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Product Name: Jumpcut ‘Viral’ Academy Jumpcut Academy

Owners: Jesse & Kang

Price: $997 (One-Off Payment) $197/month

Rating:  7.2/10

Jumpcut Academy is a training program designed to teach you everything you need to become successful on YouTube… But is the training all that, will it make you a success on YouTube? Is it an expensive scam? That is what we will explore in this review.

How Jumpcut Academy Works

YouTube is a very viably platform to earn money online. Being owned by Google and being the second largest search engine makes it an ideal place to advertise your wares and earn money. Jumpcut Academy is based on teaching you how to use YouTube to do just that. Initially when you visit their website you can enter your details and gain a free course called the “YouTube Influencer 101”. This is a crash course leading you to invest in the main course.

There are the main courses and the bonus content.

Main Course:

  • Stage 1 Social Media Secrets
  • Stage 2 Launch Your Own Channel
  • Stage 3 Viral Marketing Masterclass
  • Stage 4 Influencer Intel
  • Stage 5 Paid to Promote

You also gain access to their Viral Academy Bootcamp, their private community and a Video Review System.

They also offer training courses dependant on the type of niche and the art of getting more likes and followers on social media. See a list of the additional courses below:

Additional Courses:

  • Viral Academy – step-by-step guide to getting started and a full-time income for YouTube
  • Growth Hacking Facebook – How to get a lot of likes in a short period of time, James Shanshi shows you how he went from 1.6million likes in 7 months
  • The Art of Vlogging – Taught by David So. If you are interested in Vlogging, see how David grew his channel to 1million subscribers.
  • The Legalities of YouTube – Copyright infringement leads to your losing your YouTube channel, learn how to protect it.
  • Musicians on YouTube – How to start or jumpstart your Music Channel
  • The JK Empire – Learn about the life of the JK family
  • Gaming for Dollars – If you want to earn a living playing video games, this course is for just that.
  • Behind Scenes Conversations – Listen into successful YouTubers conversations and learn from them – 5hrs 58m
  • Master the Funny – This is about the Comedy Niche

These courses do cover a number of successful niches for YouTube, but it also means they are very competitive niches and a beginner may find it harder to drill into these niches.

Let’s look at the 7 people behind Jumpcut.

These are very successful people with high subscribing channels on YouTube based on the certain niches that would make sense on the training.

David So – davidsocomedy – Comedy

Aryia – simplesexystupid – Blog Marketing

Joe & Bart – justkiddingnews – Brand Deals

Jesse & Kang – simplepickup – Digital Products

Vitaly – vitalyzdtv – Viral Videos

So, this is one thing that is guaranteed – these guys know what they are talking about.  I do find that the price they are offering is a little high, especially when YouTube themselves have plenty of resources to show you how to get the best out of them. But the training is well designed and relevant.

One thing I noticed in my research was they do limit the enrolment – everyone can get their free course, but not everyone can enrol onto the main course.

Who Is It For?

It is a good training program for someone looking to grow their business online using YouTube. But I would not say it is particularly a great investment for someone new to online marketing. Unless of course, you can afford the $997 to get started. But as you wouldn’t see an immediate return on your money – there are better ways to get started online and end up earning enough to invest in Jumpcut later down the line.

How Much Does It Cost?

It isn’t cheap, costing $997 if you pay it as a one-off payment or $197/month if you pay for it over a timeframe. There is plenty of decent content in this training program, but you could learn a lot just by watching videos already out there on YouTube itself and they have plenty of resources too. The program does redeem itself a bit with a 365-day refund guarantee if you are not happy – the only stipulation is you need to complete all the training and you can only request a refund if you have paid the full amount. The reason they give you 365 days is you need to give your business time. You could complete the training in a week, but you will not have understand it properly and that isn’t enough time to complete the tasks needed to make your business a success.

How Much Can You Earn?

Now, if you can follow their training and become successful then it is possible to earn a full-time income from your YouTube channel. But I do stress the ‘if’ bit. I wouldn’t single out this product being the only product that is relevant too. Earning Money online takes time and effort and it would be the same with any product. There is no guarantee that any strategy will work for everyone – like I said before the niches they cover in their training are highly competitive and it could take you a year to even start getting enough views to earn anything through things like AdSense on YouTube etc.


Let’s look at the positives of Jumpcut

  • Good Quality Training
  • 365-day money-back guarantee
  • Free Guide – to see if it is for you


  • High Price – $997
  • I wouldn’t suggest it for a beginner
  • No Guarantee It Will Work – Very competitive niches
  • Support could be better

Final Verdict

Offering great training on YouTube strategies this platform is a good option for someone looking to go ‘Viral” on YouTube and online. It definitely isn’t a scam, with many of their methods a true way of it working.

But, I would suggest this is the type of training a blogger would look at for reinvesting their money into to expand their reach. A lot of the training can be found cheaper and or using free resources with effective methods that a blogger already online would already know.

The reason I come to this conclusion is purely down to the price. Whenever you invest in something you expect a return – this program will teach you the methods you need to do it, but it is the timescales that sometimes get in the way. If it takes you a year to start earning money back, that’s fine if you are investing a low amount each money, but to pay a grand upfront or even $200 a month does seem high for a beginner who isn’t already earning money. Even their social media training states it took him 7 months to reach 1.6m followers. Which is great for someone who already knows what they are doing. What I am saying, is if you are at a point where your business is looking at the next stage, it might be a good investment. If you are just getting started, then I would suggest training where you could start for free, learn more here.

Having said all that, it still offers great training, and just by following the guys listed above on YouTube you could learn a few things by subscribing to their channels.

Final Rating

 7.2/10 Great program for those already earning money and want to grow their business via Youtube. A bit expensive for a beginner.

If you are looking for a genuine way of earning money online with your own business based on a passion you have, then either read my No.1 Recommended Product Review or see how I got started.

Thanks for reading my review, if you have any questions or have you got any experience with Jumpcut – please leave them in the comments below

Jumpcut Academy








Overall Quality


Overall Quality



  • Quality Training
  • 365-day refund guarantee
  • Free Guide - to see if it is for you


  • High Price
  • Not suitable for a beginner
  • Very competitive niches - harder to succeed
  • Support could be better
  1. Thanks for writing this review, John!

    We really appreciate the time you took to go over our course and share this information. I’m sure you’ll be able to help a lot of people in making their decision about enrolling.

    Just a quick clarification, though. While you could definitely use Youtube in order to advertise your business, that’s not really the best way to utilize it. Youtube is actually a better fit for people who enjoy creating content they’re passionate about, as opposed to just marketing products.

    At the same time, we do acknowledge the fact that it may take a while before our students find a return of their investment. While we don’t promise an immediate source of income, the people who go through our course are at least guaranteed an easier time in growing their channels as compared to those who don’t. And they can actually start generating their income as soon as they get 1000 fans on them.

    Now, we understand that our course is no small investment, however, we’ve experimented a lot on the pricing options and so far, this is the one that got us the best success rates. This said, we don’t actually recommend anyone to get the course if they’re not in a good financial situation. We want people to succeed on Youtube in order to make the best life and giving them financial burdens wouldn’t really help in that matter.

    As you mentioned, it’s also true that almost anyone can find lessons on how to start a Youtube channel for free but you can also look at the course in the way schools are set up. Public schools offer the same kind of information that private schools do, but people are usually more than willing to invest in higher quality education. A lot of other Youtube courses definitely provide value, but they don’t usually go into as much detail as we do in the course.

    We actually feel that our students don’t pay for just the lessons. What they do pay for is the community of like-minded creators that they can discuss their ideas with. We also have a “Bootcamp” that pushes you to take action and actually create videos with viral potential for your channel as well as a “Video Review” section where you can get good feedback (as long as you also give good feedback) from other content creators — these people have all gone through the Bootcamp themselves and thus know what good content entails.

    You also mentioned that the niches we discussed in the course may already be saturated. This isn’t exactly the issue, however, we do understand why you’d think this way. It’s easy to believe that you’d always have some sort of competition when looking from a businessman’s point of view. The currency on Youtube and any other social media platform for that matter is not actually money, but attention. And with billions of people around the who use Youtube, attention isn’t really something that can run out. Videos can be shared countless times, and there really isn’t a limit on how many times a video can be watched. At the same time, when people usually watch one video about a specific topic, it’s very likely that they would look for more of those, unlike a business where they would only choose from one or the other.

    With regard to our enrollment procedure, on the other hand, it goes like this:

    Our product launches usually start with a seminar. Most of the time, it’s a 4-video series that tackles relevant concepts related to the course we’re launching. This allows for the people who went through the seminar to see how the platform is set up and get a good glimpse of our lessons. By the end of the seminar, only then are they showed the enrollment link. That way, they’ll be able to make an informed decision about what they’re getting before they enroll and spend any money.

    This said, we’d like to point out that everyone who went through and completed the seminar is given the chance to enroll if they want to.

    Now, if you’re interested in a course of ours that focuses more on launching digital products, you should check out our Automated Income Machine course. You can find our free seminar here if you haven’t seen it already: https://jumpcut.com/1/aimvpa/optin/ctw. However, if you have a review for it already, we’d be happy to take a look at it!

    On a last note, if you have any questions or if we could help out with anything, let us know and we’d be happy to get back to you. You can contact us at support@jumpcut.com for a more direct form of contact with us.


    • Hi,
      thanks for sharing some great information about your product! I wrote this review a while ago, and can definitely see where you are coming from with some of your points. We can learn a lot in a short period of time.

      thanks again

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