Searching for a web hosting service that fits all your needs is a bit of a minefield out there.  You see one advertised as free, but then you dig in and you only get a basic package included and you get hit with all the up-sells with the extras that make your website functional.

What I want to go through is how SiteRubix through Wealthy Affiliate is the best free website building and hosting provider for a WordPress site. It is available to premium members of the Wealthy Affiliate platform. Premium Members enjoy tons of features included for free such as ssl on 25 full domains.

But I will also be discussing why you can trust them, how they can ensure your website is always functional, no extra costs, make sure your website is mobile friendly. But the best feature for someone who maybe just starting out is they can help you monetise your website through training and techniques, again with no additional costs.

So, What is Web Hosting and Why Does It Matter Who I use?

Web hosting is a service that allows you to put a website onto the internet. They host your domain (website name). A Web Host (hosting service provider) provides all the technology and systems needed for it all to happen.

If you pick the first web host you find without checking to see whether it fits with your needs, then you may find that it doesn’t give you everything you need or want for your business/website without either paying for extras, or having to transfer it to another host so you don’t lose all your hard work.

When choosing a web host, you need to think of it as picking someone to work with. They will be your partner in building this website, so the questions below go through what to think about and why I recommend SiteRubix & Wealthy Affiliate.

SiteRubix is a cloud based web hosting platform which has loads of reasons why you can trust your business with them.

Needs to be someone you can trust

Security Features come as standard. We have all heard of websites being hacked and information stolen, it is something that can harm your relationship with your visitors. SiteRubix has you covered with over 27 million hacking attempts thwarted in the last year.  They know what they are doing to prevent spam or hacking.

Secure Hosting

Who Has Your Back 24/7 365

What would happen if you made a mistake on your website? With SiteRubix you get a daily backup, that’s right, every 24 hours it will get backed up. An advanced feature that comes as standard.

Backups dailyAlso with SiteRubix they double host your website.  So, what does that mean? It means that they have your website running with a second copy running just in case.

So, if your main one goes down they automatically swap in the alternate. You wouldn’t even notice and nor would your visitor. Another standard feature which shows how awesome and how much care has gone into this hosting platform.

Never have your website go down

Won’t Slow You Down

Ever been on a website where it seems to be taking an age to load? Today, people are not that patient when it comes to the internet, if a page doesn’t load, people will move on very quickly.  With SiteRubix they have an excellent SiteSpeed Score of 1.3second.

Is Your Hosting Mobile Friendly?

The number of people using their smartphones to surf the internet grows by the day, is your website up to it?? All websites are already optimised for both desktop and mobile as standard with SiteRubix.

Free SSL Certificates

There are several reasons why your website would benefit from an ssl certificate. Web Security is key to people who use it. You would need ssl if you plan on taking transactions through it, so if you are planning on having an e-store to sell a product or service through you would need it.  But Google have also announced that it will prefer ssl sites when it comes to ranking.  Getting on page one of a search engine would help anyone with a website.

All Premium Wealthy Affiliate Members benefit from free ssl for all sites.  When this could cost upwards of $100 per site, this is another awesome feature.

It is also as simple as a switch to turn on.

Doesn’t Cost the Earth

Unless you are already earning a high amount or your business is high end who can afford to pay for all these extra features advertised, and even if you can would you want to carry on paying that amount??

With SiteRubix you get all the features of a high-end hosting platform, without forking out additional costs for features, they also do not charge you if you want more than 1 website.

In fact, you can have 25 websites running with your membership of Wealthy Affiliate on the SiteRubix Hosting platform. The cost of a Premium Wealthy Affiliate membership is $47 (£38) a month or an annual membership is $359 (£289).

Even if you weren’t sure about Wealthy Affiliate, you can try their platform for free and have 2 free subdomains on their hosting to test them out.

Check out the comparison below to see how it compares, but that seems like small change to getting an Awesome Web Hosting Platform.

Comparison Table of SiteRubix against competitors

Continued Comparison

Other Cool Features

Transferring a Domain is Simple, once a member you can redirect your current domain to the SiteRubix Hosting using the instructions included inside and you could start benefitting from them once the transfer is complete.

SiteHealth lets you know how your website is doing in regards to how friendly your site is to search engines.

If you are just starting out there is another feature with the Wealthy Affiliate Membership which is another great selling point of the SiteRubix Hosting platform are the training and community you are included in with the Wealthy Affiliate Membership.

New to building a website and getting started online will benefit from the Online Entrepreneur Certification and all the different classrooms, for example Email Marketing, All about SEO, getting ranked in Google, etc.

But even if you are experienced but want a better hosting platform you can still benefit from the community and maybe help others along the way.

SiteRubix on the Wealthy Affiliate Platform is Second to None

Thanks for taking the time to read this post, if you have any experience with WA or have any questions or comments, then please leave them below and let me know what you think?


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