explained carefully, below is details of the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course Level 1. There are 5 levels to this course. All aimed at getting your website up and running and working towards it making money.
  • Thousands of users who are all willing to offer their feedback and support to get you started, and to continue getting you successful
  • 2 free websites on the Starter Membership (siterubix sub domain)
  • Introduction to Affiliate Marketing and how it can earn you money
  • You can transfer your domain to their hosting easily
  • Generous Affiliate Program, the rates are the best I have seen online.
  • Wealthy Affiliate has just launched FREE SSL for all Premium Members
  • New SiteContent Editor Platform – check out the quality of your post prior to publishing it. cut out the copy and paste element of posting content
  • Updated SiteSpeed – Check out which posts are slowing your website down and fix them


  • Some of the features turn off after 7 days on the starter membership.


They have a number of resources all aimed at making it as easy to find what you need.  For people just getting started there is no course better than the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course – Get Started.  This is a 10-part course which breaks down how you can earn money from the internet and even get an idea for a website before building a website by the fourth lesson.

Online Entrepreneur Certification
  • Classrooms for specific topics – email/local/video marketing, website development, wordpress, social engagement.  These are just a few of the topics.
  • Their integrated WordPress Express Website Builder is awesome and can help you get a website up and running in less than a minute.
  • Wealthy Affiliates Hosting is the best on the web, with Site+ features aimed at making your website quicker and more search engine friendly. They can also accept domains hosted elsewhere with little effort to transfer it.
  • The New SiteContent Editor is awesome, aimed at helping you write engaging content with free access to over a million images copyright free. it also checks that it is unique and can post to your website without even logging into the WordPress backroom.
  • Integrated Keyword Research Tool. (What is a keyword? Learn more here)​
  • Live Chat gets you instant access to the community, get any question answered within minutes. Kyle is regularly seen answering questions, with a number of experienced users always there to help.
  • Weekly WAbinars – Jay runs a webinar every Friday covering a number of different topics, this is live for you to watch or watch a repeat available after 24 hours. Recent titles are – Step-by-Step: Youtube Live Streaming, Hello CTA: Getting Visitors Clicking.

​Generous Affiliate Program

​Most platforms will reward people for inviting new users to join their ranks, these are not always that much of an incentive.  You also need to believe in the platform to sound genuine.  That is made easier with Wealthy Affiliate, their rewards are the best I have ever seen.


Even those on the starter membership can get rewarded for inviting new people to join, with a full blown affiliate bootcamp to help you.

Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp

But that isn’t everything they reward people with. Get 300 referrals in a year and they fly you out to Las Vegas on an all expenses paid trip to spend time with Kyle & Carson to learn from the best and meet other affiliates.

Wealthy Affiliate Conference


Support is second to none in Wealthy Affiliate. You have access to live chat, training tutorials, classrooms with lessons on just about any subject you can think of. If it isn’t there, use live chat to start a conversation, and other users will respond and will usually have the answer.

Not only that, Kyle and Carson, the owners are regularly in contact with all users, and anyone who needs their help and expertise. (Kyle helped me refine my niche website to something more relevant when I asked the community for an answer)


Free for Starter Members; (No credit card detail requirements) Find Out More

WA do not believe you should pay to try something to make sure it is the product for you, they also do not believe you should have to put your credit card details in for a free product, as it is all about trust.

$49 a month; $359 a year, for Premium Membership ($19 for the first month, if you upgrade within 7 days) More Information Here

If you take into account how much you would pay for SSL, which could be $100 per website, the monthly rate or the annual rate pales in comparison.


After trying a number of ways to make money online, unsuccessfully, it was nice to find a system that was honest about the time and effort required to earn money, and then held your hand to make it work.

Don’t just take my word for it, read some honest testimonials Here

Anyone who wants to see what Wealthy Affiliate can offer and more importantly start a genuine opportunity to start a business online, should check out the free starter membership. You will start to see all the benefits that they have to offer. I am convinced you will see them, and what is more if after trying it out you decide to upgrade, I can offer you a 59% bonus discount off the first month’s subscription.

How to Claim the Bonus. If after joining the free starter membership, you like what you see, and decide to join the premium membership within the first 7 days. You will get a 59% discount on the first month’s subscription. I will also be there to help you every step of the way with starting your online business.

If you Join Premium, you will also benefit from all of the features list above, without a deadline. Remember that includes SSL for Free, access to the live chat, weekly webinars, all lessons too, chance to qualify for Las Vegas!

Verdict: Our number 1 product for helping get people started online

Thanks for taking the time to read this review, this is my personal take on WA, with the main thing I like is the honesty they talk about making money online.

There is no magic formula for you to make money online straight away.  It takes time to get something to the point it makes you enough money to support you without your day job.

Try them for 7 days​ FREE and see what you learn and then make your own decision.

if you have any comments or question, or you have had experiences with Wealthy Affiliate please leave them below



Wealthy Affiliate






Overall Quality



  • Free to Get Started, with no credit card needed
  • Step-by-Step Training that is easy to follow
  • Generous Affiliate Program
  • A Strong Community to Support Newbies, and Interaction from the Owners
  • 2 Free Website for Starter Members


  • Some of the features turn off after 7 days for Starter Members
    • Hi Ato,

      to earn money online, the first thing you need is a website, where you can get 2 free ones with the wealthy affiliate starter membership. The different ways you can earn online is dependant on the direction you want to take, but the best way is affiliate marketing, you can find out more here. but you can then pick a niche, and create content on this niche, as you build up the reputation of the website, the ways you can earn money increase. you can start advertising on your site and get paid for it, google adsense, or even local businesses paying for advertising on your site.
      To ensure you are successful, and are fully going in the right direction, I stand by my recommendation of wealthy affiliate to guide you through every step to turning a website into a full time income.
      If you have any further questions, let me know.
      Thanks for the question,

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    • Hi Myo,

      appreciate the comment, but Wealthy Affiliate has a whole classroom on Email Marketing included in the Premium Membership which costs $49/month. It has helpful resources to get people started correctly with any type of marketing. The suggestion you describe would cost $497 without any guarantees, someone just starting out wouldn’t have that type of money, and if they did they may look into your offer. One of the reasons I suggest people try Wealthy Affiliate is that it is free with an option to upgrade not forced on them.

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