Wondough Review - Easy Pocket Money or Scam?

Product Name: Wondough Wondough logo

Type of Site: Survey Site

Price: Free to Join

Website: www.wondough.com

Rating:  60/100

Completing surveys online and watching videos for a reward is not a new concept, Swagbucks has been doing it for a while and have a great model. I was recently contacted by the Marketing Manager at Wondough to do a review of a relatively new one called Wondough. I was intrigued by this and wanted to see what they had to offer and how it compares to other sites of this type. Is it a great way to earn some easy pocket money or is it a scam? I will answer all your questions in this review. Let’s start with clarifying what Wondough is and what do they offer.

What is Wondough?

Following a similar mould to most survey sites, Wondough is an intermediary bringing surveys and videos for you to watch and earn credits via their dashboard. Each point is worth $0.01 and so 100 points would be needed to earn a $1. Being based in the UK one of the first things I noticed completing the initial surveys was the language used in the surveys was based on someone living in the US or Canada, rather than being location specific. Now most survey sites have an initial demographic survey to cover off all of these factors straight away – they use this information to only send you relevant surveys. This was absent in the initial stages and the surveys I was being sent were not relevant and I was thrown out of at least 5 due to me not matching the survey. Hopefully, this is just a few teething problems with a new site.

Their About Page shows you where they are based (California) and lists the tasks that are (will be) available for you to earn the rewards doing. Visiting websites, installing apps, watching videos, answering surveys and following them on Facebook.

How Wondough Works?

It is easy to sign up with them and it is free. Using your social media accounts is the easiest way. Or by using your email account.

At present, the only features that seem to be live are surveys and watching videos. The surveys are like most of these sites, they go to a 3rd party (Samplicio, for example) to complete the surveys. But the initial survey claims to earn you 50 credits, although I only received 35 and it was about the 6th survey due to the lack of a demographic screening. They also could do with updating their FAQ – it states you will earn 80 from your initial survey.

At present, I cannot comment on the videos as there aren’t any available for me.

You need a minimum of 300 credits (which equates to $3) to be able to receive a pay-out and this is done via Paypal gift-cards. This is great if you use PayPal, but does mean it is the only way you can receive your rewards and yet, their homepage offers a number of different providers in the way of gift cards, Starbucks, Walmart, etc. Seems like it is still work in progress.

If I compare it to other survey sites I have reviewed, this has a great foundation – just needs to bring it all together to make it the finished product.

Other features like Visiting Websites, Installing Apps, following them on Facebook are all steps to earning points.


  • Free to Join
  • Easy Dashboard to Navigate
  • Legitimate
  • Easy way to earn gift cards with a low payment threshold


  • Limited Cash Option (Gift Cards)
  • Not Enough Surveys/Videos Available
  • Not all of the features are live yet…

Rewards Available

They have a wide selection of gift cards available for reward – Paypal, Amazon, Netflix or even Walmart.

If you have a PayPal account, you can receive PayPal cash – which is a great alternative to cash.

Their gift cards start out at $3 and go up to $1000 and they represent an amount of points to be earned. This is a great pay-out level, as some have an almost unachievable level before you can cash out.

See full line up below:

  • 300 points = $3 Gift Card
  • 500 points = $5 Gift Card
  • 1,000 points = $10 Gift Card
  • 1,500 points = $15 Gift Card
  • 2,500 points = $25 Gift Card
  • 5,000 points = $50 Gift Card
  • 10,000 points = $100 Gift Card
  • 25,000 points = $250 Gift Card
  • 50,000 points = $500 Gift Card
  • 100,000 points = $1,000 Gift Card

You really need to ensure you use a real email address as the rewards will be sent to the email address you register with.

Also, some of the amounts may differ depending on the type of pay-out you are after.

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Is Wondough a Genuine Way of Earning Pocket Money or Is It A Scam?

It is definitely not a scam and has a great foundation for another great site to earn pocket money with via surveys, surfing the net and watching videos. Like I said, not all of the features are live and is more ideal for a US audience – but that is now and can easily be remedied. This is definitely worth a look, with a low pay-out threshold and decent gift-cards to earn for a number of different ways to enjoy it. I especially like the Amazon gift card due to most of my online spending going there.

If you are looking for a way of earning easy pocket money, this survey site is definitely worth a look. If you are looking for a more substantial wage from working online than completing surveys, then perhaps Wealthy Affiliate may be a much better fit for you. They have shown me how to build a business online doing something I love and earning a wage from it too.

Hopefully, you know a bit more about Wondough now after reading my review. If you have any questions or maybe you have had some experience with Wondough – then please get in touch via the comments below. Let me know what you thought.

Thanks for reading


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