Trying to get your website noticed?

So you have spent a lot of time designing the website that demonstrates clearly what you’re your business is about, and radiates your personality with passion!!

But your website isn’t getting noticed on google?google homepage

This could mean your business doesn’t take off, no one is visiting your site, Is there any help?

We can offer help; you need to understand the importance of a search engine optimisation package (SEO) combined with understanding Keywords

So what exactly is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It helps your website become search engine friendly, with a view to getting you indexed with a search engine, the package I use links with google where 2/3 of the online traffic go through. It means your posts and pages will get indexed and ranked correctly.

The package I use; it comes with a free all in one SEO plug-in and it is really easy to set up

Using the plug-in is great, but the key to SEO is understanding the importance of keywords.


SEO on its own won’t make your website go higher up the rankings.

If you are doing a page on selling books online, there could be thousands of pages on that subject. But when people are searching for what they specifically want on a search engine. If your page has the right keyword, it can mean your page is likely to get higher up the search page.

That way if your use the right keywords, the higher you can be in the search engine.

SEO + Right Keyword = Website success

Sounds simple? There is a little more to it than that, as the content of your website also needs to be able to draw your visitor in. If you focus solely on keywords without thinking about your content, you can hurt your rankings too.

But it also doesn’t make sense in spending hours on content without an SEO plug-in and the right keyword to get it seen.

Where can I get an SEO + Keyword tool

If you want help and support with a website, that comes complete with a WordPress backed website, complete with an all-in-one SEO plugin for free try this link.

You can also try a keyword tool here free, with 30 free searches, you can upgrade if you find it is the right tool for you.jaaxy keyword tool

With a free website, and the right keyword you can get your website noticed.

Hope you found the article interesting, and any comments/questions leave them in the comments.



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