What is Keyword Research in SEO - How Vital is it?

Hey, Keyword research is a key step for anyone in the online world and it is imperative if you actually want people to find your content online. Search Engine Optimisation is really important, but I would say Keyword research is just as important. It is so vital to getting your business started!!

Ok, so let’s get into what keyword research is, by starting with answering the question “What is a Keyword?”

What is a Keyword?

Simply put, anything you type into a search engine, like google for example, is a keyword. It is what the search engine uses to generate the list of relevant search results for what you are searching for. All content submitted to the search engines is ranked on relevance, quality and how much traffic it gets. This ranking is what determines whether you are higher up the search results (more likely to get visitors) or lower down and lost in the sheer amount of results.

What is Keyword Research?

If you can get your keyword research spot on, you will end up ranking better and ending up with more traffic. But if you are new, you need to know how to do effective keyword research to be able to compete against sites that are considered authority sites and are naturally ranked better.

Keyword research is understanding what factors there are for the keyword you are trying to rank for and you need to know how many searches there are for a specific keyword, how much competition you have for that keyword and the quality of the keyword. That way you can refine and target a keyword that will yield results.

Long-tail Keywords & Low-Hanging-Fruit Keywords

Now for starters think about how people are searching online nowadays, we do not tend to search by just one word, we tend to write a sentence into the search engines nowadays and google helps you as they tend to prompt the end of a sentence for you – this can also help you find topics to start your keyword research for.

So instead of search just a one-word search like “learn guitar” people will naturally write “how can I learn guitar” or “where can I learn guitar”. This is called a long-tail keyword and there is actually more scope in doing a long-tail keyword rather than target a single keyword that has that much competition you have no chance of ranking for it.

Jaaxy Keyword Examples

In the image I have shown you results for the keyword “learn guitar” there are a lot of searches a month, and if you can rank on page one you can get a lot of traffic – however the competition is over 200, and so is a keyword that ends up with an ok score. You will notice “learning play guitar has a better score. But it isn’t grammatically right, as people will tend to write “learning to play guitar” and typically it is better to target a keyword that makes sense to make it a better keyword to target.

Now, when getting started you are better searching for what is called “a low-hanging fruit”. This is a keyword that gets about 100 searches a month but has a QSR (Quoted Search Results) of less than 100. So, in the example below “how to learn to play the electric guitar” has 256 average searches a month and yet there are only 2 competing websites for that exact keyword. So, if you do some quality relevant content to that keyword you will easily rank high.


By using a keyword research tool, you can target relevant keywords that will result in traffic and hopefully conversions.

How to do Keyword Research & Understanding the Results?

The first step is to use a keyword research tool, google do have a free keyword tool integrated into their AdWords – just be mindful this is designed to build campaigns for in use of PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising. But it still gives you results. I use Jaaxy, so my screenshots are from them. Jaaxy is a bespoke keyword tool with powerful tools that are designed for more than just keyword research, see more details in my Jaaxy review.

To begin with, you need to research which topic you want to look for a keyword for. This would normally go from the topic of your website and the article you want to write about. Let’s stay with the guitar niche.

By typing a keyword into Jaaxy, I can see the results for that keyword and other relevant keywords come up to.

Jaaxy Screenshot - Understanding the headings

Understanding the headings and what they mean is key for you – so let’s explore those now.

Avg – The average number of searches that keyword receives a month

Traffic – Visits to your website if you achieve page one in the search engines

QSR – Quoted Search Results, the number of competing websites ranked in google for that keyword

KQI – Keyword Quality Score, Green is great, Yellow is OK, Red is Poor.

SEO – A score based on traffic and competition. The higher the score the better (Out of 100)

Domains – Shows you the availability for that keyword of domains, helps you when looking for a website name

So, based on those headings and the original search of “how to learn to play guitar” the SEO score is a good indicator. Now you will notice that the original keyword has a lot of searches but a low QSR – this would tend to be due to the fact that proper authority sites are clearly taking all the traffic and it might not be actually worth it. To get your foot in the door, it might actually be better to start with a keyword like “how to learn to play the electric guitar” and build up your authority and go from there.

Whatever your niche or website is about, you will not progress very far without keyword research and you need a decent keyword research tool to achieve it.

Recommended Keyword Research Tools

There are many keyword research tools out there, some are paid, and some are free. You will find the features included in the paid ones make them very worthwhile when you need to complete keyword research on a grand scale – Which means anyone with a website will benefit from them. Google does have a free one, it is combined in their AdWords platform. It is designed to help you pick the right keywords for advertising on their platform. You can use it without putting those keyword into action in a PPC campaign, just expect a load of mail about doing just that.

The Keyword Research Tool I use and recommend is Jaaxy. As a Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member the lite version is included in my membership. Giving me unlimited searches a month. See the other benefits of Wealthy Afilliate here. But they also offer 30 free searches for you to try on their free version.

A decent keyword research tool is an essential investment for any online business – I understand there will be people looking for a free keyword tool and Google offer that for someone starting out. But if you truly want to invest in the future of your business with a goal of turning it into a full-time business (Everyone’s goal right?) Then I highly recommend you invest in the right Keyword Research Tool. Try Jaaxy for free in the search bar below or read my updated Review here (Jaaxy Review 2018).

If you want to learn how to build the foundations of a business which includes this powerful keyword research tool – I highly recommend you read my Wealthy Affiliate Review.

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions about Keyword Research or Jaaxy, please write them in the comments below. Have any experience with Jaaxy, I would love to hear your views below.

  1. Keyword research is where it all starts. Finding these little valuable niches with keyword research has been a gold mine for us. You definitely need a good tool so you have time and headaches. Some get pretty expensive.

    Your keyword research tool looks simple and easy to operate verse other tools we have used. You say you get the tool with your membership, correct? I’ve used keyword research tools that cost more than your membership fees and they were just too complicated and had features that we never were able to use.

    John you did a great job with your article and we are going with your recommendation. For those that are thinking the same thing check out his review of Wealthy Affiliate. Great value. Thanks John for the information.

    • Thanks Ken, Keyword Research Tools can get expensive with complicated methods. That is why I used Jaaxy – Powerful and Easy to Use, but combining it with Wealthy Affiliate has been a godsend. Keyword Research, Niche Research combined with the best training and all things to do with an online business including websites in a great monthly subscription – that is why it is definitely worth reading my Wealthy Affiliate review

      Thanks for the feedback and all the best


  2. Thanks for this informative post about keyword research. I just want to say that whether a keyword is a “long tail” keyword is not determined by its length (the number of words).

    Instead, a longtail keyword is a keyword that is less popular but much easier to rank. It’s just happen that most less popular keywords have more words in it.

    Here’s a great illustration for long tail keyword:

  3. Keywords are at the heart of every blog that gets them to rank high in the search engines. And jaaxy is the right tool for the job. I believe that everyone who is in this line of work needs a tool like jaaxy to get the best keywords ever for their niche.

    • Thanks for your comment Norman,
      Keywords, Niche Ideas, Site Rankings, Research Trends – there are a lot of techniques needed to be successful online and Jaaxy has them all in one place which is a great thing for beginners, but this can also be a great benefit to those that are wanting to do keyword research in bulk too. Thanks again

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